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What is DHT? And Disabling it in µTorrent and Azureus+Vuze - Engelsk
Topic Started: Apr 11 2011, 08:50 PM (89,368 Views)
Ghost Rider

What is DHT?

DHT network ( Distributed Hash Table ) is used as a backup ( in public Trackers ).
In short, it is a function that makes the program less dependent on trackers,
because it via some 'Nods' talk with other users and exchange information.

If the tracker you're using crashes, the program can find other computers,
which retrieves the exact same file as you and share data with them.

The feature is definitely the way forward for file sharing.
Because it this way becomes harder to stop using bit-torrent,
but there is also a safety issue if you are a member of a private tracker and
not feel like your program sends information to all sorts of other computers.

But all Torrents from Private Trackers is disabled in the torrent.
From Up-loaders side and a Rule they must apply.
But turn off DHT in your client, so you do not use System Resources on the PC.

DHT distributed " tracker " ( hash table )
1. ) Allows non-member users to download member torrents ( members of a Privat Tracker ),
allowing them to do whatever the hell they want and not be held accountable for it.
( They are Ghost Leeching )

2. ) The Client forces it on for you and keeps DHT " seeded ", even when the tracker is up or down.

3. ) It will share your passkey, enabling other people to download torrents masquerading as you.
Sharing your torrents through DHT is not only a way to get you Ratio limited / ban, it's also against the site rules.

What to do.?? = Always Disable DHT !!

Always Disable, all DHT, Local Peer Discovery , Local Peer Exchange and turn off Limit local peer bandwidth also.
Only put a marking in > Ask tracker for scrape information.

Disabling DHT in µTorrent.

• Options > Preferences >Torrent Options > uncheck " Enable DHT " > Apply > OK

You should see " DHT: Disabled " on the bottom of the main µTorrent window.

• Save > restart µTorrent

Alternative option : - OBS, only use this if you know what you're doing.
As of µTorrent you have another option, use that if you'd like to use DHT for public torrents:

• Options > Preferences >Torrent Options > check " Enable DHT " > Apply
( this will enable DHT globally )

• Options > Preferences >Torrent Options > uncheck " Enable DHT for new torrents " > Apply > OK
( this will automatically disable DHT for new torrents ).

This way you don't have to worry about disabling DHT for private torrents,
because that's done by default for all new torrents now.
Enable DHT manually for public torrents, if you please.

Disabling DHT in Azureus.

• Tools > Options > Connection > under " Peer Sources - Select the default permitted sources for peer connections " only check " From a tracker "

• Tools > Options > Plugins > Distributed DB > uncheck " Enable the distributed database "

• Tools > Options > Plugins > Distributed Tracker > uncheck " Only track normal torrents when their tracker is unavailable "

• Tools > Options > Sharing > check " Private torrent - only accept torrents from the tracker
( This should automatically gray out and disable " Allow decentralized tracker when tracker is unavailable " )

• Save > restart Azureus

You should see a red dot and " Disabled " on the bottom of the main Azureus window.

Disabling DHT in Vuze.

• Tools > Options > Connection > " Peer Sources " section. > uncheck " Decentralized tracking "

• Save > restart Vuze

Or use these Link, for more Info ;
• µTorrent :
• Azureus :
• Vuze :
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