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Rose's Characters
Topic Started: Apr 8 2018, 10:01 AM (37 Views)
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Name: Illunia Fres Ti Lunalin Princess of the Moon Elves
Gender: Female
Race: Moon Elf (stolen from a friend on skype)
Appearance: Pale skin, silver-white hair with blue ombre to it, a crown and a gown that matches her style.
Abilities: Healing magic, swordplay, minor dagger play, and snooty rich kid tone.
Personality: Rich, princess-like, tough, and won't back down.
History: Illunia was the princess of the Lunalin elves once, before she managed to stumble her way into the strange world that was Pax. she had learned some swordplay from the knights of her kingdom and went to try and get more skills, finding a rift and venturing into it somehow gaining her way into the world and adventuring it through and through. she often faces things with a headstrong, no bullshit way of thinking and fears nothing, on the surface.
Preferred weapons: Sword and healing magic.
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That'd be Lord Psycho to you

Rose's Chars in The Library: https://paxlib.myfnmc.com/display/CHAR/Rosebark%27s+Chars

* Illunia: https://paxlib.myfnmc.com/display/CHAR/Illunia+Fres+Ti+Lunalin
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Name: Mezrial
Gender: F
Race: Mermaid
Preferred part of Pax: Ana, near the Encampment.
Appearance: hair like the sea starts with deep blue and slowly changes to a seafoam white near the tips ever blending in, her tail
Abilities: Changing into a humanoid form to walk on the land, using water magic to freeze, drown, heal (small wounds), and can use the water to make weapons but only 1 of each type. (ie; different types of bows, or swords, etc)
Personality: Kind and caring, a little shy, can be headstrong if challenged.
History: Mezrial used to be known as a wandering child, going from lack to ocean to river and back until she found her way to Ana, she has lived on the beach there for some time and likes the sun and the warmer weather. it tends to make her joyful and can sometimes lead to younger people coming to the waters to enjoy her voice. Unlike many merfolk, she doesn't try to harm the people she just plays and sets them home.
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