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This is an RPG that is loosely based on the Harry Potter series of books and movies. As a new member you may create whatever character you'd like be it student or adult and start developing characters through chapter based roleplay. The current year is 2050, so any Harry Potter Cannon characters you'd like to bring in would be grandchildren of that original character. Currently Hogwarts, Durmstrang and Beauxbatons have all been shut down due to a rise of a "new Dark Lord" in Europe. Please sign-up using a valid email and a FIRST & LAST NAME. Such as Jonathan Jones. Please do not take that one as it is my own. Please register and feel free to PM either of the site Admins with questions!

Headmaster Jonathan Jones

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Cupid's Valentine Festival
Topic Started: Feb 12 2013, 07:25 AM (767 Views)
Prof. Ashlee Black-Driscal
Attention Salem!

The Cupid's Valentine Festival is now open!!! Come and celebrate this romantic event with our Salem Family. You will find many magical places where you can enjoy each others company.

The festival runs from February 12th-17th.

Everyone is welcome!
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Slyph HOH/ Head of Advance Studies/ Vampire/ Veela/ Aerokinesis/ Telekinesis
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