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The Xavier Institute: Mutatis Mutandis

Welcome to The Xavier Institute website. We here at the Xavier Institute are dedicated to the principles of justice and equality for all, and seek to bring peace and understanding between humans and mutants. Located at 1407 Graymalkin Lane, North Salem, in the very northeast corner of Westchester County, New York, the Institute was founded by longtime friends Professor Charles Xavier and Mr. Erik Lehnsherr in 2000 A.D. For over ten years, the Institute has operated as a government think-tank and mutant advocacy group, collecting information and formulating helpful policy analysis for the United States Government, with a specific focus on how to foster and maintain healthy mutant/human relationships. The Institute also provides troubled, abandoned, outcast, or abused mutant youths a home and place where they can at once recover, and to be with other youths who share their own circumstance and hardships. At the Xavier Institute, we want each resident to learn to take command of and pride in their differences rather than feel ashamed, and to know that they, too, truly have a right to be.

Boarding residents will live within the Xavier Mansion. They will be fed, clothed and cared for according to each one's individual needs. They will attend classes here, where they will be instructed in science, mathematics, reading, writing, ethics, and a host of other classes one might find offered at any good public or private school. In addition to this, each student will be instructed by experienced mutants in the art of controlling their unique gifts. Each and every resident will be pushed to excel both academically, and as a person, and each resident will be provided with a safe environment to grow and develop their powers, aided by sympathetic, able-minded counselors who truly have been in the same shoes as these gifted youngsters. They know what it's like to be an outcast; to be perceived as different and even to be misjudged by that difference. They will aid each resident to the best of their abilities academically, socially, psychologically, as well as teach them to take command of their unique gifts in a way that benefits all mankind.

Older students will be allowed a certain amount of unsupervised freedom beyond the Mansion grounds, provided that they stay out of trouble, of course.

If requested, no one outside the Institute has to be informed of a boarder's uniqueness until he or she is ready to reveal it on their own terms.

Prof. Charles Xavier is an Oxford graduate in ethics, political science, mathematics, medicine, neuroscience, genetic science, and engineering, and is thought to be one of the greatest minds of his time. Mr. Erik Lehnsherr is a Holocaust survivor and subsequent master of anthropology, sociology, governmental science, genetic science, engineering and is a lifelong Holocaust and Nazi scholar, having dedicated his life to help make sure that the atrocities of that time never happen again. They are joined in their dual mission by a team of dedicated staff from all walks of life, and, yes, in case you were wondering: they are all mutants, born with an active Mutant X Gene that caused a dramatic change in each of them, generally during adolescence, marking in them a diversion from mainstream human life.

Whether they are simply nature's way of playing around with the formula of humanity and seeing what works, or simply a new form of life vying for its place on Earth, we believe that mutants are here to stay, and that both humans and mutants alike must understand that, though we may look different (in some cases), have different strengths and weaknesses, and often do we lead totally different lives, we are all made of the same stuff on the inside. The mutants of the Xavier Institute have dedicated their lives and their gifts to the betterment of all mankind.

You are currently viewing the Xavier Institute as our welcome guest, however, we ask that you do not disturb any of the goings on, nor will you be allowed access to restricted areas of the Mansion. If you or your child wishes to be receive room, board, and help here at the Xavier Institute, we urge you to contact us and leave us your name or the name of the prospective resident in question. Registering with us is fast, simple, and there is no charge.

If you're already a resident or Staff Member here at the Xavier Institute, please sign in to access the Mansion and all the features it has to offer.


We are an open X-Men RP community that gives new members the opportunity to create new characters or to put their own spins and interpretations on canon characters in order to integrate them with this new story. Because it is a new world and a new plot, the elements of the story will be explained within the story as it moves along, creating a narrative experience not found in most Role Play sites, while giving members a great deal of freedom in what parts of the canon the wish to use or change to fit what they want to do.

We're open to all writing levels and our staff is dedicated and experienced. Due to the AU status of the main story, extensive canon knowledge is not required to participate, though, some basic understanding of what X-Men is would be appreciated. However, we certainly won't turn our noses up at anyone who has a more extensive knowledge of comic-book canon than we do. We're looking for all types here. Everyone is welcome.

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December, 2011

What's going on?
Muammar Gaddafi is dead. The Arab Spring turns to the American Fall. It is winter now and Wall Street protestors are being ran out of town. But another movement is happening within New York--a movement with some ties to Occupy Wall Street, but in more of ad hoc fashion. The mutant known as Healer has stepped up his demonstrations in Manhattan, and many mutants from District X, and The Morlocks (a controlling gang within the District) have joined him. As crackdowns on protestors continue, mutants are getting caught in the crossfire.

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Rules and Regulations -- Please read and understand the rules before joining.

Register Today! -- You will receive an email upon registering that will be sent to the email address you provide. Please follow it to validate your account.

Apply For Admittance -- Submit your application today and start incorporating your character into the story, or, if you want a specific canon, hurry and claim them before someone else does!

