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Topic Started: Oct 16 2016, 08:28 PM (609 Views)

Has anyone found this one? If so, willing to sell?


Snes Hombrew and Indie Development
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Colonel Llama
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Any screenshots?
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I don't impressional~

There's a YouTube video of it here, from someone in Brazil who managed to find a copy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YfwRbPyldt8

Yep, it's a SNES port of Squirrel King. With music stolen from Bonkers, because of course it is. Also, Comic Sans on the title screen (which suggests it was made after the devs got their hands on Windows 95 or later).
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My goodness this games is a real treat. The instant you hear about the first 3 notes of that sultry music ripped straight from Bonkers and see those herky-jerky sprites running at about 20fps you know you're in for a real treat.

The MD version was at the very least playable, a far cry from this messy turd. If you've even passively played any of the other games you know exactly what to expect before you even see it in action. It manages to tick every box on the DVS SNES checklist.

100% straight rips of stolen Capcom music (Bonkers obviously since it's a platformer, otherwise it would have been Street Fighter II)
Jerky character movement running at a sub-par FPS
Sloppy controls with poor collision detection and broken AI routines
Missing about 50% of the original Mega Drive content

If you just really, really gotta have some box-throwing platformer action pick up the newer Russian 16-bit MD ports of the NES 8-bit originals. Always glad to see an obscure SNES game rediscovered but I hope we go out on a better note than this one.
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Another port by DVS electronics? Gross. Although, this sorta makes me wonder of there's an SNES port of Pocket Monsters 2 floating around anywhere..
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Rocman X
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I find it weird that DVS electronics made a port of a Gamtec game, considering all their other ones are based on Ka Sheng/X-Boy games.
I, Rocman X, also known as Thunder Blast Man, will rid the world of evil for eternity!!!
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