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Raptorans are unique among the common races for their ability to fly. In ancient times, the raptorans made a pact with the primal lords of air, gaining the ability to fly in exchange for pledging the finest warriors of their race to the service of the primals in various battles. Although the primals have not called upon the raptorans in living memory, the pact entered into by those distant ancestors continues to shape raptoran society.

Feathered wings are a raptoran's singular identifying feature. When fully outstretched, they span 10 to 12 feet. Raptorans tend to be thinner and slightly taller than humans, with most of their extra height in their legs; their arms are likewise somewhat longer.

Average Height: 5' 9"-6' 5"
Average Weight: 130-170 lb.

The Star Forged
The Star Forged
An ancient and terrible race that harnesses the power from the dread stars.

The Star-Forged seem as though that once they were human. But through years of trafficking with the Dread Star deities their forms have slowly morphed.

They have a strict caste system and are not known for mercy.

Star Forged are tall, slender people with a build reminiscent of a cross between elves and men. They almost always have silver, black or no hair, and if they do have hair it is very wispy. Their eyes often have large pupils and very dark blue or black irises. Their eyes always sparkle as though there are stars in their eyes, which dim and flash randomly.

Star-Forged dress esoterically and often have robes or similar lose closing bound to their bodies through the armour they don. The colours of the robes represent the cast they belong to. Red is Warrior, Blue is Priest, White is Nobility and Black is Worker.

Star-Forged have huge life spans – and can live for many thousands of years, though after around 2000 years they begin to become very frail.

North Tyrus
The continent much larger then Tyrus resting to the North West of Tyrus is known as North Tyrus, as the inhabitants won't give any name of their own. This continent is home to a vast technologically advanced empire, belonging to the Star-Forged. This is the continent that 30 years ago attacked Tyrus without mercy, the goal even to today is not clear. They claim that Tyrus is hiding something, but they won't say what and the inhabitants of Tyrus don't know.

Dragons Drink Briefing
The Place
The Dragons Drink is a large tavern, and the closest to the Imperial City branch of the Adventurers Guild, being only a few minutes away. The size and location of the tavern, as well as who happens to work their being rather capable if a brawl, even between adventurers, starts, has lead The Dragons Drink to become the unofficial tavern for adventurers, though other citizens of Tyrus still frequent the tavern.

Above the door of The Dragons Drink is an ornately carved head of a dragon. This, and the goblets shaped like dragons heads, is what makes The Dragons Drink well known among locals, that, and the many stories Bork and Spanner have to tell.

Inside, The Dragons Drink is rather simple, except for more dragon based decorations on the walls. Several tables and chairs are placed near the walls, providing ample sitting for the patrons. A stone fire place, with the opening looking like the maws of a dragons, keeps the tavern warm on cold nights.

The Tavern Owners
Runt “Bork” Manfriend (Half-Orc) and Spanner-in-the-Works (Warforged) were never any good at what there race was typically viewed at doing, the owners both met and have been selling beers ever since. Spanner makes the Goblets shaped liked Dragons Heads while “Bork” works the Bar selling the beers. Not overly charismatic, though each has his own story to tell, they are a friendly bunch but can definitely handle themselves in a barroom brawl.

Location Request
Want to RP online for some character development, but don't want to do it in a tavern? Ask in here for where you'd like to RP, and I'll make a new area.

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If you wish to use an image for your signature, please don't stretch the forum with it, and no more than 180px higher. If you're using text, no more than 8 lines in normal sized font, including gaps. (Spoiler Tags may be your friend. :P )

What is Tyrus?
What is Tyrus?
Tyrus is the name a homebrewed setting for Dungeons and Dragons (like Eberron, Faerun, etc.). Though some of the setting is specific to 4th edition, Tyrus was orginally designed for 3.5, and with adaption the setting can work for 3.5 as well. The information on the world is available on this forum as it is updated (which is an ongoing process). Beyond that, for those that live in NSW, Australia, it is also a Games Day run at the Tin Solider, Penrith, on the second Saturday of each month.

Tyrus Games Day
As mentioned above, a regular D&D game using the 4th edition rules is run using Tyrus as it's setting at the Tin Soldier. The group meets once a month, and, we encourage players of all skills to join in.

