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Sin Finally Born
Topic Started: Dec 13 2009, 10:36 PM (459 Views)
Half-Angel Freak
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The F*CKING universe
Alexander James Posipanko

Sin Finally Born

Nothing. It was empty; all I saw was white- every step I took felt as if I was stepping farther and farther into nothingness, but how can you go farther into what is not? I looked down and saw a reflection of myself in the floor, which didn't look at all separated from the sky; white, the picture of myself was grainy... a strange texture.
Further I walked. I felt the weirdest feeling- it was certainly something I've never felt before... pain? It was sharp and strange. I wonder what caused to pain....
I think noticed something... abnormal. I wasn't made of soul, but meat. I was alive, but... why? I wasn't born just now, nor was I alive before. I could breath but I didn't have to force myself to do so.
Wait... who was I... or who AM I?
I looked back down to see a reflection of myself, the one that looked like a million grains of colored sand. I saw blond hair... and blue eyes. The one thing I didn't see, though, was a face, just a white mask. I move my hand, my fingers gliding across the cheek of the mask, soon after I spread my palm across my face-no, the mask, with a mouth of a downward curve. To see myself I took it off.
Now I looked at the same blond hair, the same blue eyes, but with a mouth of downward curve on this mask. I took that one off, as well.
Same blond hair, the same blue eyes, and a mouth with such an upward curve it was eerie. Off with that mask, and then I saw the mouth of straight. Emotionless. That was whom I was, the emotionless being of meat with no parents, and no heartbeat to speak of... yet I was alive, and breathing. Now, I would love to see science explain that one!

I looked back at nothing, then forward at nothing, I decided it best to go forward. If where I was going actually WAS forward, that is.
More and more nothing, my leaps turned into baby steps, my breathing grew louder and louder, yet my heart still did not beat from within.

The more and more steps I took, the more I felt like a weak human. The longer I traveled I convinced myself I wasn't human, hell I didn't (and still don't) even have real emotions... just masks.
After hours of aimless walking I felt the strange feelings of pain, only in my thought and stomach. Thirst? Hunger? Pathetic things that get in the way of “life”, if I do say so myself.
There was no food where I was nor was there water. It WAS nothing, after all. Can't expect a buffet in nothing, now can you?

Ignoring the food (and drink) situation, something even weirder came up. A woman stood on the floor (the one that didn't actually appear to be separate from the sky.) Her frilly blue dress extended past her feet, and onto the ground. Toward me, she stretched her arm and opened her first to reveal soft palms with a rang of diamond in the center. She motioned toward me, not speaking a word, but what she meant was clear: take the ring.
I put my arm toward hers, and gripped the ring with two fingers. I looked down at the ring, and put it over my black glove, and wore the ring on my middle finger.
She solemnly whispered “Sin... finally... born.” That was my name: Sin. I repeated that to myself. Sin, Sin, Sin.
“With this ring it's time for life... it will give you a chance.”, she said.
“Huh?”, I stared at her with confusion in my eyes.

A door appeared, as she disappeared. The door was red, and mod of wood; it toward over me (I can't imagine the size of the tree they took that wood from!). It slowly opened with a large creaking sound to reveal a blue light.

With nowhere else to go I entered the door.
Alive. I was alive. In my eyes, I saw deep, blue skies. My foot's boot wedged between blades of soft, green grass.
Clunk! A young boy of brown hair ran headlong into my purple armor. Ha-ha, oh boy, that must have hurt.
“Sorry sir, it won't happen again!”, he whimpered.
“I would hope not. That would just be plain old bad luck.”
I wasn't angry; I wasn't sad. I wasn't of emotion then, just a man in a mask, at least, that's what they would think. I'm much less than that. I'm no man. I'm nothing. Nothing at all.
The boy ran off to a dinky lil' village without even a hint of a manor, much less a castle. Although small, the village had quite some security, but I wouldn't dare say good security. With th amount of security, this must have been home to some sort of obscure treasure, I thought. But that didn't matter; I had absolutely no idea where I was.
Walking through the large, wooden, decayed gates of the village, a man in gray armor stopped me. I guess that was a guard.
“Name.”, he said sternly.
“Name. What's your name?”
“And your last name...?”
With a chuckle he asked “Okay, what's your middle name?”
“Sin Finally Born?”, the man in armor started cracking up. He called out to one of his guard buddies.
“Listen.”, he said to his buddy, “this guy is a joke! What's your name visitor?”
“Sin Finally Born.”, I replied (even though he already KNEW what my response was going to be.)
“Huh?”, Buddy-guard asked.
“I think he has some strange comedy routine.”, replied the original guard.
“Can I go now?”, I asked.
“First we need to see your face.”, the original guard chuckled, though I was sure that, that wasn't actually a rule but just to freak them out, I spread my hand across the mask and pulled it off, to show the nothing that I am (and was), it revealed another mask, this one with that eerily large smile, with the change of mask it seem like anger erupted within me. Fake emotions, reflected by a mask. Pitiful.
The guards cracked up, I don't know why, they just did.
“Is this guy for real?”, Buddy-guard asked, while I was clad in was I think was synthesized psychopathic happiness.
“Oh yes, yes. I am, and how unfortunate that is for you.”, I quickly responded.
I picked Buddy-guard up by his neck, and only with one arm too!
“Just tell me where the hell here is. I'm done with twenty-questions.”
Then, something more happened before I got my answer. More guards came, I guess my nicknames “Original guard” and “Buddy-guard” won't work anymore. Oh well.
Each of the guards held out swords, cheap ones. I threw a rock at one of their helmets. The vibration of the metal knocked the guy out. Hurray for counter-productivity! It made a nice chime. It was time to play Musical-Helms! After I knocked out fiver or six of 'em, they started dodging. There were only two left, so no big deal.
One of them tried to slice me with his sword, but I kicked it right outta his hands, and grabbed it. I stabbed right threw that guy's (not so protective) armor. One left, and that one jabbed at my mask making a shattering crack. Back to the “sad” mask. I hate fake emotions. Changed so easily by other people that are not myself.
“Oh... I'm going to have to put some effort... what a drag....”, I said, having no idea where that was coming from.
With several clanks, the last guard ran up to me, our swords met several times, but I tricked him. One last timeout swords met, but this time I just dropped my sword. This caught him off guard, and I kicked him right in between the legs. Bull's eye!
“Sorry.”, I cried, feeling fake sadness for my actions. It was then I noticed a woman stood there, watching the whole thing. She was shaking more than a horse with rabies during December!

