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Topic Started: Oct 22 2010, 12:37 AM (1,578 Views)
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Lady Swix Dragonfury

Name: Furnace

Age: 529

Apparent Age: In Dark Fire Dragon ages, he is a young teenager

Gender: Male

Alignment: Evil

Height: His head reaches the top of a two storey house when standing on all fours

Weight: A tonne (maybe two)

Eye Colour: Bright red, with underlying fire

Physique: Very good physique, sinuous and muscular

Race: Dark Fire Dragon

Member of: The Evil Council

Language: Common, and the rarely used Dark Fire Dragon tongue

Religious affiliation: Furnace worships no God, although he and the others of his race do owe Au'Marui, God of Insanity, for granting them a place to stay in Blackstar.

Homeland: Far below the ground where lava and rock meet, on Earth.

Heraldic Symbol/Colors: Black diamonds seem to 'sprout' where they live


Natural Abilities:Telepathy, fire breathing, 'burrowing' through rock, ability to survive in lava and increased pressures. Can also hold their breath for up to two hours. Their black scales, horns, spikes, claws and teeth are as hard as diamond whilst their red underscales are slightly softer, being only as hard as a ruby. Oh and fly, of course.


Mother: Rubie, a 1200 year old female with particularly brilliant red underscales.

Father: Blackwing, only marginally older than Rubie at 1210 years and having black underscales on his wing rather than red ones.

Sisters: Blaze, Furnaces older sister by 20 years and having a long scar running across her muzzle from below an eye to the tip of a nostril.

Possessions: None

I am Furnace, a Dark Fire Dragon. You wish to know more about me? Very well. I was born below the ground, away from any light bar the lava pools and rivers that run through the realm in which my kind lives. I have survived several Selections through my skill and simple viciousness, for aggression is something inherent in us all. I do not like being told I'm wrong, and even when I have to admit it to myself I will never admit it to others. Ever. Pride is not something I will ever give up, despite the... animosity between myself and the Elders.

Coro's predictions are not important right now, so I will not go into them. I have joined the Evil Council since I 'left' my kin and have become a near-surface dweller, simply because I wish to learn and theirs is an organisation I can understand better. The strong will survive and the weak will perish, as is the way of nature, as is my way. One day, I will be the strongest.
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Lady Swix Dragonfury

Name: Syllak Draco

Age: 59

Apparent Age: 20 as far as bipeds go

Gender: Female

Alignment: Neutral

Height: 5'8 ft

Weight: 10 stone

Eye Colour: Bright red

Physique: Strong, very muscular

Race: Sivak Draconian

Language: Common

Religious affiliation: None

Homeland: Krynn

Heraldic Symbol/Colors: None

Companions/Friends: Tala


Natural Abilities: Syllak has an innate natural ability to resemble something that is meant to be there, unless she does something to compromise this blending ability. E. g. if she were in the middle of a cluster of bushes, she'd look like another, though larger one. But if she moved, you'd see her for her true appearance. She has increased strength and stamina, as well as the ability to fly.


Mother: Dead

Father: Dead

Brothers: Dead

Sisters: Dead

Possessions None

Clothing: Syllak wears simple black t-shirt and trousers beneath her armor, which look tight on her

Weapons: Twin katanas

Armour: What looks to be full body platemail, covering her from head to clawed feet in a dull grey metal. It does not cover her wings, stopping at their base, but it does make it's way right down to the tip of her tail. Along the armour on her tail many long spikes are studded to make use of the extra limb

Greetings to you, I go by the name of Syllak Draco. I was found living on a mountain not so long ago, and taught that I needn't hold humanoids or dragons with hatred. They're not all like that after all. I understand now why the dragons and many races of my homeworld hate us, and frankly I do not blame them for it. But it wasn't really our fault, we didn't create us.

I was brought up by my parents after they'd found a way to leave Krynn, and they taught me honour and the way of the warrior. Honour is not something the Goddess who thought to create us seemed to want to associate us with. But, neither she nor the God who made the metallic dragons my kind was corrupted from are here, and I hear they've abandoned everyone in my homeland anyway. In corrupting the good dragon eggs and making us, we have been granted a gift that no dragon there has ever had. We can choose whether to be good or evil, our path is not dictated to us, and we can become better as a whole because of it. I wish to preserve the balance because I am a result of that balance. See these red eyes? Thet's the mark of evil on us, but my silver scales are also the mark of good. I can be either, and that suits me just fine. This is why I am a Guardian now.

