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We Were
Topic Started: Jul 30 2009, 04:13 PM (365 Views)
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They watched us from a distance
-was it distance that we had?
And didn’t warn us that our insistence:
”What we’re doing isn’t that bad,”
Would teach us first, to sink.

They compared us to marbles released from a suspended bag:
We were different and common
in our nature to flee correction
-falling was just another ride.
We were strong-willed.
We were faint and few; we were all we could render.
We were stricken, broken; still none of us would leave.
We had conversations-I still remember
and shared fears and hopes of things we didn’t believe.
We loved the company that Doubt brought us and
held It by the hand and we swung our arms
while skipping through fallen leaves,
listening to the crunch of them beneath our feet: Music.
The rest of the world was winter and you and I rose to the sun.
And like destiny or gravity we contested the inevitable
and lost to love.
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The F*CKING universe
It was good. But I didn't get half of it because of the pills I'm on because of the damn dentist.
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