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"Legend" by Waixing
Topic Started: Jul 23 2016, 05:58 PM (314 Views)

So I was sorting through my GBC bootleg collection (correcting filenames, etc.) and noticed a game called "Legend (CN).gbc". I can't seem to find anything about it no matter how hard I look. It's an RPG made by Waixing and the title screen appears to read 传奇 (Chuan Qi / Legend). I think it might be 传奇.星云战记 (Chuan Qi. Xing Yun Zhan Ji) from this list on Waixing's old site, but I'm not fully certain. Anyone able to verify this?

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Download ROM: https://www.mediafire.com/?rzf51zi4e5zns6k
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I don't impressional~

...Huh, I don't think I've ever seen this before now.

This is definitely an interesting find. Although it's credited to Waixing, this game feels like something by Hitek, with two particularly strong pieces of evidence in favor of that theory:
  • The internal ROM ID is "BOKUJOU GB2A37J", which is the same ID used for Hitek's "Heroic Sword".
  • The music sounds very similar in style to Hitek's known RPGs (and, for that matter, their one known platformer), in part because it seems to use the same sound driver (which, incidentally, appears to be from Link's Awakening).

Did Hitek do contract development for Waixing, I wonder? Or was there some other relationship between the two companies?

Edited to add: Just editing this to add that Taizou had discovered some definite connections between the two companies, but I'm not sure how much specific detail he wants to share in a public post so I'll leave any further disclosure to him.
Edited by codeman38, Jul 23 2016, 08:21 PM.
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panda hero

Yeah, basically Hitek's GBC games were developed by a company called Ruanxin which was based in Fuzhou (same as Waixing), was run by an ex-Waixing staff member and employed at least one more. Presumably Ruanxin later worked on Waixing's GBC games after Hitek pulled out of the GB market. (the Waixing games seem to be mostly copyrighted 2003, which I think would roughly line up with Hitek being active around 2000-2002)

but anyway! it's interesting to see one of these Waixing games dumped and working o: I actually own this game (it is indeed Chuan Qi - Xing Yun Zhan Ji on the box), I never managed to work around the copy protection but tbh I didn't try very hard either
Oh and if you aren't aware, this is a port of Metal Max from the Famicom
Edited by taizou, Jul 24 2016, 07:25 AM.
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finally a bootleg by waixing that is not based on a vast fame game XD, also...i'm impressed that 2 different companies of different consoles has been almost the same :o
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Sorry. I realize this is a post that is a year old but I'm new to the board and came across this post and though it worth chiming in. This GB game looks like a hack of the famicom game Metal Max. The title screen and borrowed assets are pretty clear to me.
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