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These are the rules. Please read them and follow them. OBEY, dammit. 1. No spamming - I HATE that shit. Let me make this clear to all of you would-be spammers - anyone that spams this board will have their spam deleted immediately and they will be banned. This is not a democracy - what I say goes and I am not afraid to ban you if you violate this rule. Consider this your only warning. (violation level - INSTANT BANNING) 2. Besides myself, there are six other admins here: Scion238, typeofreak, sotenga, cosmo, devilman and zatharus, as well as our SuperMods, Knight717 and Grey Fox. Don't cross them, or you'll find yourself kicked out of here before you can blink. (violation level - INSTANT BANNING) 3. If you have registered and not posted after 6 months, your membership will be deleted. Lurking is not an acceptable option here - we're here to discuss things, and it would be appreciated if all that registered would participate in these discussions or even start some of their own. If you can't contribute anything, then why are you here? (violation level - MEMBERSHIP DELETION) ADDENDUM 1/31/05 - should you continue to reregister after being deleted, the third time your membership is up for deletion you will not be deleted; rather, you will be banned. We are quite serious about our "no lurkers" policy. ADDENDUM 9/18/10 - Accounts that have been inactive for over one year will be deleted. Besides helping us to keep a more accurate member count, this gives us fewer members to go through if we are reorganizing. You are welcome to reregister if you finally come back, though. 4. Should you post any pics and/or links of a *ahem* questionable nature, make sure you put in the secondary topic line NOT SAFE FOR WORK. However, these questionable pics and/or links should not contain explicit nudity and/or depictions of sexual activity, as displaying those would be in direct violation of Invision's TOS. These pics and/or links will be deleted immediately and a warning will be given. Should you continue to post these pics and/or links, you will be banned after three warnings. (violation level for not including secondary topic warning - WARNING. violation level for posting explicit pics and/or links - THREE WARNINGS, THEN BANNING) 5. Requesting ROMs/ISOs/WAREZ anywhere on the forum is prohibited. ROMs (etc.) may be discussed, but only if it's a discussion about the game itself and not a request for it or a link to where to download it. No links to ROM/ISO/WAREZ sites are to be posted, as this violates Invision's TOS. Should you violate this rule, you will be warned. Persisting in posting prohibited links or requesting ROMs (etc.) will net you a banning after your third warning. (violation level - THREE WARNINGS, THEN BANNING) 6. We have a word filter, known here as the "sweat filter" (long story). There are certain words that have been filtered, and any attempts to bypass the sweat filter by alternately spelling those words will not be tolerated - so if you type a word that mysteriously changes after you post, don't try to change what you typed originally so that the original word can be read. (violation level - THREE WARNINGS, THEN BANNING) 7. If you're going to post something from an email, delete those stupid little > things. Those annoy me. (violation level - WARNING) 8. The views and opinions expressed within the forums of The Third Moon do not necessarily reflect my views and opinions or those of SCAR Productions, unless specifically posted by me. SCAR Productions and myself will not be held liable for the views and opinions expressed by any member of The Third Moon. (violation level - well, since it's not so much a rule as a disclaimer, you can't really violate this) ADDENDUM 3/30/05 - Just a note - the Moon is known for posts containing a lot of sarcasm, so try not to take any comments made too seriously. If anyone has any issues with a particular post or topic, please PM me or one of the admins before flaming the person that posted whatever it was you found offensive. 9. New members - please post an introduction in the Introduce Yourself! thread, located in Off Topic. Let us know who you are! You don't HAVE to, of course, but it'd be nice of you to. (violation level - technically a request, so there is no warning or banning for not doing so) 10. I am lord of this castle. Remember that and fear my ability to ban! (violation level - don't cross me, dammit. Do you even want to try?) - Rob, aka Dire 51, Dictator-For-Life of The Third Moon