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The Pokémon Center Forum Rules
Whether you like it or not, even the Pokémon Center Forums (also known as the PKMN Center Forums) have rules, and all visitors to the site, primarily members (including staff), are expected to follow these rules. Below, you will find information regarding the moderating team, an explanation of our much-asked-about user title system, a brief description on how the warning/infraction/ban system works, and a list of rules and the respective punishments for breaking them.

Moderating Team

The Moderators (also known as Mods) are responsible for making sure members follow the rules, as well as being role models, settling disputes, and just generally keeping the forums running smoothly. The following is a rundown of the distribution of powers on the PKMN Center Forums:

Posted Image
Forum Moderators have power over one or more individual forums. They can lock threads, move threads, issue warnings and infractions, delete posts, and delete threads.

Posted Image
Section Moderators have the same abilities as Forums Mods, but their power is held over one or more entire sections (i.e. "Pokémon" and "Nintendo & Other Gaming").

Posted Image
Global Moderators have all the abilities of Forum/Section Mods, but they have power over every forum in every section. Global Mods also have a few more small abilities, such as the ability to see both Team Hideouts.

Posted Image Posted Image
Administrators (Admins) & the Webmaster have total control over the PKMN Center Forums, including access to the Admin CP, from which almost any aspect of the forums as a whole can be modified. The only difference between Admins and the Webmaster is that the Webmaster "calls the shots" over Admins and is considered the owner of the forums.

If you have a complaint regarding a Mod's action, please first take it up with that particular Mod(s) via Private Message (PM). If an agreement is not able to be reached, PM a different Mod, including links to the relevant post(s)/thread(s) for the Mod's reference. Please do not start a public thread anywhere in the forums about complaints regarding Mods, as these are almost always disruptive to the overall integrity of the community.

New Mods are currently being selected by the Webmaster (EzloSpirit). Only the most dedicated and example members may be chosen. Asking to be a Mod or Admin will get you nowhere and will likely reduce your chances of ever being selected.

The User Titles System

User titles can be found directly underneath members' usernames beside of of their posts. These may be custom titles, or they may be system titles. System titles indicate a range of the number of posts in users' post counts. When the next range is reached, the user title automatically changes to the next level of user titles (unless it was initially a custom title, in which case it would remain the same). The system user titles (and the number of posts in a given post count that corresponds with the lowest number of posts for the respective title) are as follows:

Member = 0 posts
Student = 1 post Posted Image
Breeder = 25 posts Posted Image
Trainer = 50 posts Posted Image
Rival = 100 posts
Team Boss = 250 posts
Gym Leader = 500 posts
Professor = 750 posts
Elite Four Member = 1,000 posts
Champion = 2,500 posts
Master = 5,000 posts
Legend = 10,000 posts

Users can set their own custom titles once they have 100 posts.

The Warning/Infraction System

If you break a rule (and are caught by and/or reported to a Mod), a Mod will issue either a warning or an infraction. A warning is an official PM from a Mod regarding a first and/or very minor offense. An infraction will cause your "Warn Meter" (unfortunately, the name of the meter is default on ZetaBoards) to go up by 10% per Point (Points and the Warn Meter are explained in the next paragraph); infractions are issued for repeat and/or moderate offenses. Insta-Bans, which are temporary or, more often, permanent bans issued instead of Points as part of an infraction; these are only given out for major offenses and special cases. Regular bans are explained in the following paragraph.

The Warn Meter of a given member can be viewed (only by that specific member and all Mods) on the given member's profile; members (with the exception Mods) cannot view each other's Warn Meters. Mods issue a certain number of Points per infraction depending on which rule(s) are broken to provoke the given infraction. As stated before, each Point is worth 10% of a Warn Meter. Certain infractions last a certain amount of time and are removed after the time is up, and other infractions may be removed if certain conditions are met. If a given member's Warn Meter reaches 100%, that member will be given a temporary ban, unless that member has reached 100% twice before or unless that member receives or has received an Insta-Ban--in these cases, the ban is permanent.


No explicit images/text: (INSTA-BAN) This includes sexually explicit, violent, hateful, and other generally-unacceptable images, including in avatars. Please use your common sense for this because the Moderating Team will almost definitely not forgive members for committing this offense.

No multiple accounts: (INSTA-BAN) ZetaBoards has a system preventing users from creating multiple accounts using a single email address, but Admins can see when more than one account was created on the same IP address. If two or more members are found having the same IP address, be prepared to have a VERY convincing argument because this offense results in a permanent Insta-Ban...for all of the accounts in question.

No flaming/trolling: (3-5 Points) Flaming refers to posting statements personally attacking another member with the intention of hurting that member. Trolling refers to posting controversial and/or highly opinionated statement for the purpose of drawing attention to oneself and/or starting an argument. The number of Points issued for this offense ranges from 3-5, with the exact number issued decided by a Mod for each individual offense.

No lying to a moderator: (4 Points) Pretty self-explanatory. Don't do it. Mods are there to make sure the forums are running smoothly, and if you are told off for doing something, it is most likely for your own good and/or for the good of the community.

No spamming: (3 Points) Spamming includes making off-topic posts, "one-liner" posts (i.e. posts without substance), and other unnecessary posts. While an offender may of course argue his/her case, the Mod gets the final say in the end.

No plagiarism: (4 Points to Insta-Ban) While this is taken more seriously in the Writing and Art areas, plagiarism of any kind is a pretty serious offense. How would you feel if you painted a beautiful work of art that took you hours to complete and somebody copied it and called it their own? Don't do it. It's illegal in most countries.

No piracy (music/movies/ROMs/etc.): (5 Points) Threads and posts linking to and/or advertising and/or asking where to find pirated content is strictly prohibited. However, discussions on the subject of pirated content in general is permitted, so long as no specific pirated content is advertised in any way.

No advertising outside of the Advertising forum: (2-4 Points) Also pretty self-explanatory. The Advertising forum is there for advertising. Advertising anywhere else is technically spam. However, advertising is permitted in signatures, so long as it is simply a link and possibly a very short blurb.

Keep things PG-13: no excessive or strong swearing (the occasional use of "****" is permitted) or excessive sexual humor: (1-4 Points) The PKMN Center Forums is a family-friendly community catering to Pokémon/Nintendo fans of all ages. Please be completely aware of this and be mature regarding your use of sexual humor and swearing. While neither is prohibited outright, use your common sense in terms of how far to go, if at all.

No public arguing with a Moderator: (1-2 Points) As explained in the Mods section of the rules above, public arguing with a member(s) of the Moderating Team encourages members to take sides to an extent that the overall integrity of this community is negatively affected. Instead, take your arguing to PM.

No rent-a-modding: (1 Point) This is not as much of a big deal as it is just plain annoying, both to other members and especially to Mods. "Rent-a-modding" is when a member (who is not part of the Moderating Team) makes a post telling another member that his/her post is off-topic, in the wrong forum, is spammy, etc. Basically, acting as a stand-in Mod, hence the name "rent-a-mod." Please leave the modding and rule enforcement to the Mods. However, members are encouraged to use the "Report Post" button to alert Mods to posts that they believe need Mod attention. This is the right choice; don't choose to rent-a-mod.

(The Zelda Universe Forums rules page was used as a reference for writing these rules and this rules page.)