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369 in 1 GBA Cart; Trying to ascertain if the 369 cart comes in varitations
Topic Started: Apr 14 2017, 06:30 PM (678 Views)

I recently got my hands on the 369 in 1 GBA blue cartridge and I've been trying to figure out what different variations there are of this cartridge. YouTube videos showcasing the cartridge have mostly the same games as my one does, although some of them are different. I know some people have issues where a particular game or two may not boot up at all on their version of the cartridge. Most people with cartridges differing from mine that I've seen are from the US (I live in Ireland). I'm trying to figure out if some of these cartridges are later revisions of the original, perhaps replacing poorly dumped and corrupted roms with new, working game roms, or if the producer(s) of these bootlegs have the locations their product is being shipped out to in mind for certain games to be changed on the cartridge.

Has anyone noticed differences in one, or many, of the list of games on their copy of this bootleg? Are there issues with some games being unable to load?
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I know someone with a cart just like this, I believe they are all the same and that Pocket NES games in particular are the ones that don't work.
It's gucci
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On my cartridge only the first few games work (About 15 of the 369), but one of them is a pocketnes game. The majority of the other games sound like they should be pocketnes, but they do not load.
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