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News about my best friend Ray

Posted by SennkohCoola (Accepted Member) at Apr 3 2013, 08:16 AM. 2 comments

Rapid City South Dakota Dennis Ray Siewert 64 died Monday March 25 2013 at his home. Dennis married his true love,Patti in West Virgina in 1977. He was employed for 30 years a Miller at Aby's Feed and Seed in Rapid City. Dennis was an active volunteer Fireman for 15 years with the Johnson Sidling Fire Department. He as a Vietnam Era Veteran from 1968 to 1971;a lifetime member of the VFW Post 1273 of Rapid City;and a member of the American Legion Hutchison Post 6 of Gregory SD,Dennis was also a member of the Big Bend Presbyterian Church. He is survived by two brothers, Terry Captain Siewert of Elkins,WV,and James Siewert of Kansas City, MO; and one sister, Karen Siewert of Kansas City,MO His friends include Ron Owen,and Me. He was preceded in death by his, Patti Dee Knievel; and his parents Emil and Violet Siewert. Graveside services will be 10 a.m. Friday,March 29, 2013, at Black Hills Cemetery near Sturgis with full military honors provided by the VFW Post 1273 of Rapid City SD.

News about my uncle.

Posted by Tanya Sapien (Admins) at Feb 22 2013, 04:29 PM. 7 comments

As most senior members already know, my uncle J.B. has been suffering from cancer for quite some time now. I recently got an update on his condition which I'm ashamed to say left me in such a state of denial that I procrastinated by over a week in sharing it.

The cancer has moved to his liver. This means he can no longer receive the chemo-therapy treatments which have been helping him hang onto life this long. The doctors give him only a couple months. I know I talk a big game when it comes to dealing with death, and despite the pain I do plan on living up to the things I've said. Once somebody's died, it's a finite thing, it's something you can come to terms with, and something like that I can handle...but watching them slowly die in front of you...that's a different flavor or torment, and I can't imagine it feeling any better from the receiving end.

When he does finally pass, I won't be able to attend the funeral, as he lives several states away and we can't afford the gas to make the trip, but I will open a bottle in his honor. To any of my friends who've been following these events, I encourage the same. Assuming there is an afterlife, I want him to look down and see us living as he'd have wanted us to live. Getting depressed just wastes time better spent enjoying the fleeting moments of our own waning lives.

To those who've tried to intervene, to forestall his death, to help him live longer, and you all know who you are, I thank you for your effort. Today we lost the fight, but it was still a fight no less, and I bear no hatred in failure against the inevitable. I won't get mad or resentful because at least we can say we tried. The one and only thing I ask is a homework assignment for everybody who reads this.

research a drug called DCA.

I tried, friends of mine tried, friends of his tried to get that drug to him, but we failed. even if we had gotten it to him, the use of DCA to treat cancer in the united states is a federal crime and we would have been sent to prison and his doses stopped had we succeeded in getting it to him.

As I type this, my uncle is dying a slow and painful death. I don't blame any of you, but I do blame the greedy corporate assholes who refuse to legalize a medicine that can save lives on the pure basis that it's an "orphaned drug" so there's no profit in it.

When he does pass, I plan on replacing the website banner with a darkened one for the day, to designate it as a period of mourning.

November 2012 status update

Posted by Tanya Sapien (Admins) at Nov 14 2012, 03:31 PM. One comment

Phoenix Protocol Status Update; November 2012:

I’m finally back after taking an extended leave of absence and plan on getting things back into action again. It’s taken a few days, but I’ve already begun on the first steps of this.

1: Chakat Firestorm has gotten the promotion to Ambassador that she’s been requesting for a while now.

2: I’m now open to discussing topics involving FedCom and Veronica directly now, as I no longer see a conflict of interests which would have undermined accurate thought analysis before.

3: I’ve made a few investments and finally lifted the freeze on my assets that hindered spending before, this means more money flowing through Phoenix and hopefully more progress.

4: Beginning immediately, I’m calling for a full top-down review of our government and economy, to see exactly where we stand and find exactly what still needs to be established. This will also serve to get me updated with exactly what happened while I was gone.

5: On a lesser note, the website is going to be getting a few minor tweaks to the skin. It’s nothing major, just a few buttons changed and more seasonal banners added, geared towards recognizing international holidays instead of only those honored in the United States. An example of this is that I’m going to be making one for Cinco De Mayo (fifth of may) to honor the Mexican war of independence. On the note of that, any Phoenix Protocol members who wish to have holidays honored are welcome to ask. I will not discriminate, religious holidays will be welcome.

6: All political activities are going to be open to public forum, both metaphorically and literally. I’ll be posting councilor points of discussion into appropriate threads on the forum which will remain open for as long as the issues are in debate, to allow all members equal say in the proceedings.

I’ve been gone far longer than I should have and this return was hampered by a few personal issues that slowed me down initially, but I’m hoping that through your continued support we’ll all be able to move forward together. On the note of that, I’ll be talking directly with Chakat Firestorm to learn exactly how relations between the two factions stand. It’s no secret that there’s many people on the fence and many who wish for the two sides to simply get along. I can’t agree more, so I’m going to go ahead with work towards finding middle grounds and finding compromises to solve the issues.

If anyone from either side chooses to use this as grounds for claiming weakness or surrender, you’re welcome to it. Feel free to say what you will about me or my policies, as I’m going to do the right thing no matter how much flak I have to take for it, because this is bigger than the rivalry between myself and Tigerstripe. This is bigger than choosing open or closed borders, and this is bigger than who gets funds from who where and why.

