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None, how about you make a topic?Welcome to SP! Sign up, write, read! Make PenPals! ~Last Update~ 06/21/11Stories Posted: Object Of Lust By: Mr.Potitd>
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The Meet Pt. 4
Topic Started: Jul 7 2011, 05:37 AM (204 Views)

Thomas was surrounded. He had to make a quick decision. After he stopped he looked around and stood in his fighting stance. He looked toward the guards for the door when Cindy said "Lemme have him boys" and threw down her rod. She cracked her fingers and caugh Thomas with a hook. Thomas was surprised with the strength that came with the punch so it knocked his balance off. Once he regained it he quickly gave her a right kick to the ribs. She quickly answered with a jab and kick to the face. Knocking Thomas to the floor. Thomas knew that she had made her worst mistake once she went to get on top of him..
George tried to keep walking but the man grabbed him. He turned around and tried to punch the man in the face but his hand was caught. "Aha. Not wearing your uniform but you kept your reflexes. C'mon son and we'll get your uniform."
"Uh yeah sure" said George, "Let's get my uniform"
George was led through several hallways then he saw a exit door, "Does that open to outside?"
"Of course son."
"Like the real outside world?"
Yeah son. Didn't someone give you a tour?"
"Nah i didn't--"
George made a break for the door and blasted through it. He immediately saw Carter Way and Explorer Ave on a near stop sign. He knew exactly where he was and how to get back to the city. But he'd need a car. After he was a good distance from the exit he left he looked around. Then he saw a grey an white Corvette. He casually walked to it and using some street intelligence he learned from his childhood and teen life. He hopped in the car and started driving when he saw the gates slowly closing..

Thomas had waited for her to get on top and once she did he threw he at the guards and then ran to get her rod. While throwing her he knocked down two of the three guards and he zapped the third twice but realizing their clothes just took them he grabbed the rod like a baseball bat and swung at his head. He then ran through the doors and started sprinting towards some gates that were closing.
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