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King of Fighters 96 music; Not always that original
Topic Started: Apr 9 2016, 12:52 PM (295 Views)
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So huh, I've noticed that at least one of the King of Fighters 96's tune is based on some older song; New York's not my home by Jim Croce.

Check for yourself:
In KOF96: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=skUhuTVQdso

Original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGW1j2hPm1c
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Head Administrator and PGC's samurai who is too lazy to use swords.

Now that just makes me wonder what Hummer Team's other original tracks are based on...
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I had a look on The Cutting Room Floor and as a KOF fan (hence my name) I can say that one of the songs is in fact Esaka from the original game. The music in the dock/Iori Women Team stage is the Art of Fighting team's theme from KOF '98 (if you've played the game before, you'll recognize the theme at the 0:15/0:16 mark here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXSD6LY5HEc originally it was Todoh's theme from Art of Fighting, but since KOF '98 came out the same year as Hummer's '96 did...)
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All right, just to be sure I checked through the other songs on the album, and I think track 11 here is a cover of Time In A Bottle, though very corrupted:

Other tracks from the album also sound a bit similar to '96s, but I'm pretty sure on this one.
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A thought just entered my mind - could some of the tracks (both used and unused) be early versions of Final Fight 3 songs, before it was rushed into production and Hummer slapped Mighty Final Fight onto it? I'm giving the FF3 (the SNES original) soundtrack a listen as I type, but so far nothing familiar-sounding.
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Okay, I recognized something new again. Sorry for the poster clutter.

Track 5 in my link is another cover of a KOF '98 song, though, again, very corrupted. "In Spite of One's Age," the Father's Team theme. This is very odd, considering that the father's team was not in the original 96.

Hummer Team always seemed to port games that were regarded as smash hits when they were released, or game entries that differed from previous games in the series. KOF '98 did so in that it had no storyline and was just a reunion of sorts of all the best characters. Makes me think that they were indecisive whether to port 96 or 98, and decided to go with 96 as it was the older one. However, they seem to have liked 98 so much, and still wanted to port it over, that they wrote 'King of Fighters 98' in the ending and added a few tracks from the game in. They may have chosen to use the AoF '98 theme in the game due to the fact that AoF characters were to appear in the game (though only Yuri made it to the final game) and the Father Team theme went unused as the team wasn't in '96.
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