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Topic Started: Jan 22 2018, 03:52 AM (44 Views)
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Love is like a tweeting bird

The sky is only blue for a couple days

First we meet

Then we follow

Then we crack

Then we end up solo~

The small capital propped up through countless deals began to languish in activity. For while by technicality a doubled-city in power, much of the recent gains ebbed to the 'northern' half. Vegoia had not expected consistent gains. Being a seer nymph, she knew the walls would eventually crumble by the hand of Fate. "... Not today," Vegoia muttered herself, isolated in one of the largely barren streets of dust. The occasional eyes of a planimal badger glanced her way briefly, just to scurry off back to its daily tasks.

"L’amour est enfant de la consommation... Il voudra toujours toujours toujours plus de choix."

Frowning at the readings along the stretched hide, she collapsed the enchanted skin into a scroll. Whilst confident in her own talents, the shadows of unknown still troubled the immortal. Her homeland gave a steady stream of predictable events in comparison to the paradoxically named realm she dwelt in currently. Pax. Far from truly peaceful. Too many sporadic bursts of activity that her seering talent couldn't tell when it happen by the hour. Only a few of the largest which concerned the nymph directly offered any solace of detail.

"Voulez voulez-vous des sentiments tombés du camion? L’offre et la demande pour unique et seule loi."

Vegoia cracked her neck, sighing heavily. Perhaps the summer heat stirred up clouds of self-doubt? Apart from the occasional nuisance of a Fateburn around the city, no significant power of this or the other Pax managed to pinpoint her location. She could only imagine how difficult it be for the shell of a Jentil surviving in that universe, surrounded by entities far stronger than himself. "Heh," she broke the smallest quiver of a smile. "Just need to concentrate on my dealings with that Distortionist for now..."
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"Prends garde à toi?... Si tu t’aimes~"
A lone strand of hair dangled between her brow. The hybrid casually brought those lost threads back to the flock. Even from atop her fragment of earth, she sensed ripples of slack and tension quivering beyond her universe. Domains of influence fallen to the wayside by the ploy of mortal action. While she knew enough with that world endured, Altima beckoned her full demonic doppelganger to vacate the realm of madness during that particular upheaval. No doubt just the company of her other self in the same place in the multiverse would draw eyes... It was a cost to ensure her own care....

"Garde à moi... Si je m’aime~"
As for that nymph... The Distortionist clutched at her chest, feeling the vigorous beat of a pounding heart. An essence snatched some years ago. The life force woven deeply into her very being bubbled in uncomfortable warmth. Altima breathed heavily, unfurling a mass of obsidian glass into a straight pillar of her own will... No doubt that woman wrung that line tight, binding it in place under view. The bait had been taken, only just a matter of time the cast would be flung up to the sky.

"Damn this heat," Altima fanned herself by hand. "And damn it! Stop fighting!"

Concentration along the waves broken, she snapped at the brawling pair. That 'toad' kept trying to taunt whoever possibly when she turned her back. Fortunately the 'miniature bull' held on, the blue haired brawler giving a nasty sucker punch in return. "... I'm going to have to call her," Altima fell back into a chair of softened obsidian.

"Garde à nous... Garde à eux... Garde à vous"

"Et puis chacun pour soi~"

As autumn slumbered beneath early wintry blanket, the hybrid laid along her bed. Pain. Indescribable agony swept through her ever-awake being. She paid the price of compassion. Would anyone remember in the coming years-or perhaps mere months, over the sacrifice paid? Anima cared. The deflated Distortionist knew she be worried sick. Yet couldn't bring herself to tell the succubus...

"Eventually she will know... Everyone will know-

"-Nobody will care... I'm just a nobody-"

Altima swerved off to the side, hacking up phlegm into a bucket. She sustained on raw energy provided to her from the world... Now without that 'heart,' the half-life she lived revealed more of their troubles. "I'm... So hungry... I need-," she caught a fit of coughing, forcing her down on the bed. The fatherly figure leaned over, gently laying a wet rag across her forehead.

"You'll find another way... And you won't be alone in finding it."
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