Well, I was a Guardian. However my good friend, the werewolf, Tala, did not feel the others to be safe after the five moons... incident, so she left. I left too, as she believes me to be one of few who can handle her while in that state. Staying together has kept Sallah happy too, which is definitely a good thing. I only hope something like that doesn't happen again


Name: Sallah Kleh

Species: Fire-lizard

Coloration: Gold

Clothing: None

Armor: None

Skills: Sallah can travel between to get to places, however she needs to know where she's going first. Either by having already been there or having a picture shown to her. Since she's a queen, she can call other fire- lizards to her when she needs them. She can breathe fire but only after she's digested a certain type of rock, so it never lasts very long. She's also empathic, able to feel what the one she's decided to connect herself too feels, as well as other fire-lizards, and can send and receive pictures in her minds eye through this.

Sentient: Yes

What is this pet's level of intelligence? It's actually quite high, although spoken or written languages are still a struggle to her

Can it communicate with characters other than your own? Yep

How does it communicate? Through the use of her empathy and mild telepathy

How did you meet? Sallah and Syllak met a long time ago, at a complex located on an island in a parallel universe.
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Lady Swix Dragonfury

Name: Tala Lupe

Age: 29

Gender: Female

Alignment: Neutral

Human Form:

Height: 5'2

Weight: 8 stone

Eye Color: Light brown with a yellow hint and a look of cunning

Hair Colour: Light brown with a silver tint

Physique: Physically fit, more toned than muscular

Race: Werewolf

Were form

Height: 7 ft

Weight: 8 stone

Eye Color: Bright yellow with a brown tint

Hair Color: Silver with a brown tint

Physique: More muscular than her human form

Wolf form

Height: 3 ft

Weight: 6 stone

Eye Colour: Bright yellow with a brown tint

Hair Colour: Silver with a brown tint

Physique: Muscular and lithe

Language: Common

Religious affiliation: None

Homeland: Earth in the X-Dimension

Heraldic Symbol/Colours: None

Companions/Friends: Syllak


Studies: Animal Behaviour,

Teachers: not remembered since she and her family moved around so much

Natural Abilities: Tala can hear and smell as good as any wolf in any of her forms, which she can change into at will, as well as being much stronger than any human. She can jump as high as two storeys when given a running start and possesses a healing and regenerating ability. This is enhanced during the full moon, but will always be negated by silver weapons. Like any werewolf, she is forced into Wolf form during the full moon and driven mad with Bloodlust until the night is over, her bite can also cause the victim to become cursed with lycanthropy as well.


Mother: Untalked of by name

Father: Ditto

Brothers: Marrok Lupe, 34

Clothing: Silver coloured or grey clothes that are light and flexible, so they don't hinder movements

Jewelry: None

Weapons: None

Character Depth

"Hi my name is Tala, Tala Lupe. I'm what you'd call a born werewolf, see, both my parents were werewolves and then they had me and my brother, and we inherited it. They hid it from me until it manifested itself during a full moon and I nearly killed... well, quite a few people. It came as quite a shock. I've been warned about babbling too much about what we are by Marrok unless I'm sure, but he's not here right now. I don't need my big, bad older brother to look after me all the time after all."

"I've been on quite a few adventures, took part in an interdimensional war, joined a parallel organisation in a parallel universe, disbanded, came to Blackstar, got stuck in the 'Wild West'. Quite a bit. Oh and there was this incident where this one mage decided to try and cure me... except between us we ended up freeing an immortal being who'd been locked up for a good reason. I probably should have told him I didn't want to be cured. "

"I like my wolfish side, I have no desire to get rid of this so-called curse. Why does everyone assume I want to get rid of it? See, this is why I joined the Guardians, to keep the balance between the two. You can view my lycanthropy as a curse and an evil thing, or you can choose to see the good side of it. Or you can be like me, and see both"

"Unfortunately I have recently come to the conclusion that they aren't safe around me. Not during the five full moons anyway. So I said my goodbyes and left for good. Syllak came with me too, I don't think she wanted to leave, but she did it as my friend and I respect that. Next time I'll be more ready when it happens again"
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Lady Swix Dragonfury

Alias: Fade

Name: A guarded secret

Age: 33

Alignment: Evil

Species: Mutant (In X-Men this means she carries a gene called the X-gene, which gives them their powers but is dormant until activated by reaching puberty, scientific experiments or through mystical awakening. Fades was activated normally)l

Member of: The Evil Council

Description: Fade's hair is long, blue and usually tied back. Eyes are watery grey and she is quite tall (5 feet 7 inches) and slim, but a lot stronger than she looks. She generally wears blue, skin-tight clothing and a blue jacket.

