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Topic Started: Jul 25 2011, 12:31 PM (276 Views)
Dezirae Sparks
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Alex, after a while, is now back in commission and he is ready to face the obstacles in which life had to offer to him. The day before him was cold and barren. His breath was so visible it was almost solid. He hugged himself trying to keep warm, and even his sweater could help him in his time of need. He sent out his magby because the Lost city was also known for it being really cold, and due to his magby being a fire type it was the exact thing he need to keep cool as he hunted for ice type pokemon, who knew what he might find. Alex and his magby began to look in places they thought were pokemon friendly as they scoped the area searching for two specific pokemon Alex had in mind. Those two specific pokemon however aren't going to be named until he catches them.

(Uhm.. I dont have a word counter handy, but make sure your posts are at least 100 words.)

Though you seemed pumped about this trek into the frozen city, you couldn't have picked a worst time to do so. A blistering blizzard was raging throughout the entire city, blasting your face and any exposed skin with icy needles constantly. With the strong winds and painful ice, it seemed like a stupid idea to even be here during such severe weather, but a trainer's gotta do what a trainer's gotta do, I guess.

By the time you had entered the Lost City, the snow had piled up nearly to your waist, making every step an extreme effort. Cold, practically blind by the storm, and up to your waist in snow and ice, it was probably starting to sound like a good idea to turn back. But, just then you could make out a pink and yellow blob in the distance. At first it looked like this pink blob was walking on top of the snow, but that surely couldn't be, could it? Well, in fact it was a Pokemon walking on the ice. The tiny pink blob slowly walked into view. It was a Smoochum. The little baby Pokemon walked right up to, obviously not bothered by the raging blizzard and waved cutely. It was then that you noticed that this Pokemon was wearing a little red scarf, which seemed odd for an ice type to wear, considering the cold usually didn't bother them.


Alex looked down upon the cute little pokemon, he smiled at it even though the snow bit at his flesh ever so lightly. He smiled at the pokemon on more time. He didn't really want to pull his pokedex out, because he knew pokemon fair to well to use some machine to tell him who and what it is. "So you are a smoochum," He said with a smile, "What is an adorable pokemon like you wandering around in weather like this," He looked at his Magby who seemed to have been blushing over the smoochum, Alex looked at him with a puzzling expression on his face, when magby began to get all googly eyed over the pokemon, alex had a teasing smile on his face as he nudged magby, "Tell me smoochum where are you headed," He said with the most sincerest smile on his face.

Smoochum looked over to see a little Magby blushing at her. She giggled then waved coyly at him before looking up at his trainer. She took in a deep breath and then, seemingly, spilled her guts out to you in a three minute long story. Every now and then she'd wave her arms for emphasis, or point back behind her. You could only blink dumbly, considering all you heard was "Smoochum, smooch smoochum smoooochuuum! Smoch" and so on and so forth.

Finally, she finished her story and looked up at you expectantly. It was hard to tell, but apparently her story was somewhat sad, considering she had a soft frown on her face as she smoothed her scarf down and fixed the stray ends of her hair that had popped out.

Unfortunately, you weren't given much time to react to Smoochum's sudden outburst because a large gang of Sneasel seemed to jump from out of nowhere. No doubtfully they had leaped down from the many of buildings that dotted this barren wasteland. Each of the Sneasel sunk into the snow, but only slightly, which obviously wasn't enough to slow any of the speedy Pokemon down. The Sneasel smirked at each other as they form a tight circle around you, Magby, and Smoochum. One Sneasel stepped forward and pointed a claw at the Smoochum, which was follow by the Sneasel speaking to her.

Smoochum whimpered and then ran up to your side on top of the snow and clung to you helplessly.

(If you want more info on the Sneasel gang, read this: http://tokairegion.forumotions.net/t60-does-this-coat-make-my-hips-look-big)

Alex looked the the nefarious group of pokemon as they seemed to have been intimidating this poor little smoochum. It was then when Alex took the initiative to protect the pokemon. He wanted to keep his safe and he noticed that magby wanted to do that as well. He looked at the odd number of pokemon battling and thought that 3 against one wasn't fair. Even though he only had two pokemon in his team, he knew one of them was at a disadvantage but it is always better to keep the numbers at a stable rate to see the battle progress. he threw a pokeball and out came his driftloon as joyous as ever. It looked at the sneasels and instantly knew what was going down. It stood right next to Magby and looked back at Alex for direction, "Okay Driftloon minimize and Magby use leer," The dynamic stat combo would have worked wonders, but lets see if they actually managed to hit.

The Sneasel seemed a little taken back by your aggressive behavior. The three exchanged glances then nodded to each other. The Sneasel narrowed their eyes and glared at your two Pokemon. Drifloon shrunk down to raise his evasiveness, and Magby attempted to use a Leer. The Sneasel closest to Magby shuddered and looked down, refusing to step forward, but the other two Sneasel seemed unaffected by the attack.

The Sneasel closest to Drifloon smirked then raised a claw, as if to say bring it on. "Sneasel. Sneasel." C'mon, airhead. Show me what you got, unless you're too afraid?, Taunted the Sneasel.

The reaming two Sneasel grunted then lunged forward, ready to slash their claws across your little Magby.

Smoochum looked up from her whimpering to see the two Sneasel ganging up on Magby. She puffed out her cheeks and fluffed out her hair before jumping forward and using a Pound attack to backhand one of the Sneasel, though the speedier of the two Sneasel slipped pass her and continued his attack on Magby.


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