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The Best Fucking Game Ever; Now on sale for free!
Topic Started: Jul 4 2010, 07:52 AM (2,412 Views)
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Zengaia of Varon
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Behold the most amazing game in the history of all time!!!

My opinions:

For one, the graphics are bloody fucking amazing. The creators really spent a lot of time making sure we had the best visual experience that could possibly be had. They definately took a step up from IRL's graphics, which were very good, but negligable in some points. (I could see pixels and jagged lines sometimes, but that's not a problem anymore.) The graphics are also completely uncensored, and have very realistic overlay effects like Drunkeness blur, drug-high impairedness, blood effects when hit in the face, and water effects. Speaking of which, the water effects in this game are utterly amazing, so very fluid. Each individual water particle is a seperate entity and it somehow doesn't lag at all, even though the game world is like 70% water. Also, the bloom, fog and general lighting is to die for. You can tell a HUGE difference between when you're inside and outside, and the shadows are extremely dynamic, moving seamlessly with light sources. In my opinion, the graphics and effects are the only reason to do the Explorer questline in the game.

Artificial Intelligence

I don't know what programming the AI uses, but it's so intelligent that I could swear somebody was controlling them. At times it's hard to differentiate between a soulless bot and an actual player, because the bots have such good AI. They also have no unfair advantages unless justified, so they can't find you hiding in a room if they have no way to (Though my ex-wife managed to find me after I hid and made a new life for myself in Japan. She killed that character so I had to re-roll. And he was a level 25 for chrissake! But hey, I'm only 10 levels away now.) The AI is also very intelligent if justified when coming down to combat tactics. They use cover, grenades, do all kinds of tactics to fool you, and in general are very adept at killing players in combat. I do however notice that the games AI probably uses Nav Mesh, like the Left 4 Dead minigames, since there are some places that they can't get to without changing the map or using some kind of tool to help them (They're very good about using tools, which scares me.)

Player Versus Player Combat

This game is completely (but optionally) PVP. You can fight with any player at any time, and you get free items if you win (However if you lose you might have to make a new toon or spend days and lots of gold recovering, or even end up in one of the Jails because of the player-run police force.) The Military and Law Enforcement questlines offer plenty of PVP and chances for free shit without penalty (In the military questline, I heard you get free guns and ammo, sometimes even a tank) The police force is pretty stingey about PVP though, and you're often arrested if discovered. Sometimes they'll even kill your toon if you kill somebody elses. Bastards. PVP can take a pretty long time to master, and you'll likely get a lot of damage before you do, but it gets much easier when you have a weapon, especially a gun. Ammunition is completely limited and you have to buy more when you run out, and that can be expensive. However with melee weapons, or stuff like a Bow or Crossbow, you can grab the ammo you shot if it didn't break (Theres a low chance of that usually.)

The Game World

The game world is truly massive. It spans entire multitudes of galaxies, and is about 14 billion light years in size. That is fucking massive. And it grows overtime! Every expansion pack adds a new playable section of the game (We're getting a minipack soon that adds the Luna server, although it's expensive to go there.) The most recent expansion pack pit the United States server against the cluster of Middle East servers, and some time ago there was a HUGE event type pack thing called the World Wars, in which the entire game world fought against each other, server to server. Most recent one was World War 2 where more than 20 million characters were killed. Each expansion also introduces new elements of gameplay, new items for use, new vehicles to drive, and more ways for PVP to come into effect. The upcoming SpaceAge expansion, which we've had thousands of 2 hour trailers for though the release date is unknown, will add the Mars world for us to go to (It was the test world for the Beta Testers, and they fucked it over) so the whole goal is to rebuild the Mars world over time. I honestly can't wait for it. The massive size of the game world also allows for the amazing Explorer questline to take full effect, and you can see examples of the breathtaking graphics and natural AI behavior, which even features Monster In-fighting.

Love system

How the fuck does this work???

Leveling, Characters, Archetypes, Questlines and Death

You level up once per "Year" in this game, and as you level up, you gain more skills, more possibilities, and your character will change in appearance. For example, most servers let players purchase a Tier 1 vehicle when they reach Level 15 or 16. Most allow you to purchase alcoholic beverages at level 21 or around that level. Throughout the game, you can buy pets, which will stay with you for a certain amount of level-ups, depending on the pet. A Dog will usually live 10 to 15 levels, a cat will live a few less, a fish will live between 2 and 4 levels, and so on. There is all kinds of talk of various characters who I can only assume are Admins or the Devs. They go under aliases of Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, God, Mary, Joseph, Allah, and so on. Theres like a hundred of them. There are also billions of NPCs each with their entirely own personality. Some are territorial or aggressive to players, others will run from us, and still others love us and will only attack if provoked (And sometimes not even then.) As the game ad shows, there are over 56,400 character archetypes to start with, and you can change them an infinite number of ways before finalizing creation (Though a lot of players end up unhappy with their choices of features, gender, or archetype and so they kill their character in order to make a new one.) Questlines, dubbed "Occupations", "Jobs", or "Work" are extremely numerous, and offer different experiences and benefits. Some give tons of money but aren't very fun. Others can be really fun but not very well paying. Some suck to do AND don't pay good. Again, I personally am doing the Military questline when I get of age. There are literally thousands if not millions of different ways for your character to die, and due to the lack of censorship except by player controlled media, the deaths can be horrendously gruesome to see which some people find amusing and even arousing. When a character dies, they're dead for good unfortunately, unless they're put into a Near-Death state, of which they can be revived. You don't have to play again when you die, and all characters die eventually (usually after 70 to even 100 levels.) and some don't even make it beyond the tutorial levels.

Final Opinions

All in all, this is a pretty damn fun game sometimes, while boring other times. I play it every day though I'm not necessarily addicted to it, I just quite literally have nothing else to do than play the game in some form. I hate the developer(s), as they never communicate with us, never fix the bugs, rarely ever release updates, and for reasons I don't know they're still praised like gods. Maybe its an endgame event or the end of a quest arc. I'd recommend this game to anyone if they can overlook the bad points, and they'll definately be treated to some serious eye candy. Any system can play this without any lag at all, and your internet connection won't matter for lag either. This game also fits players of all genres, as there is a questline for everything. RPG players, Strategy gamers, FPS d00ds, you name it, and this game has it. I've left out a lot of parts such as dangerous questlines which can result in character death easily, the stats and needs system, and a few other points that would make this post WAY longer than it already is. Plus you get the picture. And my hands are starting to get tired. I type very quickly. Anyways, I'm off to play the game some more, seeya! And remember to consider playing this game. I hope our characters will meet up some day!!!

If you can't see the image above, here's a link to it below.
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This is what happens when you divide by zero.
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Zengaia of Varon
OH! And, players of the game already, be on the lookout for the possible, rumored updates/patches such as "Apophis Collision" "2012" "Ice Age" "Nuclear War" and "Zombie Apocalypse". All of them sound like endgame events, but in my opinion they could be really fun. I even heard rumors of an Alien Invasion update to be added when the SpaceAge expansion comes out. I want Zombie Apocalypse or Alien Invasion out of all of them. I just hope my toon lives for a long time during them. If one of these endgame updates comes out, try to meet up with me in some way if your character lives. Mine might not be alive by the time your new character levels up enough to talk to me if yours dies.
This is what happens when you divide by zero.
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