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Shamas; Carnivine Pokemorph
Topic Started: Jan 3 2012, 10:55 PM (524 Views)
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Personal Information:

Name: Shamas
Species: Carnivine
Gender: Male
Age: Twenty Four
Lvl. 0/1 Enchanting

Class: Slaver
Physical Appearance:
Posted Image

Shamas is a Carnivine Pokemorph, meaning he is half Carnivine and half human. His appearance is slightly more serious than the light heart nature of the typical Carnivine. His face is covered by what appears to be a Venus Fly Trap, and the mouth of which comes over his face. He looks to be wearing green and red robes, but these are actually part of his body. Over the green and red robes is a belt which ties them down, and a leaf cloak, which is also part of him. This cloak covers most of his body at all times, including his arms which he likes to hide and keep hidden from the world.

Personality: Shamas is a strict person with a set of rules that he keeps to himself unless you get to know him on a personal level. He is strong willed and will always carry out his wants to the full extent of his power. His personality also perfectly fits his class as a slaver. He is controlling and manipulative. He will always get the situation to come to his way of liking in one way or another. He craves the power of being in control of a situation, control of other people, or even simply the control over his pokemon.

This manipulative manner of living does come with a soft side however, for nature at least. He is very soft spoken, sweet, and protective to nature. He often finds himself sitting in nature alone, or with his pokemon and just enjoying the time he has spent there. He will defend nature from any threat to it with his full power and hates anyone who abuses it.

Another aspect to Shamas is secrecy, he has never let out his true identity to anyone. He wasn't always a pokemorph and he refuses to let the mask under the fly trap mouth be removed. Anyone asking about who he is will usually get a cold shoulder or a lie. To anyone who becomes close enough, he might indulge them a little into his past, but still never reveal who he is to them. He is just that sore and hurt by his past.

History: Shamas was once a high ranking slave trade operator, not a slaver himself, but someone who linked slavers to buyers for their goods. He was the most powerful man in the city he lived in, having connections to everyone and dirt on everyone. He was the number one abuser of nature in this city as he developed into the woods and made the city grow more technological and less natural in his wake.

He was about to start his new career working for the city, while moonlighting as his previous job, as the chief construction officer of the city. He would become even more powerful and well connected after he had finished one job. The job however, he was tricked into taking with poor intel was to clear a certain area of the woods deep in the forest. Once he arrived to the site where the workers were supposed to be, he found no one there, and he was alone with giant plants everywhere. Angered but not yet beaten, he decided if he was going to get to the point of controlling everyone, he would have to be controlled and do this job himself this once. Walking to an old tree in the center, of what could be seen as almost holy ground, the man found a large tree. He started a fire next to the tree in hopes of burning the entire area to a cinder.

This would have been a decent plan if he hadn't overstepped his boundaries in this area. The flame went out as soon as he had lit it and the tree itself came to life. All the giant plants of the area came to life, they were monstrous and ferocious. They stormed through the woods and towards the city as Shamas was left tangled in vines by one of the plants. He was soon consumed by the vines and passed out. He thought he had died, but he woke again. Running back to the city he only found more wood. He couldn't get out of the forest. Only until he came to the edge of the woods and found scraps of metal destroyed everywhere, did he realize what had happened. He had destroyed the city that he had called home. Looking around the wreckage he wandered and worried what was going on. Only then did he find a mirror, and see himself for the monster he had become. Echoing screams plagued the area as he couldn't believe what had happened to him.

Swearing over a new life, he decided to become the slaver himself and to treat nature with the respect it deserved, least he be devoured by it completely.

Morality Compass: 0
Statistical Information:

Level: 5
Experience: 0/5
Profession Level: 1
Profession Experience: 0/1
Learned Moves

Innate moves

Class Moves



Adventure Kit-
Can be described as any form of storage on your character.
-30 feet of rope
-3 bundles of bread
-Coinpurse, holds your money.
-Flint and Tinder

Gold: 10
Quality Tokens: 0
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