Abilities:Enhanced hearing and Invisibilty, cells take in, share out, and then copy the information about the current environment she is in, which gives her the ability to 'fade' into the background. She can also make objects disappear, but it requires physical contact to do this. After the contact is broken, the object will fade back into view after 20 minutes. This also applies to her making other people invisible, but this takes twice as much energy and concentration, so she does this rarely.

Weaponry: Sapphire Dagger kept in inside pocket of her jacket, as she prefers it over noisy guns. This weapon is made entirely out of the precious stone and has a few abilities that are seen extremely rarely (only ever happened once so far). It sucks emotions and magic into what appears to be a tiny black hole encapsulated within the gem. After it's 'stopped', it can then use the stored energy to create ice.

Throwing daggers kept in the outside pockets.

Poisoned throwing daggers, also kept in the outside but in a different pocket to the normal ones. Those affected by the poison on these will find themselves falling unconscious and then dying as their nervous system shuts down.

Items: Fade also carries small vials of the same poison she uses on her poisoned throwing daggers. It is a special odourless, colourless and tasteless brew, the recipe only being known to Fade. She carries vials of the antidote with her too, which is again, her special brew and is the only effective cure for her poison.

The Onyx Longsword, a Relic of the God of Insanity from Blackstar. The Onyx Longsword grants the ability to use Shadow Travel and make people disappear. Needless to say Fade rarely uses it as a weapon, utilising the Shadow Travel more often than not and the invisibility ability when she cannot utilise her own genetic powers.

The Ruby Dagger from Blackstar, left to her by HollowEyes, now snapped into two pieces (may or may not have been repaired since Au'Marui has shown himself to be present here)

A tiny vial of 'Hint of Curiousity', given to her by The Sommelier.

A Black Diamond with Symbols on it, the twin of Swix's so she can move about the Furnace Caverns safely.

History: Fade will not talk to anyone about her past, telling them its none of their business, so the most information people glean from her is that it was not a very good past. Those that have found out anything about it are found with their throats slit hours after, in various locations. Trained as an assassin from a very young age, she has been used by and worked for her worlds governments, then after that the underworld, for spying, sabotaging and assassinating, them having realised her potential with her abilities. However, sooner or later they would turn on her, fearing the very abilities she was utilizing to work for them. When she is unemployed she infiltrates places with the most advanced security systems she can find, to see if she can get away with it, collect information and to sharpen her skills. She has taken to hacking security systems and governments computers in her spare time, so she knows exactly whats going on, to collect information and again, to sharpen her skills. The information she gleans from doing this she keeps to herself or sells, depending on what she feels like. She has been known to make deliberate mistakes in order to draw people to her, so she may test her fighting and escaping skills, and has not, as of yet, been caught. She believes that if she were caught it would be her own fault, her skills having not been up to standard, so she does not worry about it. Her most prized possession is her sapphire dagger, but no-one knows why. She tells them it's because of its value and its practicality, but those that have lived long enough to get to know her slightly realise that it's more than that.

Her unbroken capture record was broken by Markus the mercenary in The Beginning on Pax

Victim: "But you said if I told/gave you what you wanted you wouldn't kill me!"
Fade: "I lied"

"My past is my past and should be left there"

((Gah! Seems I got too excited when I originally ported this over from Blackstar and forgot to put the Onyx Longsword in this profile and have only just noticed! D:. I'm so sorry guys! D:. I feel awful now))
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Lady Swix Dragonfury

The Offspring: (SA)

Name: Aura

Age: 3

Species: Mutamorphffer

Alignment: Evil

Description: Despite how young she is, Aura is about five feet tall. She has grey hair and eyes, and the feathers that sprout from the avian wings on her back are also grey. The rest of Auras body is human in appearance, except for her extra pair of arms, and she wears fur and animal skins.

Abilities: Apart from her ability to fly, Aura can also control the wind around her. She takes after her mother in that she's quite the mean-spirited person, and has instinctual knowledge from genetic memory concerning both her father and mother.

