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Nintendo and Game Freak employees safe and well; announcement to be removed shortly.
Topic Started: Mar 13 2011, 02:13 AM
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A press release by Nintendo of America states that no fatalities or even injuries have been suffered by any employees of Nintendo Co. in Japan after the devastating earthquake and resulting tsunami that hit Japan, namely the region surrounding the city of Sendai, which is not located incredibly far from Tokyo or Kyoto, where the headquarters of Game Freak and Nintendo are located, respectively. The epicenter, according to Serebii.net, was far from both cities.

Ken Sugimori, one of the founders of Game Freak and the primary illustrator for the Pokémon franchise, has posted on his Twitter that he has returned home safely after being stuck at an airport because his flight had been canceled. Also, he posted, in English, "He is alive." This was a response to rumors spreading throughout Twitter and beyond that Satoshi Tajiri, the other founder of Game Freak and the creator of the Pokémon franchise, had perished. As Mr. Sugimori said, Mr. Tajiri is alive and well.

Because of the disaster, episodes of the Pokémon TV show may be delayed in Japan (and, less likely but still a possible result, delayed worldwide later on). Production on the new Japanese DS Pokémon game, "Battle & Get! Pokémon Typing DS," may also suffer a delay.

As concerned as we are for the people of Japan, let us be grateful (like Shaymin) for the safety of those who enrich us through the amazing art of video games. We love you Nintendo and Game Freak! And all of Japan, you are in our thoughts as well.

UPDATE (3/15/2011, 11:50 PM EDT): As expected, a delay has been confirmed for the Japanese airing of this Thursday's anime episode. However, a different episode is merely taking its place, and the originally planned episode, "Team Rocket VS Team Plasma! (Part One)" will air at a later date. This is similar to the Advance Generation episode involving Whiscash that was completely unaired due to recent earthquakes and tsunamis in Japan at the time, however, as previously mentioned this new episode is merely postponed rather than completely "banned."

Sources: Serebii.net, Bulbanews, Google People Finder.
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