This is about all of us, on both sides, in all places, and how we’re going to work together to shed the petty squabbling that makes us no better than the people we claim as our enemies. This is about rising up, striving for something more. This is about working together, as friends, as kindred spirits. This is about unison and harmony, about coexisting despite personal views, about embracing differences instead of shunning them, about hugging our enemies in love instead of to find a place to stick a knife, and about finding solutions that will help all of us instead of some of us.

As of now, I’m forgiving all past misdeeds by members of both factions towards members of both factions. I’ll hold nothing said in the past of all against the futures of any. This includes Tigerstripe hirself. Tiger, odds are you’ll see this, so this part is for you and all councilors of FedCom. I’m pressing the big reset button. You wronged me and I wronged you. We both did things out of hate, rage, spite, and anger. We both made decisions out of emotion instead of logic, but we both also have a job to do. The people of our factions cannot be allowed to continue suffering under the wake of disharmonious leadership. If this takes me taking the first step, then so be it. I’m sorry for how I’ve caused the populace to suffer, I’m sorry for how my own emotions stained my political choices, and I’m sorry for the damage caused by them. While I still stand by my views, I abhor the actions by which I displayed them in the past.

I know we’re better than this. I know there’s something that sets us apart from the masses. I know that somewhere among the dozens of us pointing fingers and holding grudges, among the people of Malatora and Phoenix, that there is that spark that brings the fires of change. Nearly two thousand years ago, the invention of bronze changed the world, then came steel, then books, then steam, electricity, computers and space travel. Each new age of man is heralded by a spark of tomorrow, of that golden strand of dawn breaking over the darkness the previous age ended with. Let’s let our next age begin with the invention, nay, revelation of true brotherhood. Let us be family again, family that loves one another, who’s there for one another, no matter how bad our mistakes become.

My name is Tanya Marie Sapien, Councilor of Phoenix Protocol, and I’m not only back, but I’m here to bring us forward into a new age of peace and understanding. :foxhyper:

VOTE: granting Chakat Firestorm ambassador status

Posted by Tanya Sapien (Admins) at Sep 16 2012, 10:38 AM. 2 comments

rules are slightly different here. My own vote and Firestorm's votes can't be accepted into the tally.

since there's only two eligible Councillors, the vote of the third (my vote) will be delegated to the people.

if more than half the people here think Firestorm should be upgraded to ambassador, then I'll put my vote down as yes. if not, then I'll say no. This is the only way i can think of to prevent my personal opinion from staining the matter.

Tanya Anatolia~

September 2012 budget overview

Posted by Tanya Sapien (Admins) at Sep 12 2012, 10:41 AM. 0 comments

Under the Right To Knowledge portion of our constitution, I'm making the budget as it stands publically available;

Accounts Outgoing:
Account Overview
Account Overview2
Direct-link advertising
Blog-routed advertising

Accounts Incoming:
Ad Sense Income

I'd like to take this time to comment that the advertisements on The Associated Blog are our current sole method of income. They pay out based on fulfilled criteria. The most common criteria is a 1/10 view-to-click ratio and when clicked, the viewer keeps whatever page it generates open for a little while. It's a breach of contract for me to ask you to click just to make us money, but there's no rule against stating that if you see something in an advertisement that appeals to your personal interests that it may be a good idea to further inquire into the nature of offered services.

In other words, please grant the blog ads an exception on any advertisement blocking software you may have installed on your browser, they pay the bills!

Oh yeah, if you're already a member of Phoenix and see our ad for Phoenix pop up on another site, please don't click them. It costs us money with every click, and it would be better invested in finding new people to contribute to the community. Thank you.

I derped!

Posted by Tanya Sapien (Admins) at Sep 1 2012, 05:32 PM. 0 comments

I forgot to allow lurkers use of the PM system >..<

fixed now!

What's with these silly gender tags?

Posted by Tanya Sapien (Admins) at Jul 1 2012, 12:19 PM. 0 comments

If you're new, or reading this shortly after the 36matrix was installed, you're probably wondering what's with the odd tags. They're actually not that odd once you learn how to read them, and here's how;

How it works

True placement is a specific spot on the triangle where you feel your circle fits best, but for sake of simplicity, it's just broken down into the three corners for use in icons. The icons are a slightly simplified version, to make quick referencing easier

All the choices

So that's pretty much the whole deal with the new things. Remember, don't be afraid to be honest about your gender here. I mean, hell, I'm an admin and I openly admit I'm :Ma-F-TG:

Remember, Phoenix is built on acceptance and understanding above all else, so don't be afraid to be honest about who you are. If anybody decides to make fun of you because of your gender, whether natural or TG, don't be afraid to come to an admin or a moderator about it, we're here to help ;)

Also, thanks to this post, I had to change the settings for the entire website to allow more emotes, don't make me regret that.

And The Winners Are!

Posted by Tanya Sapien (Admins) at Jun 23 2012, 12:43 AM. 4 comments

Tanya Sapien

say hello to your new council of three ^..^

Time to blow the dust off

Posted by Tanya Sapien (Admins) at Jun 14 2012, 12:58 AM. 0 comments

with the sister forum suffering some serious infighting, Phoenix protocol is now (hopefully) going to have full activity soon. To new users and old ones coming back, feel free to post about anything you think the site needs, and don't be afraid to dump data here. this place is largely vacant, so fill it out how you like it!

By sister forum, I'm of course referring to the Federated Commonwealth Of Malatora, which, due to conflicts of leadership, is going to partially, or hopefully fully be migrating here. there should be a noticable change in pace for both FedCom and Phoenix Protocol during this merger, and if we're all lucky, something better than both that went in will come out the other side.


Should Firestorm Become FedCom's Ambassador to Phoenix?
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No 2 (28.6%)
Abstain 2 (28.6%)
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