Weaponry: None

Name: Ordell

Age: 3

Species: Mutamorphffer

Alignement: Neutral

Description: Ordell is slightly taller than his sister Aura, and appears to be quite muscular. While his hair and the feathers on his back are brown, his eyes are bright green. He too wears skins and furs of animals, and has four arms. Unlike any of his brethren, Ordell has what look to be a pair of fangs where his top canines should be.

Abilities: Ordell has the ability to spit acid through tiny holes near the bottom of his fangs, which makes him rather deadly. He also has the ability to transform into a large spider like his father Kafka, although the full extent of this transformation has yet to explored. Ordell will also bombard everyone with questions whenever he comes across something new, and has the same instinctual memory as his sister Aura.

Weaponry: None

Name: Paola

Age: 3

Species: Mutamorphffer

Alignment: Neutral

Description: Paola is much shorter in stature and slimmer in build than any of her siblings, being the runt she is just four feet five tall and unlikely to grow much bigger than she is now. She has silver hair, eyes and feathers as well as the extra pair of arms. Paola is very pretty, taking after her mother Harpy in this respect and she too wears animal furs and skins.

Abilities: Paola is very weak when it comes to anything physical, however her mental abilities are very highly developed. Perhaps a bit too highly, as she often doesn't realise she's using them or sometimes forgets how to. Paola is telepathic, able to send and receive thoughts but not able to force herself into someones mind, should they know how to close it off. She is also telekinetic, which often causes far more havoc when she loses control of it.
Paola is again unlike her siblings, she doesn't have the mean streak that Aura has or the insatiable curiosity Ordell possesses, but is rather shy and delicate. She too, has the instinctual memory.

Species: Mutamorphffer

Weaponry: None


((Note, currently only Paola is here to take part in Magic Tech High, and I'll update their history later since it's shared between them it shouldn't take too long :P

And yes, I did just copy and paste the old profiles))
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Lady Swix Dragonfury

Name: Lykaios

Also called: The Trickster, The Wanderer or The Devourer (it's not fond of this one though)

True Name: Lost (It will not reveal this name to anyone under any circumstances)

Age: Unknown, slightly younger than the universe in which it was created.

Species: Underling of the Gods (there is no name for this creatures kin)

Alignment: This guy is of what I call The Fourth Alignment. Neither good, neutral nor even evil

Description: Lykaios appears as a large white wolf, six foot tall from paw to shoulder. It's fur is soft and white, and it's body is surrounded by an unearthly glow. It is also genderless, neither male nor female. Although he's developed a taste for being called he fairly recently.

Abilities: While it's physical body is flesh and blood, able to feel pain and bleed it seems Lykaios doesn't need it to live, internal organs could easily break down and all that would happen would be for Lykaios to go through a moment of pain. The failed or destroyed organic parts of Lykaios will slowly regenerate, meaning it does not worry about losing appendages.

Lykaios uses it's glow to attack, draining creatures of their energy be it magical or highly charged/evolved natural energy (such as the one produced by mutants). Beings enveloped in this glow become tired, and if not released will eventually become unconscious and die. Sometimes Lykaios will make the glow more solid, so the beings trapped inside it cannot escape. Lykaios seems to feed and grow on these energies, slowly becoming more powerful.

History: Lykaios original purpose was to clean up unruly magic and energy within it's universe, and the occasional anti-matter spot by absorbing it. But it got greedy as it found it got more powerful.

It absorbed almost all magical and high energies in one universe, and even started on anti-matter before it was finally banished to a small pocket between dimensions. This pocket allowed it to see what was happening in the closer dimensions, but not move or escape. Recently, a certain small mage opened a way for Lykaios to leave, which it promptly did.
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Lady Swix Dragonfury

((This char is no longer under this account))
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Lady Swix Dragonfury

Name: Swix

Age: 29

Species: Split Humanoid

Member of: The Evil Council, The Knights of Insanity

Gender: Female

Alignment: ?????

Description: Swix looks human-and not like a very impressive human at that. She's roughly 5'2 tall, slim and not particularly muscular. Her hair hangs down to just below her shoulders, and is rather messy. Not that she doesn't brush it or anything-it just goes like that naturally. It's a dull brown looking colour from afar, however the closer people get the more they'll notice that her hair is not just plain dull brown, but a mix of colours, including dark and light blonde, dark and light brown as well as a few strands of black and red. She's almost always seen in a black dress that's tattered and torn at the bottom, reaching just below her knees, and a pair of flat black boots. Swix's eyes are hazel-that is a mix of almost yellow green and brown, and her skin is quite pale.

