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Nintendo 3DS now available in NA (and Europe); Announcement will be removed 4/6/2011.
Topic Started: Mar 28 2011, 10:29 AM
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It's official! The Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo's newest family of handhelds (that is basically a portable Wii with 3D visuals and a lot more awesomeness), is available in retail stores across North America, as of yesterday (3/27/2011)! Europe also has access to the system, as the 3DS has been available since 25/3/11. Australia and New Zealand will be getting the 3DS shortly, on Thursday, 31/3/11. Don't worry, Aussies; I'm not getting mine until Wednesday (dag nab Amazon)!

We have a 3DS discussion thread in the Other Nintendo forum, so get involved in discussing Nintendo's newest (and shortest-lasting, battery-wise) handheld!
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