The American Administration Center

President: Charles Louis
Vice President:
Secretary of State: Richard-Andrew

Secretary of the Treasury:
Secretary of Defense:
Secretary of the Interior:
Secretary of Homeland Security:
WA Delegate:

Chief Justice:
Associate Justices:
Home Secretary:
Foreign Secretary:
Defence Secretary:

Founded: July 4, 2010
Population: 3
Regional Power: Low

Members of the 1st Congress
The Senate
Sen. XXXX, from New Lexumbria
Sen. XXXX, from the Northeast
Sen. XXXX, from the Midwest
Sen. XXXX, from the South
Sen. XXXX, from the West

The House of Representatives
Rep. XXXX, from District 1
Rep. XXXX, from District 2
Rep. XXXX, from District 3
Rep. XXXX, from District 4
Rep. XXXX, from District 5
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