Although Swix generally seems in control of herself, most of the time, certain things have set her 'off the deep end'. So far, this has happened four times whilst she's been in Pax, each set off by a different thing. Nearly being killed by a mortal enemy, the feeling of power that came from slaughtering half the population of another planet by herself (this one stopped by CP after a long and confusing conversation), the madness disease that spread throughout Pax during 'When Bad Guys Go Mad', and more recently when she was unexpectedly placed in a different point in space and time thanks to Distortion during one of DPs lessons. The action caused her to go completely and violently crazy and she attempted to blow up both of her friends when in this state.

Abilites whilst Tainted: (Since the Taint of C has been removed from Swix's physical form by Raven, she's unable to use these powers): Swix has the ability to use 'otherworldly tendrils' that apparently appear from nowhere yet are quite obviously attached to her, They usually appear in their larger forms on her back, but also in much smaller forms from her hands. Though she can bring them up wherever she feels like it. Whatever part of her from which the tendrils are attached will go black even if there's a bright light shining on her-for example, her hand would go black before the smaller ones appeared if she needed to use them.

The tendrils are useful but have their drawbacks, as where the smaller ones are quite easy to control the larger and stronger they get, the harder this becomes. Should she lose control whilst a larger one is out or not have it in the first place, the tendrils will immediately go crazy and attempt to destroy everything and anything around her. As you can imagine, this is rather dangerous.

Swix can also cover her entire body with this darkness, with only her eyes showing through this nearly featureless form-although she'll often refer to her humanoid form as her disguise and this darkness form as her true one. However, other than being great for hiding in the shadows or the dark of the night it seems to serve no purpose other than to be used for intimidation.

The red bag has an ability, upon opening it one would find that it contains nothing but blackness-far bigger on the inside than on the outside, which would explain it's impossible heaviness. Swix stores a lot of items in here, such as a machine gun she once took on a trip to Mars (now empty), a small but very sharp ceremonial dagger (lost in TCIC to CP), a couple thousand Yen and CLs, a couple of bottles, and the odd black paper she seems to have taken a liking to carrying about (also lost in TCIC to CP)-as well as a chisel for carving into rock surfaces and ingredients for The Collector. She's recently added black and cream bandages, since it's becoming obvious she needs them here The outside is riddled with pockets that each contain a set up mousetrap along with paper with warnings on them discouraging people from looking any further into it. This bright red bag has been barricaded away in some secret area in the Furnace Caverns, since she never wishes to to open it again as it leads to a pocket of The Collectors Realm. She may get it out again, if she can find some way of ridding C's magic from the item.

Abilities whilst not Tainted: Swix was a Shadow Mage before she met C, and has since rediscovered these magical gifts of hers.

Shadow Spheres: Swix can pull the shadows from around her into a tightly compressed ball that hovers over her hand, the Sphere, once completed glows purple with Arclight. These Shadow Spheres are explosive, and when thrown will detonate when something touches them with the force of a grenade. She can-and has-also set up deadly traps with these Shadow Spheres by embedding them in the ground or walls, just waiting for some unlucky fool to get too close and set them off. The more shadows there are, the more Spheres she has the capacity to make.

Arclight Orbs: These are different yet similar to the Shadow Spheres, they're created in a similar way, but these are entirely harmless. Arclight Orbs are meant only to cast light, and are much smaller and brighter than the Shadow Orbs, though still purple. These too however can be embedded in walls or, as she has done in the Furnace Caverns where she lives, on top of torches.

Shadow Arms: Swix can create physical 'clones' of her own arms by manipulating shadows, when she does this her own arms go dark. The Shadow Arms are disembodied, not attached to anything, so she often uses these in combat or to reach places far too high for her to get to naturally. Although it's theoretically possible for her to completely 'shadow clone' herself, she hasn't yet managed to do this.

Shadow Wings: Revealed during the trip to Doggerland, Swix can now create wings with her shadows that have a variety of uses, including flight. These wings are black as midnight and draconic looking.

SHDSK: A magical word, when directed into an area with her hands, causes a 'cloud' of pure darkness to descend into an area. This isn't just as dark as midnight, when this is activated there will literally not even be a single photon able to pass through this cloud. This will stay where it's put until it's dispelled.

Swix has also been working on channeling Furnaces Dragon magic-with his permission, naturally-having once used it to help create the flying ship The Laotzchy from a 'ship in a bottle' she'd made, in the RP of the same name.

