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Zion Takure; For Nic
Topic Started: May 24 2011, 07:22 PM (361 Views)
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Name: Zion Takure

Race: Human. Of that, at least, everyone can be certain.

Gender: Male

Hometown: Atlantis, a town inside of a massive RPG, Mount Vesuvius...Everyone's recieved a different answer.

Appearance: Zion wears a red vest that he leaves unbuttoned except for when it's very cold. Under the vest is a black T-shirt with no form of decoration. He wears long blue jeans with bullet holes and slash marks, and white sneakers that are faded from so much running. He keeps the box he uses as a weapon in his jeans pocket, so that it's always easily accessible.

Ethnicity: Caucasian.

Alignment: To be accurately determined.

Weaponry: Various. The weapon he uses, a box when not weilded, transforms into a distinct weapon depending on his current personality.

Background: Nobody has known what the deal is with this guy. Since childhood, he's seemed to have been several different people. Feisty and war-hungry one minute, he can become nervous and reserved the next. Conspiracy theorists say that Zion is actually several different souls and minds warped into one body, which endlessly fight for control of the poor boy... However, the rest of the world didn't care what they thought, diagnosed the kid with Multiple Personality Disorder, and moved right along.

They could not even begin to understand the arcane being before them that called itself Zion.

Grown and on his own these days, Zion is either feared or hated by everyone he meets. He's become an outcast, but nobody seems to have a reason why...

Favorite things: Due to his label of "crazy" with his peers, nobody knows, or even wants to know, exactly what it is he likes.

Talents: Zion seemed to enjoy math while in school, but perhaps that was just him not having a lack of ability for other subjects. He's stronger in mind than body, which is why he uses a weapon and keeps it sharp.

Miscellaneous: Because this is a world where magic is possible, nobody would guess it, but Zion's current hair color acts as a guide for what personality he has at that moment, much like a mood ring. For anyone fighting against him, keep on your toes at all times. Be prepared for sudden lunges, adaptive techniques, and sneaky, underhanded blows.
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