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The Secret Oasis (TSO) is an online community with a little gaming sprinkled in. We have friendly members always willing to talk, though they're also quite experienced gamers. You can talk about Microsoft's Xbox360, Nintendo's Wii, or Sony's PS3 in the forums or on the convenient chatbox. But why stop there when there are tons more systems? Talk about them all! And on that note, the members are always up for a good match, so TSO is also a fun place to have an online gaming experience. If gaming isn't enough for you, we have all sorts of sections to post in such as Spriting, Role Playing, Art, and much more! So do yourself a favor and join the world of TSO!

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Rules; Read these before posting please.
Topic Started: Jun 19 2009, 10:36 PM (620 Views)
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Here are the sites rules. If you choose not to follow them, expect trouble...

1. No excessive flaming. I understand if somebody's being ignorant and you need to "increase your vocabulary" to get your point across, but don't troll anyone. It just makes you look stupid.

2. No complaining to me about the mods or admins. They're up there for a reason, and if I see something wrong, I'll look into it.

3. Don't PM me a suggestion, there is a section for that.
3.5. Don't post an idea in the suggestion more than once. If you keep asking, it will just decrease your chances and get you a warning.

4. Triple posters WILL be warned everywhere but the spam section (there's still a limit, which is all depending on the topic and mod's choice.) and if you need to update your Sprite/Art gallery.

5. No complaining to a mod or an admin about a user. Just report them and we'll look into it.

6. No false reporting. If you report someone to a mod or admin when they didn't break a rule, expect a warn for yourself.

7. Stay on topic. Keep off-topic conversations in spam and PMs.
7.5. Post in the correct forum. This isn't warnable, but please try to post in the correct forums.

8. No pornographic or disturbing images. This will guarantee you at least 2 warns.

9. Keep cursing to a minimum. The language is not necessary, just makes you look like trash.

10. No advertising. You can put links in your sig and you can affiliate with us.

11. No alts. If we find you have one, prepare to be banned.

12. Try to be mature. Immature users will NOT be defended by any mods/admins, so if you're being "bullied" for being immature, then tough.

13. No posting personal information about any other user without their permission.

14. No posting in a topic with the most recent post at least 12 days unless you made the topic and you're updating with important information.

15. You must post at least 3 times on the forum, outside of spam or forum games, every day you're on the chat or you will be banned from the chat till I see fit.

Those are all the rules for now. I will post more as new problems arise.
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