As a bit of a mischief maker, Swix has a tendency to set up traps for CP or use her accumulated magical knowledge to create cursed baking concoctions. They're often transformative in nature, but they're usually either temporary (such as the Spellbound Cakes from Halloween) or there's a cure for them (such as the Cursed Blueberry Ice Cream that turned people into giant blueberries). To help get the ingredients for these sorts of things, she has an alchemy garden for growing the necessary magical plants.

Simulacra (sometimes called Mini-Swix): Jent provided the Split with a Simulacra during Halloween when she had such bad nightmares it actually started to affect her actions. It's pretty much the exact same personality as Swix herself, and when she feels a bit manic she will talk to it to calm herself down. Having this Simulacra also gave Swix the ability to mindspeak directly to Jent, and has been useful for getting her out of scrapes when the Jentil uses his own abilities combined.


Blue Dragonscale Shirt: This was a surprising Christmas gift from a mortal enemy, the baby blue Dragon Tetsu-ko (Tetsu-ko: 'After we survived in the wilds together I thought it would be such a shame if some random mugger or wild animal got in a lucky hit to your oh so vital organs' Swix: 'Not before you get a lucky hit on them, is that it?' Tetsu-ko: 'Exactly') '. It's a light and airy sleeveless shirt, brilliantly blue, that the baby Dragon sewed together from her old shed scales. This armour is worn underneath her black dress where it's barely noticeable except where it occasionally shines through the dark material. The armour's not as good as still living scales, but it will protect her from most physical attacks. It's not however, capable of deflecting magical attacks or explosions at close range.

Why is she wearing it? Well, after she was given it Tetsu-ko gave her a demonstration of just how effective it really was, by trying to skewer her with her claws after she'd put it on. Though that did knock all the wind out of her from the sheer force of the impact the armour stopped her from suffering an internal injury.

Black Diamond with Symbols carved on it: This is a Black Diamond from Furnace and thus is infused with the Dragons magic, it's carried around by Swix since it's used to get past quite a few of the spells and traps she's set in the Furnace Caverns. Fade is the only other one who carries a duplicate of this stone.

Jents Locket: After Swix was kidnapped by two of C's agents and rescued by Jent, the Jentil gave her this locket. The woman uses the Locket to store happy or important memories, just in case she encounters a similar situation where she's made to hallucinate so much she wouldn't accept the fact that reality was real. Should something like that ever happen again the Locket will try and help bring her back out of it.

History: Swix was not very forthcoming with her history until very recently, however as she feels her time in this world drawing to an end has grown ever more talkative about it.

The Split humanoid comes from a world known as Dea, a world of literal dualities where those who follow the righteous path, and those who follow the dark path coexist in separate cities, with the neutral cities scattered about for those of both who wished to live together-or raise children until it is time for the kids to Split. In Swix's species to 'split' is to become two equal, identical halves-one good, one evil-during their adolescence, after which they leave their home to learn and grow. Once both halves feel they have learned enough the two will be inexplicably drawn to each other, and meet on Deas Sacred Grounds to recombine and see which one of them has truly grown more.

Swix was born at one of the neutral settlements, and after 'Splitting' at the age of 15 left the settlement to grow. Her darker half learned of an ancient ritual that was said to grant unimaginable powers. ES became obsessed by this artifact, but even so it took her the next two years to finally find the ancient document and use it's magic to open a portal to a dark realm. It's there she gained her powers, the living darkness that runs through her very being, and it's there she became The Collectors agent after making a deal with the entity. After ES gained these powers she was returned to Dea, where she promptly hunted down and caught her other half before leaving her world for Blackstar.

ES joined the Evil Council because, what better place to grow in evil than the Evil Council? She had quite a few adventures with them. Then when Blackstar went 'off the radar' Swix ended up in Pax later than some others, shortly after her other half was rescued from the cage she was keeping her in. Although she's now on Ana Swix does however remain faithful to those of the EC, and likely will remain so. Even despite her unusual relationship with the little hero Coolpikaaa, whom she finds both worthy of her ire and of her fascination.

She's also developed some strange phobias. Although she's quite comfortable to go toe to toe with a robot of death, a glimpse of a blue flash or certain exclamations can send her running for cover, especially when out in the open.

As per 'The Dark Sees the Light' story in Creativity, canonically set after the events of When Bad Guys Go Mad, Swix has recombined with her other half to become 'complete' again. This has barely affected her personality since it was her darker side that had grown more however, there is a physical change. Her black dress is no longer torn nor completely black, it is now black with white seams and a white fabric pattern where the tears used to be.