Location: 3/513-519 High Street, Penrith, 2750
Time: 10am to 5pm, with the game starting at 10.30am sharp, and there being time for a lunch break.
Date: Second Saturday of every month.
Price: $5 per player to cover the table and space we use for 7 hours. (First time is free, as is DM'ing.)
Note: While bringing laptops and other electronic devices with your character sheet is fine, the majority of the time there isn't access to power points (and even if there was, not enough for everyone and the store is a public place so it's also a hazard), so, make sure the battery will last, or, bring a printed copy of your character sheet.

If you're interesting in further details, please feel free to PM me and I'll get in contact with you.

- Cloud.

The Rydia Lockhart Report
This topic will serve as a summary of all the adventures I have DM'ed, as well as provide information leading to the events that take place in the adventures. Hopefully it will also clarify certain story elements that may not be clear.

Below is written a report on the endeavours the library or adventurers it has hired have under gone, from the time Sarathai was charged of finding the wards of Tyrus, to the present. They are written by Rydia Lockhart, Head Librarian of the Imperial City Branch of the National Library of Tyrus, sister of Sarathai Lockhart, Head Librarian of the National Library of Tyrus, and Arcane Magic Adviser to the Emperor Josef Derillion. The recount to best of her abilities is correct and true.

(Before the Adventure Retrieval)

Sarathai came back to the library fuming, muttering things like "Sure, why not, that will be heaps easy, let’s bring a dragon to Tyrus while we're at it!!" It had been three months since Josef was put into power, and Sarathai made his adviser. Various things were still being sorted out from after the war, even though it was nearly 30 years ago, and the death of Dante. One of the things that had managed to become lost and forgotten in the after war clean up, and then the declining health of Dante was the Wards of Tyrus. It was known that Tyrus was warded, and that they provided some sort of protection. They were constructed by Tyrsom, who was unfortunately killed in the closing days of the war. He never did reveal the final locations and true powers of the wards, and the vast majority of his notes were destroyed when his mansion was destroyed by Caiphon, the Dream Whisper. Josef did not like the idea of not knowing what these ward did and where they were, and so that was Sarathai's job, the one causing him to fume, find the location of the wards of Tyrus, and discover there functions.

Over the next three months, Sarathai worked diligently on his task. By scouring all the branches of the National Library of Tyrus for information, in addition to magical investigation and experimentation, the ward were discovered to be powered by channelling ley-lines, which Tyrus seems to have an unusual number of, into 4 gemstone obelisks. The functions of the ward was also easy to work out, however, whether they are the complete function Sarathai cannot say for certain. The locations however, were not going as well. While the ward in Skyreach was easy to find, and it provided a solid foundation for investigating the other wards, the other 3 remained hidden. Surviving pieces of Tyrsom's work suggested one of the wards is located in the Imperial City, and another in Thornhelm forest, but neither could not be found. Weakening in the barrier between the Shadowfell and this plane, as well as notes from Tyrsom, suggest the last ward was damaged and provided an area to search, but again nothing was found.

Sarathai was ready to give up, when Ivellios, possible the most famous alchemist in all of Tyrus, and recently the new head librarian at the Archelaus branch of the National Library of Tyrus, claimed he had an idea. He was working in Skyreach, trying to make an alchemical stone, similar to a thunder stone, but, he wanted to make it release a powerful gust of wind, either to distract foes, or slow ones descent while falling. While he never made such an item, he did make a stone purely on accident that seemed to react strongly to the presence of the ward in Skyreach. With a little refining, Ivellios created a ritual that would infuse a stone with power, that allowed it to react to the presence of a ward, and in addition when pressed against the obelisk powering the ward, took an imprint of the magic, allowing for further study. However the ritual and the rather rare components to cast the ritual were stolen before Ivellios could complete it and send it to Sarathai. With the ritual stolen, Sarathai was afraid he was back to square one, the library lacking the man power to also investigate the matter in addition to the other tasks the library was undertaking, though I suggested to him perhaps we should look at hiring adventurers from the Tyrus Adventurers Guild to investigate for us. Somewhat reluctantly Sarathai agreed.

