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Hello, and welcome fellow SNK fans to the SNK Playmore USA Fan Forum! Before you begin posting, please look over these simple rules of the boards.

1. This is straight forward. No duplicate topics. Always look to see if there is a topic that already exists. If there isn't one, make it! If there is one, please post there. Reviving old topics is not a problem.

2. This is an uncensored forum. You may use your vocabulary within your own discretion. However, foul language and the like is NOT to be used to insult or degrade another member. It is to be used as an expression of one's feelings only. Also, NO racial or sexist insults. They can be used in a humorous and unoffensive manner, and are only to be used as such. NO PORNOGRAPHIC MATERIAL IS TO BE ACCEPTED. NEVER! If you are caught posting pornographic material, it will be an immediate ban. NO EXCEPTIONS! If you feel indifferent about posting something on the forum, but not sure if it's acceptable, PM it to me. I will let you know. NO ADVERTISING OF BUSINESSES. You may advertise your own forum in your signature, but that's it. Anything else will be deleted and pending a warning for severity.

3. I'm a lenient girl. I will not hand out warnings often. People make mistakes and it's human. However, if I need to step in and start warning, you get three warnings. It will sometimes take less, depending on the severity of the offense. Also, there are other mods on the board. They have the discretion to enforce the policies. If you feel a mod is abusive of their power, let me know and I will look into their actions. There is such of a thing as being TOO strict.

4. Enjoy the forum! Feel free to make suggestions in the Forum Feedback section. Some ideas will be accepted, some denied. However, don't let it discourage you. Everyone will come up with a brilliant idea at some time.

Yuri Jacobs
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