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Posting Rules
Violating multiple of the following rules could get you banned!

1. We do not tolerate profanity. No posting colorful, vulgar, suggestive, rude, or disgusting language.

2. No posting or uploading questionable, pornographic, or adult content of any kind. This includes avatars.

3. No attacking other users. No snarking. "Flame" with caution.

4. No instructing other users unless you are a moderator or administrator.

5. While this will not get you banned, we advise you not to post any personal information anywhere.

6. No bugging people through personal messages.

7. No spamming. Unpaid advertising in posts will not be tolerated.

8. If you are an unpublished author trying to use our site to publicize your name, please be careful not to spam but proceed with caution. You can share anything about your approved book in your topic(s). You may also make your avatar one of your book covers and advertise your book in your signature.

9. Please do not advertise your personal site outside of your profile page. We will post your approved site on our affiliates list if you will post our site on your site.

10. When searching other sites for information about upcoming books, please be very sensitive about copyrighted material. In situations involving copyrighted material, it is better to post the link to the material than to steal copyrighted material.

11. Please refrain from creating multiple accounts under the same IP address. Please stick with one account per IP address.

These rules are subject to be added to or changed. If you see any illegal activity anywhere on the site, please use the report to moderator button rather than trying to attack it yourself.