(Adventure Retrieval)
Watching the adventurers talk to Sarathai, something about them seemed, important. I couldn't put my finger on it though. Once they had left for Archelaus to meet with Ivellios, Sarathai seemed, less enthused, complaining that none of them had any real experience. Between you and me, that brother of mine needs to learn I'm ALWAYS right about these things. The adventurers returned in a timely manner and with them the completed stone, set inside a ring. However, what I was expecting to be a rather quick debriefing, took quite some time.

Their travel to Archelaus was for the most part uneventful, except for a quick fight with some wolves; while not particularly out of the ordinary, these wolves were described as being particularly vicious, an almost unnatural glint in their eyes.

With more pressing matters at hand, the adventurers continued onto Archelaus. They meet up with Ivellios at his house, finding his house by his almost trademark colourful smoke coming from his chimney.

DM Given Items
This is where anyone can look up a Special item that one of the DM's have made and awarded to a player. This is not a place to discuss said items, please make a separate topic for such.

These Special items are rare and are usually only given out as part of the 'Happy Dragon Festival' which is our December game.

If you DO NOT have a print out of a item that has been given or awarded to you with the originating DM's signature on it, DM's have the right to say that you CANNOT use said item. DM's can be as lenient as they want to be with this. This is mainly for the DM's that aren't there all the time and don't know what a certain item does.

If you weren’t given a print out of the item with the DM's signature, then it was only for that session. Unless that DM says that he will post the details of the item on the forum. Once posted it is the players responsibility to print out the item and have it signed by the DM who gave it out.

You must state that you have these items at the start of the game, if you don't, you CANNOT use them. These magic items could also be story items which can dramatically change the outcome of the game, even if you think that these items may not have anything to do with the adventure themselves. If they are very special items, they could get you out of certain situations or into others.

Ask me questions about Tyrus
Hello everyone.

Tyrus is a big place, and we could update many things, ranging from the history of the world, the NPC's that populate it, the ins and outs of the cities, or even the weather patterns. :P

Tyrus is also a world made by real people, we have reasons for what we do, and we also make mistakes.

So, the purpose of this thread is to give you all a chance to ask questions about Tyrus, either in game features of the world, or even 'out of game' questions about the making of the world. By seeing what questions are the most common, we can see what players actually want to see being updated.

In particular, I am interested in questions about the fluff of Tyrus that people are interested in, so we know what to write up. Also, please feel free to say my answer is crap, or needs to be clarified, etc, I want you to be happy with the answer.

Some questions I thought of that people might ask;
1) Why doesn't X NPC just do it themselves?
Most of the NPC's used by DM's that are allied to Tyrus are not as powerful as adventurers. If it takes 5 adventurers to complete the task, what hope does one person without the fighting skill or experience of adventurers have. There a very few NPC's that are as powerful as the adventurers. (Rydia for example.) However, this again goes back to the fact that adventurers operate in parties, by themselves, the NPC would still not stand a chance.

Anyone that also played 3.5 Tyrus would remember the NPC's were sometimes very powerful. For 4ed we deliberately changed this so that the adventurers (and rightly so) would be the most important people in the world.

2) Why don't these powerful NPC's then travel with the PCs to help them if they are of a similar power?
Well, they have jobs, simply enough. They are incredible busy, and simple cannot afford to disappear for three days or so to explore an ancient ruin.

3) Why is Rydia, a powerful caster of some sorts, in charge of a library?
She is not in charge of any old library, but the National Library of Tyrus. In addition to being libraries of normal knowledge, powerful and dangerous magical knowledge and artefacts are kept. Each branch of the National Library is also built on an intersection of ley-lines that need to be protected. Simply put, she's also a guardian of dangerous magical lore, not just a mere librarian. The decision for powerful guardians at the branches of the National Library of Tyrus was decided after Aramil of Dai Theynor managed to steal many powerful artefacts. She also may or may not have a choice in her current location.

4)Why does the Adventurer's Guild seem to have limitless funds?
It doesn't, the guild more acts to, redistribute money, not hand it out for free. Adventurer's in the course of their missions, find many magic items, magnificent gems, etc. Any form of wealth found in an adventure is surrendered to the guild. The guild then rewards the wealth acquired to each adventurer equally. This is so that from adventure to adventure, one adventurer that may find nothing one time, because he is responsible for a diplomatic mission, then the next find untold fortunes in an ancient lair, gets a constant stream of income, instead of random lump sum payments.

