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Members Help Book
Topic Started: Aug 21 2011, 06:45:22 PM (435 Views)
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The Members Help Book

After you've registered and introduced yourself it's great to know where to go from here. Hopefully here's where our little tour of the forum will help you out!

Posted ImageWelcome Board!

In this forum you'll find the basics and all the important information. The first thing you should be checking out is our Forum Rules. They might sound a little harsh but they're set in place to protect the forum and our members. You can also find a handy little page called the Staff Hotline. It's there to let you know who is in charge and if you need to contact one of them, it will be easy to find. Another great section is the Help & Suggestions. If you have any problems with the forum itself, or have a great idea please post there. It's always great to hear feedback from our members, and our staff will take each idea into consideration, and come up with the best possible solution to fix any problems, or just make this place even better.

Posted Image General Board

Wanting to get to know all the members better? Well this is the best place for that! Talk all about the Sims3, music, other games you play or even play some forum games, in the Games sub forum. If you ever need help for the game itself, we have a Help Board ready. It comes equipped with a WCIF sub forum, with an archive for easy findings. Also, know someone who's celebrating a Birthday? Why not wish them a Happy Birthday with their own thread.

Posted Image Creative Corner

With all the things you can do with the sims, here's the place to show them off! We start off with the Sims board, where you can share all the simmies you'd like. There's a Sim Request form if there's someones sim that you'd love to have in game, but please respect the wishes of the creator if they choose to not upload. Show off your writing skills in the Stories & Legacies and your videography with some Machinma! Of course there's a place to show off your sims houses!

Posted Image Picture Perfect

Once you've edited a picture you're proud of you can't help but show it off. Diamonds in the Rough is a great place for that, or if you're an in game type of photographer the Pure Simsational thread. You can also create you're own Members Album to show of your collection of masterpieces. Show off you favorite simmies in the various threads like Hunk-o-licious Males, Luscious Ladies and Just Out of The Box

Posted Image Contest Board

Everything is organized to maximize the easiest way to run or join a contest. The first thing I would do before opening a contest would be to review The Judges Handbook. It's a good read for more than just the judges. The Contest Planning forum, is a place where you can throw a bunch of ideas out, and get to know what the rest of the members feel about it, who has time for it, and if anyone is interested before you put all that effort in creating it. It's great to get some input from successful hosts, and the Hosting a Contest is a good thing to read, too. Once your contest is ready for casting, you will make a new thread in the Open Contests forum. It will stay there until you've received enough contestants and judges, or you've exceeded your month expiry date.

After that, you will PM a Mod, and have them either move your contest to the In Progress or the Archive. If your contest is moved to the archive unfinished, you MAY ask a Mod to move it back to Open to try it again, at a different period in time. Now the judges forum, is a neat feature, that as a host will make running a contest a lot easier. Once your contest has a full cast and moved to In Progress, you will PM an Admin to make you a Judging Quarters. This is a password protected forum for just the Host and the Judges. The host will be a Moderator of their Judging Room.

Once your contest is finished the Host will PM a Mod to have it moved to the Contest Archive. The winner is expected to post in the Symlish Winners post located in the Contest Archive. They will submit a headshot of the winning model, to be added to the Symlish Winner gif, that will be at the top of the forum.

Don't forget to check out the shout box at the bottom of the page! Hope you enjoy your stay and visit often!

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