Main Story

Basic Premise: It is the Year 2011 A.D. In this alternate-reality X-Men Role Play, we take the characters, elements and stories of the X-Men universe into the real world. In a move away from the civil rights and McCarthy-era social and political issues that inspired the original X-Men comics, the premise of this RPG is to take civil rights issues facing us today as the basis for the major conflicts in this world.

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No Near Future; No Alternate Universes - The Time is Now
As of now, Professor Charles Xavier, along with Mr. Erik Lehnsherr and a team of dedicated staff run the Xavier Institute, a think-tank for analyzing human/mutant relations policy and a boarding home for troubled mutants. Mutant prejudice within the culture is generally not overt. Though there are a growing number of vocal bigots out there, there is little in the way of extreme action against them by people or governments. Though strife, as is always so, exists scattered about the world stage, it is mostly calm...for now. As tensions between humans and mutants arise, and the fires of conflict sparked by the few begin to consume the whole of human and mutant society, Charles and Erik find their relationship strained by ideological differences. Can they reconcile these differences, or will they tear everything that they have worked for apart?

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Featured Story

The Mutant Identity

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Current in-plot time: Saturday, December 23rd (in New York)
Weather conditions: Biting cold and windy (New York)

A religious leader with hate for mutants, growing economic turbulence, growing numbers of dissatisfied citizens, and opportunistic politicians collide with an increasingly militant mutant movement in a Perfect Storm of fear and confusion.

Here is an X-Men RP unlike anything seen before: With heart, humor, and intelligence, X.I.: The Xavier Institute seeks to ponder why our solution to a problem is usually "more problems".

In the interest of keeping the RP going...

Posted by Erik Lehnsherr (Xavier Institute Staff/Counselor ((Admin))) at Mar 6 2012, 02:19 PM. One comment

In the future, if I disappear for any reason, feel free to take the RPs (even the main ones) in any direction any of you desire. In fact, feel free to do that even when I am around. I'd rather this be your story as well, and I don't want to hold too many things up because I disappeared. I understand that sometimes I'm just being waited for, but in those cases where there are plenty of other actors, just go with what you've got and work around an absence of a member if you must.


Small Announcement

Posted by Kurt Wagner (Morlocks ((Admin))) at Feb 5 2012, 11:08 AM. One comment

I tweaked the rules on characters from the broader Marvel universe. Now, anyone may petition to play a character from outside the X-Men franchise, and you'll most likely get it as long as you've got some good plot justification for that character's involvement.

Well, that's it. Like I said, tweaking, really. You're likely to see a lot of that as we continue to work out the bugs in our role play format. The X.I. staff is dedicated to making sure that the site is a fun and challenging role play forum where your ideas and plots matter. Now get out there and start plotting and writing! :)

X.I. wants YOU to play some bad guys

Posted by Erik Lehnsherr (Xavier Institute Staff/Counselor ((Admin))) at Jan 4 2012, 08:30 PM. One comment

We've been having a lot of inactivity lately, and I feel as though that is mostly my fault. I created all these lovely plots, but all of them hinged on me being around every day and moving every plot. I realize now that I have not given members the freedom enough to create their own plots and characters, and have them shape the world. Everything was being done by me and everyone had to go along, and if I wasn't around to move the plot and direct people, then nothing happened.

Therefore, I will be creating a villain character of my own for now, and I encourage others to create create characters who also have the power to move a plot. I'm encouraging us all to be more spontaneous. Don't be afraid to just jump in and start something. We need some ideas flowing from which we can draw something.

This requires characters who are actively pursuing a goal. I encourage the creation of villains, but we may also use different factions. Whatever comes to mind, really. You don't even have to clear it with me first.

This is the exciting part of an RP where the possibilities are numerous, as we're just now establishing characters and creating plots that will evolve over time. It was foolish of me to try and stifle that with all this planning that only concerned me. While X.I. will continue on with the same premise, I am not going to try and push us towards a specific end as of now. I want everyone to unite and contribute. Anyone on the fence about joining this site should know that I mean them as well, if they join. This is your chance to let your creativity flow.

To facilitate this, a new "Story Thus Far" thread has been created. All members, new and old, should refer to this if they want to know what the important past events are. To read the threads themselves, refer to the Completed Plots Archive for links to all past important threads.

Happy Holidays from the X.I. staff!

Posted by Richard Kilgore (Boarding Student ((Admin))) at Dec 24 2011, 01:15 PM. 2 comments

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...and a Happy New Year!

Articles and Other Media

Posted by Erik Lehnsherr (Xavier Institute Staff/Counselor ((Admin))) at Sep 23 2011, 02:57 PM. 2 comments

I'm going to be adding an articles section for X.I. It will feature articles from newspapers and magazines, as well as transcripts of television shows, news and documentaries, which are relevant to the world of X.I.

If there are any stories relevant to your characters or plots which you wish to have in print or on television, magazines, in the papers, or online, please PM your article to Erik Lehnsherr.

Note: This is mainly for fictional articles, however, if you think a real life article would also be relevant, then pass it along to me.
Refer to the Front Page for the current date, weather conditions, and story in the world of X.I.!

X.I. is heading in a new direction and needs YOU to make it happen! Please read the
to learn more about how you can contribute.

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