“Sin...”, she cried, turning around, “I hate you!”, she continued, going from whimper to scream.
I knew her from somewhere.

I pointed to one of the corpses, the only one that wore a smile on his face.
“Him? Is he dear to you?”
“Is that a yes?
I saw the eyes of the man, even though they were closed. I knew his face but I saw his eyes.
A brilliant idea came to me next, if I do say so myself. I took off my mask and placed it on him. He has more right to exist than I do, after all. I don't even have a heart.

I flicked my cape with my shoulder as I walked away. I couldn't see the guard get up, but I heard the clicks and clanks of his cheap armor as I was walking away. I also knew that the woman I met now wore a smile on her soft, pink lips. I met her somewhere else before....

Lost. I was lost. Who knew the fields of this world were so... plain and extensive. Not a town, city, or farm for miles. Just grass. Boring, green grass.
It seemed like a repeat of that damn white void, to be completely honest. Noooothing for miles and miles.
A week. I was traveling for a week. My hunger grew, and I drank form (filthy) waters in the ground to keep my thirst down. I was so hungry, I was about to kneel down and eat grass!

I continued walking and heard something.
“Sir!”, a voice cried.
“Please, we need directions!”, another voice cried.
Two brothers. Two dumb looking identical twin brothers made the voices.
“I too am lost. Unfortunate that is.”, I wheezed, the mask with a downward curve continued to talk, “we're going to die for sure.”
“Well shucks, that sucks.”
“Yes... it's quite saddening.”
“Well, that mask sure DOES reflect you, sir.” one of them said.

I wanted this mask off. It sucks having fake sadness... nothing able to cheer you up. Nothing able to obliterate the sadness. I tried to take it off, but it stuck. Maybe one of those twins could knock it off.
I asked them to hit it off; they said “no-can-do.”, stupid pacifists.
I mocked them, with each word their faces grew more and more red. It didn't work; they were too stupid to know that violence IS the answer.

I pushed them away and continued walking. After a few more days, I saw a town gate. “The Answer.”, it read. Having nowhere else to go I went through the gate.
Nothing. I was back to the spot of my “birth”-the white void. I knew the drill: walk forward, weird things happen.

“Sin.”, I heard a voice call- or was it a voice at all? More like a feeling.
“Finally Born”, it continued.

What appeared to be an angel with twelve wings appeared in front of me.

He never told me who he was, but I knew, he was the man of whom created me, the father of creation.
“You were never supposed to exist.” he said sternly
“Wh-what? No purpose?”, Why would you say that, even if it were true?
“You're neither creature nor angel.”
“You, too, are neither creature nor angel.”
“You don't understand.”
“You are sin. I never thought sin would be empowered so much as to be a physical being.”
“Oversight on your part.”
I walked closer to this being.
“How about a contest?”, I suggested.
“Why would a superior being converse and compete with scum?”
“Make yourself human. Once we're both moral, we'll see who's real and who isn't.”
“But if I make myself mortal- and I die...”
“Then you'll face what every single one of your creations face- true fear. Fear of the end.

I wake up. I guess all that happened when I was asleep, but one thing was for sure: it wasn't a dream... when did I fall asleep...? I get up and walk away.

Ack. My head is killing me... is this pain? I look down. I see my feat. Why am I no longer made of soul, but meat?
Why did I (God) make that deal? Looking at the door of my room, or more so the calendar ON the door: December 2009. That explains the smell: smog.

Two weeks of SCHOOL pass. BOARING. I have to see the counselor because I said I am the reincarnation of God. BS! I am!
A few hours pass (at the counselor office) and I'm home. I hear a knock on the door. It's sin.
“Give me emotions. True ones!”, he says, holing up a gun. His face... his mouth... the mask read emotionless... but he was clearly angry.
“Don't you see? That's emotion. Even if you were not meant to exist you are alive, and have meaning. (Okay, I don't believe that, but I don't want to die, as God I'll have to god to look to for salvation.)

God is right. This is emotion. Why didn't I realize....? Was it like this the whole time? What about he twins? Did they know this was a mask... is it, actually?

I put down the gun, turn around and walked into the roads.
I fell a tap on my shoulder, I look behind me. I saw the woman who gave me the ring. The woman who stared at me while I killed the guards.
I feel my heart beat... I smile and hand her the diamond ring she had given me so long ago.

I didn't proof read it yet, so it's probably full of typos. It would be nice if someone could edit it.
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The F*CKING universe

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Blaze is dadeh
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Current RP's: The Legends of the Desert, and Someone duel me.
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