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The most Urgent Games on the Taikee Micro Arcade Machine; they are my favourite games
Topic Started: Oct 23 2017, 03:03 AM (116 Views)
kelvin donna
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Well Hello There.

for the past few months, i was in a quest for looking fake pirate games from mini handhelds or TV plug and play consoles, and i got almost everything

-Tekken for NES. Check ;)

-Inventor Games (F 22, Scoring (Arkanoid Hack) etc.) Check ;)

-Nicecode Games (Diamond, Dive Man, Magic Bubble etc. ) Check ;)

-Fake Intellivision Games (StarAttack, Polk, Dark Castle, Air Alert etc. ) Check ;)

-Atari Flashback 1 Games (Centipede, Millipede, Warlords etc.) Check ;)

-8 Bit Waixing Games (Dianond, Overspeed Racing etc.) Check ;)

but i feel like i am forgetting something, or?

Yes I am Forgetting a Whole Bunch of Games on the Taikee Micro Arcade Machine that are for me extremly Urgent and important (not Live Or Death Urgent).So i Count down Top 5 of the most important games on the Taikee Micro Arcade Machine

Number 5:World Wide Top Scorer, it is some sort of soccer simulator, that controls pretty funny :D but actually the Game is serious, the scoring of how much you missed or hit the goal, is like at Duck Hunt: you have 10 chances to win, you have to hit the goal at least 6 times, or it is Game over, the Teams in this game are not that important, Except England, Germany, Italy or France, well you can play as Brazil too, but WHO WANTS TO PLAY AS ARGENTINA OR CHILE >_>
but the Team selection is the most Fun Song around, which is Silent Circle - Touch in the night (Link of it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XAvd5x0KpU8).

Number 4:Wave Tiger, in this game, you throw Bombs at other Undersea Boats, and fish just swim Around the screen :) , well, this game feels like a funny arcade game, but it does not exist anywhere, Except at the Micro Arcade Machine itself.

Number 3:Table Soccer, WOWA, a table soccer Simulator for on the go.Well, the teams are the same at the game World Wide Top Scorer. In this Game, you can select any Color of the Figurines in the table soccer game, from Grey to orange and any Formation, the other thing, i am talking about, is the arcade ladder mode, where it has a championship feel, Thats right, this game is not just a normal table soccer simulator, it has also a championship feel in it. Also, if you select chile in this game, then you actually play as Spain

Number 2:Crazy Coins, this game Plays like Slider Puzzle, but it is a 6 by 6 field, filled with coins that have the numbers 1, 2 and 3, and you have to make 6 same ones in a vertical or horizontal row, you only have 5 minutes to gain a huge amount of score, if you make good score fast enough, then there come the other coins with the numbers 5, 10 and 15, but also maybe 20 and higher, also, i list up the colors of the coins:
coins with the number 1:yellow
coins with the number 2:red
coins with the number 3:orange
coins with the number 5:blue
coins with the number 10:grey, silver
coins with the number 15:green
however, i have no idea if there exist coins with number 20, and i have no idea what color it has too.

before i tell the number one, here are some honorable mentions:
Football Training
Penalty Shootout
Gem Copy
F1 Race
Autoboat Contest

But then, to top it off, the grand finale. I'm not even emotionally to tell you about this. So just sit back, here it is.

Number 1:Zuma, an exact copy of the game Luxor, this game was never really playable, because it got replaced by a other game,it was made by waixing known as "Pyramid" on the Dreamgear Tennis Rally 17 in 1,it says that it is on the miwi, replaced with zuma itself, so it is the only game i know of, that is extremly impossible to get.Take a look at this topic about Goku88oo relieving his childhood by searching a 8 bit cover of "Doo wah diddy diddy": http://s4.zetaboards.com/PGC_Forums/topic/30091549/1/#new , so this is my mission of searching my part of childhood also, Help me, Help me please, i have no idea if this game WILL EVER EXIST :(

all these games are important, and with this topic am i meaning, if there already exists a dump of these games, and that is the bottom line
Edited by kelvin donna, Nov 18 2017, 03:51 PM.
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Sounds like this could be one of those Wii clones to me.
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kelvin donna
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Nov 24 2017, 04:54 PM
Sounds like this could be one of those Wii clones to me.
ok, any infos of that one? :O , it might can be a step forward for my mission
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