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Adelaide Merrefield's Reviews
Topic Started: Jul 31 2008, 01:39 AM (490 Views)
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Hakuna Matata

What happens after Hogwarts? I kow that auror training goes on and stuff, but are there actual colleges with dorms?

I was just wondering, this doesn't really apply to anything with my stories, but Plan Get Activer has been dying down lately. :rolleyes:
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yay, reviews :)


Now that we've got that established...here's what I will review: everything. ^_^ yup, any and everything. I believe in giving every story a chance. The only thing is, I take three at a time. So please, wait your turn.

all I need is this:

[b]story title + link[/b]:

Hope to read your story soon! ^_^
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Romina Stephanie
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grow up, grow on, grow out

I simply can't resist ^_^

penname: Romina Stephanie
story title + link: How a Heart Behaves [M]
length: one-shot ;; 1167 words
summary: Lily is witnessing a moment that makes her wonder of the darker corners of a being's heart.

thanks in advance!
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penname: GubraithianFire
story title + link: I Wonder (15+)
length: one-shot; 8805 words
summary: My life was fragile and would break at the slightest touch. Everything I ever knew at some point came back to my unrequited love. But now it seemed that even that which I never realized I had – namely one Scorpius Malfoy – came back to my unrequited love. The story of Rose Weasley's near insanity, and the terrible way her so-called love ones have decided to save her from herself.

Sequel Yield is up! [cough, don't read unless you want in free time, cough]

Thank you in advance, my love! *woohoo*
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INTJ ftw

I've been looking into this for my own fic research, and I've come to a few conclusions. There are probably no processes resembling universities because beyond the basics of Hogwarts there aren't many things you need to learn that you can't get from your own field. Different professions have requirements for N.E.W.T.s or O.W.L.s, which would again make me think there's little transition between education and profession.

That doesn't mean they're just dumped there. Healing requires, for example, five specific N.E.W.T.s with grades of E or higher, but obviously they don't just start working. I'd imagine something similar to internships instead of med school, whereas Aurors would probably start on the job after their rigorous testing was completed. I could easily imagine them living together for a time to gain that camaraderie, but as there wouldn't be classes so much as hands-on training, I don't know that I'd equate that to college dorms.

Percy seemed to get a job very quickly after graduation at the Ministry (wasn't it the summer after that he began work?), so I would think administrative work like that would just require the proper grades and then a short period of training - just as with Muggle jobs, just skipping the college step.

Then you run into the trouble of Muggle-borns, but clearly if they've kept magic a secret they could claim to be working on an English degree or whathaveyou to family friends.
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Hakuna Matata

Interesting. I agree with you Marisa. But I especially liked that you mentioned the aurors living together for some time. It seems to fit with them needing to learn each other's strengths/weaknesses and that other stuff. I think it would actually make for an interesting story...having Moody sharing a dorm with another kid. :P
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Your honesty is the best sort. ^_^

penname: Violet Gryfindor
story title + link: Ghost (15+)
length: one shot, 4500+ words
summary: It was that last moment which eluded him entirely - the green light and the fluttering Veil. Sirius Black could sit on this bench in the empty village green for all eternity, his memory nothing more than a collection of confusing fragments. He was dead, but he didn't know that yet.
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floo powder power.

Ohh, that would be interesting! :lol:

I agree with Marisa - the logical answer would be that since they have so many specific choices to make, they probably don't have much post-Hogwarts education, other than internships or training.

For Clandestine, Teddy works at St. Mungo's, and I have a sort of system set up. For most floors (which are separate sections of care, like in regular hospitals), there is a ladder of levels. One starts out at first level for a brief period before moving to second; both of these are basically internship-type things, though at second level, you are paid a (low) salary. Then at third level, you get into more serious work and have more abilities, etc. It goes up to fifth level, where you have almost the highest of abilities and benefits, and above that is the Head of the floor, the boss. This is how it goes for Teddy's floor, the Magical Bugs floor (yes, I did my research :P). The Treatment Development Wing, however (which I think I made up, but it's basically for discovering better medicinal uses, etc.), doesn't work by this system.

It sounds a lot better in the actual story, where I don't describe it all at once, but you see what I mean. :P
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Hakuna Matata


Yes, I see what you mean. :P And you guys really do a lot of research don't you? Now I feel bad for never looking things up.
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penname: luckygurl102
story title + link: Don't You Dare (12+)
length: 2607 words. Song Fic.
summary: Waiting.Endlessly she’d wait. Oh she wanted it, so badly she could taste it. But only one thing held her back. Fear. Why was it she held back every time he asked her to be with him? Why is it she lied every time? Lily didn't know. That prick did this to her. James-Freaking-Potter made Lily Evans love him. Now, has she waited long enough?
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