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Rules for the Writing forums

Rules for the Writing Forums


1. Please add one of the following prefixes to the beginning of your thread title in order to indicate the genre. If the genre is missing in this list, please contact either the Webmaster or an Admin, and it will be added ASAP, both to this list and to your work's thread title.

[PKMNGen] - General Pokémon Fan Fiction (Fan Fiction sub-forum only)
[Fic] - General Fiction/Realistic Fiction (Originals sub-forum only)
[Act] - Action/Adventure
[Thr] - Thriller
[Tra] - Tragedy
[Fan] - Fantasy
[MC] - Mystery/Crime
[NF] - Non-Fiction (Originals sub-forum only)
[Com] - Comedy/Satire/Parody
[Hor] - Horror
[Sf] - Sci-Fi
[Rom] - Romance

At the end of your thread title, please include the rating:

(G) - Suitable content for all ages.
(T) - Suitable content for ages 10+
(M) - Suitable content for ages 16+
(MA) - Suitable content for ages 21+

Example: [Original] [Hor] Dante (M)

2. Do not use attachments. Please post your work DIRECTLY IN A THREAD. Yes, if there is formatting in your work, it can be a bit of a hassle, but using attachments is unnecessary, and it poses problems. Attachments can become infected with viruses or other malware. It also uses up precious file space on the forums, which is not unlimited.

3. While it's okay to ask for comments, please do so only once per story, and only in the original post (unless somebody has already posted a comment). Also, unless you specifically say that you do not want any comments, other members are "forum-legally" allowed to post comments, and they will not be held accountable.

4. DO NOT BUMP THREADS! If a thread is six months old or more, do not comment on it. This is a community-wide rule. However, the Writing forums do have the only exception to this rule: if you are the author, you ARE permitted to post in your 6+-month-old thread IF YOU ARE POSTING ANOTHER PART OF THE WORK. Also, as clarification, authors are permitted to make another post for a separate chapter or section when updating a work. This is one of two exceptions in the entire community to the no-double-posting rule.

5. Respect the writer. I would hope to goodness that this is common sense to you. Also, remember that the PKMN Center Forums community is made up of members of all ages and skill levels. Don't flame a writer for work that you don't see as proficient. Yes, a Mod may politely ask a writer to polish his/her work a bit, but under no circumstances should anybody flame another member or his/her work. In fact, it never hurts to help other writers out a bit by posting some friendly suggestions!

6. Stories must be AT LEAST 250 WORDS LONG in order to warrant a separate thread!!! If your story does not meet this number, it will be locked, preventing further updating and commenting. If you post a story less than 250 words that you are planning on updating, don't post it yet! Simple as that. You are perfectly allowed to post more than one chapter or part at once, you know? If you simply want to post a sneak preview, a snippet, or a >250-word piece, please post it in the respective Snippets/Short Works thread. Poems and song lyrics are the only exceptions to this rule, although any kind of work that is deemed much too short (less than 20 words or so) will still be locked, so be careful. (We understand that haikus and other formal poetic patterns tend to be very short, so in these cases, this rule is almost completely lifted.)


When commenting on a story, poem, etc., you must include reasoning for your comment. Comments also cannot be "one-liners."

Here are some examples of what is not acceptable:

"Cool I like it."

"Awesome! Please continue, that was the best thing ever!"

"omg u suk"

"wil u b my frind"

Here are some examples of what is acceptable:

"Wow, I found your guide to be very useful! I like all of the detail you put into it, as well as how you organized it!"

"That was a great read. I loved the way you used foreshadowing in that story."

"Oh, what a cool picture! I really loved how you shaded it, but the nose was slightly crooked. Might want to fix that next time."

Post constructively. If you like or dislike a writing or artwork, please be prepared to state your reasoning why. Just telling someone that you liked or disliked something helps no one. If you have nothing constructive to say about a story or art other than "that's good" or "that's bad", then please do not post. Rather than say either one of those, say what you liked about it, and if you can, how they can improve.

Anyone who fails to post constructively will end up having posts deleted; repeat offenders will be given warnings and infractions at our discretion.

In addition to all of the rules listed here, please follow the normal rules of the PKMN Center Forums.

(These rules are based on or directly taken from the Zelda Universe Forums' Creativity Corner Rules thread, originally written by ZU mod Veyrael.)


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