"Soon I shall be gone from this world, never to return-when time comes"

During the events of Darkness Takes It's Own, when The Collector came to complete her deal with Swix, Raven removed the Taint, the entirety of the living darkness from her physical being. Now she's unable to use The Collectors abilities and has to rely on her old Shadow magic.

Swix has also built the first Temple to Au'Marui on Pax, with a bit of help from Furnace and Jent, after the events that occurred after the God of Insanity showed up and defeated C during the Reality Saga. Even she's not exactly sure why she did it, but it seemed to her like something that needed to be done.

((Bit of fun, the video in one of my favourite violinists track Shadows reminds me of Swix and The Collector. Have a watch and you'll see what I mean ;)... plus the music is epic))
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Lady Swix Dragonfury

Name: Nym

Age: Unknown

Apparent Age: Forever 28

Gender: Since she imprinted on Swix, she 'feels' female

Species: Goo

Alignment: Neutral


Imprinted humanoid (Split) form:

Nym resembles Swix in that her body is slim and not particularly muscular, though she has a bit more of a tan. Her hair has a similar 'dull until you get close' look, though she wears it much shorter, cut off just below her ears. Her hair is a lot straighter and less messy, which probably also has something to do with it's length The dress she wears is long and flowing, has a couple pockets on it, reaches just above her ankles and is a silver-grey colour. Her flat heeled boots too are the same colour, and almost reach her knees. She also resembles Swix so closely for another reason-she is Swix's Goo clone who was masquerading as Swix's sister. Nym is generally a lot more friendly and easy going than her 'sister', but she shares her quick temper. She's pretty much out for herself and interested in any new experience she can find. She also has a phobia of fire and ice, flatly refusing to go anywhere close to either-including such mundane things as a simple fireplace.

Physical Abilities:

Shapeshifting- All Goo have the natural physical ability to adjust their form to an extreme degree, Nym mostly used this to shift her appearance around after imprinting on Swix's DNA that she looked different enough from the Split to be mistaken for her younger sister, whilst still retaining the humanoid disguise. Nym can also change the colours of her 'dress' and 'boots' at will by manipulating the pigments in her cells. Nym could look identical to Swix easily, if she really wanted to. When Nym shapeshifts, if she has enough energy from food she will force her cells to replicate, if she doesn't, she will stretch her existing cells out and leave a hollow area on the 'inside' of the limbs until she can either regenerate her needed cells or the shifted part is no longer needed. Nym 'can' force her cells to replicate without having the needed energy first, however she doesn't like doing this because it has the effect of making her very hungry.

Partial Imprint- By digesting a portion of a victim, the subject can "steal" physical abilities by examining their makeup and replicating it. This ability only works for traits that are physical, as supernatural abilities depend usually on outside forces. (Nym is not aware she can do this and thus has not tried, other than her initial imprint on Swix, she is under the impression that she couldn't do it like this even if she tried)

Physical Telepathy- A trait of all Goo, completely encasing a victim in biomass creates a telepathic link typically used to calm the victim for digestion. While connected to a victim, the subject can turn invasive, tearing through thoughts for pertinent knowledge. This can also be used to "steal" an ability, by reading knowledge, but is far less likely as it requires complete encasement. (Nym is currently aware she can do this, however she wouldn't want to because completely encasing someone disturbs her)

Siphoning Sickness: If Nym has fully or partially encased someone her cells will naturally draw out the poisons or invasive microorganisms in that creature and digest them, making that someone much healthier than after Nyms ministrations.

Cell Manipulation: Nym can and has encased a friends injured limb with her gooey body in order to manipulate their cells into healing far quicker then normal, if the injury goes down as far as bones Nym can even manipulate those cells into regenerating, so long as her Goo cells can touch the damaged areas.

Hyper-Efficient Digestion: Nym and all other Goo possess the ability to digest pretty anything and everything, Nym has been known to utilise this ability by 'reverting' the cells on the outer parts of her 'body' in order to escape being trapped. She ate through a metal lock with her hand when she was stuck in a cage, and through a wooden wall to escape an altercation. She also reabsorbs her damaged cells or cells that have managed to get separated from her main body, in order to recycle and reuse the lost biomass and so she can regenerate any injuries.

The Goo has a favourite trick that she likes to show off whenever she can-that of swallowing metal and wooden objects.,Knives, spoons, forks,-she's even gone so far as swallowing the large wooden spoons. It's not obvious how she does it, and she won't tell you if she's asked... And the implements are usually never seen again afterwards. This is because Nym was literally digesting the implements during her acts, however, she stopped doing them so often once the metal atoms started clumping together in her body, since she'd managed to ingest too much in one go. It hurt a little but she mostly stopped in order to keep her secret.

Nym can and will drink a lot whilst not being affected at all. Beware of challenging her to a drinking contest, you will definitely lose. This is due to the Goos natural ability to digest any form of biomass, making things such as poisoning the slime-shifter impossible. However, Nym once had her digestive system overwhelmed by anesthetic, because a mad scientist pumped her with enough of the liquid to kill an elephant ten times over.

Stolen Abilities: Nym too can call forth tendrils from her back, but these are smooth, grey, and do not act anywhere near as chaotic as ES's darkness tendrils. Nor does she bring out the small ones or cover her body in greyness. The Goo Nym 'remembers' how Swix used to call forth the physical darkness tendrils that the Split still had access to when she was encased, so she could easily cover herself in the little ones or turn her body grey, among other colours.

Glowing: 'Given' to her from the Celestial Brush God Shiranui, when they both tested what the other claimed.

Learned Abilites from linking with AGIG:

How to tailor her own clothes with biomass

How to use Agaran Spores

How to coat herself in rock (as long as she ate enough beforehand)

Learned abilities from mind-linking with Ainhoa:

How to speak the Basque language

Items: Nym doesn't have much in the way of items, other than a bag of coins full of the spoils of her contests, and another full of cutlery for her act.

History: After Swix and CP had an incident with some Goos left over from the invasion of Blackstar Nym as she is now was created, imprinting on the-then ES's DNA and memories to disguise herself. However, once CP released the Split Nyms telepathic link with the rest of the Goo collective consciousness was completely severed, making Nym lose her memory of even being in the collective completely. The Goo didn't know where, who, or what she was and was coached by the electric mouse about those things, leading up to her taking a name, an individual identity and even taking up a job in the bar of the H and H.

After the appearance of another Goo at the Inn Nym digested the wall of her room in the H and H in order to escape and (she hoped) stop the other Goo from threatening to kill the people in the bar. She fell to the ground, became a puddle of purple slime (in her 'more natural' state, Nyms cells are purple) due to her shapeshifting ability and then reformed back into Nym before running away. This Goo has no wish to hurt anyone and so took refuge in the Knights HQ with Grathon after Priscus suggested she go there. Nym is terrified of being re-linked back into the Goo collective and is thus terrified of any other Goo approaching and possibly touching her, since she doesn't want to lose her individuality back to the ever-gnawing hunger.
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Lady Swix Dragonfury

Name: Starling (K)

Age: Forever 26

Gender: Female

Species: Undead

Alignment: Neutral

Description: Starling is an average height and size woman, with sinewy rather than bunched muscles despite the world she originally inhabited. She has short lilac hair and the same colour eyes, with pale skin. But you'd be hard pressed to see the colour of her hair, since it's almost always covered by her light green helmet with carved, bat-like wings sticking out of the top of it. She also wears supple, brown leather armour for ease of movement.

Weapons: An Uchigatana, a long, thin, light sword slightly resembling a rapier that makes wounds it causes heal slower and bleed more, since the edge is so fine.

A longbow with accompanying arrows as an old standby.

And a kite shaped shield with two blue squares and two red squares painted onto it, with a crest in the centre that can barely be made out since it's so small.

Abilities: Starling doesn't have many more natural abilities than a normal human being other than one-she can never truly die. If she does, she will rise again as a creature with sunken, glowing red eyes, tight skin pulled over her skeleton and the risk of completely losing her mind if she stays like that for too long. Luckily she can reverse this process and become 'alive' again.

Items: One flask full of orange liquid with healing properties.

One jar holding several small, glowing black creatures with wings.

And one pouch full of glowing white spheres.

History: There's not much to tell, really. Starling was born in a world where sunlight has faded and only grey darkness remains in most places. There are monsters roaming the world constantly, and the only source of safety outside of cities or certain buildings, is a fire.
She grew up as a hunter, living off natures gifts, until she was discovered to be Undead and sent to be locked away for the rest of her life, out of other peoples fear.
She escaped from the horrible place and after roaming the country for a long time, was eventually pulled through to Pax.
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