5) What is 'Tyrus', is it the name of the world, or the continent?
It's both. The world itself is called Tyrus, but the main continent played on is also Tyrus. There are other continents in the world. For anyone interested, the ancient draconic word for the continent (but not the world) was Govannon.

6) Teleportation Circles?
Each of the major cities in Tyrus are connected to each other by teleportation circles, allowing instantaneous transport to any of the major cities of Tyrus, from any other major city. Adventurers may use these teleportation circles free of charge.

7) Dai Theynor or Dei Theynor, and what's with that forest?
Although I frequently get this wrong, it is meant to Dai Theynor. As for the forest, though common human folk may refer to the forest that surrounds Dai Theynor as Dai Theynor Forest, its real name is Thornhelm Forest. Please note that just because this is the only forest on the map, does not mean it is the only forest, just that Thornhelm Forest is the largest and most magical forest in Tyrus, and home too many creatures and races. (Thornhelm Forest is also historically important for the development of Mercuran and the allying of the major cities to form Tyrus as it is today.)

8 ) H-Hey?! Where did that NPC get that power from?
NPC's in 4ed follow many of the rules that monsters do, so, in some cases have abilities that no player could ever have, because they are based off something in the Monster Manuals. In other cases, many NPC's are from 3.5 Tyrus, and no current rules accurately converts them, so in some way run as 3.5 classes.

9) Why doesn’t Tyrus have its own gods instead of using the standards?
Well, because it's a basic D&D setting, not a set of game rules, why not have the standard gods? Also, if we don't have the standard gods, well, why have the standard races, the standard classes, etc.

Also because everyone that owns the players handbook knows about the standard gods, and even for standard gods, they have a rich history and are interesting. It's also because gods cannot interact with the material world, while they are interesting; ultimately they are not that important. Also because several feats are based on different gods, to preserve the feats, in the end we would just make gods that were the same as the existing gods but with different names and slightly different personality. If we made our own feats, we are denying players options in books which they paid for.

Tyrus Character Building Help
Hello everyone,
In this thread I hope to address a few issues players have in combat, and ways to reduce those problems by things like attribute placement and feat selection.

Firstly, oh dear sweet Pelor I can't attack it!, Not hitting very often.
To help this problem we already give out a free feat bonuses to attack rolls, however, there is more you can do. Look at your attributes. Generally if you are using an attribute to attack with, at level 1 after racial modifiers it should be sitting at 18. If you playing a class with two attack attributes, a 16 after racial modifiers in one of the attributes will be adequate, but if at all possible both should be 18. If you are a Cleric, Ranger, Paladin, Warlock or another class that has two attack attributes, think long and hard before you try to be good at both. This is not to say such a character will not be effective, but, it requires an absolute dedication to your two attack attributes, and can cause you to miss out on other important options. At each level you get an attribute boost, any attributes you use to attack with should be boosted. This ensures that you will hit with your powers regularly, and as an added bonus increase your damage. If you wish to change your attributes to improve your character, see me at the games day and I'll help you rearrange them.

Another way to boost how often you hit is with your weapon selection. Unless you are picking an Axe or Hammer, or another weapon group with only a +2 proficiency bonus because of your powers, attributes, and/or feats (for example your character has a high constitution), you should almost always use a +3 proficiency weapon. Most Blades have a +3 proficiency bonus. If you are using an implement you can join in on the fun now with the release of PHB3. If you use an implement take Superior Implement Training (PHB3) and pick an accurate one, giving you +1 to hit. (The same as having a +3 proficiency bonus, NADs are 2 lower then AC.)

Then there are also feats. Some races or weapon groups have feats provide attack bonuses under certain circumstances. If you can meet these circumstances even somewhat regularly, these feats are generally well worthwhile. Remember to check the latest update released by Wizards to see if they provide a feat bonus or an unnamed bonus, remembering that a feat bonus won't stack with the +2 feat bonus we give out for free.

Finally power selection. While some powers clearly give bonuses to attack rolls, some might but not as clearly. Remember having combat advantage over the enemy, or giving them -2 to all defences (or even just the one you target), is the same as having +2 to attack rolls.

Secondly, it refuses to die!, Not dealing enough damage.
Damage is more easily boosted by items, but there a few things you can do to boost damage with good character building. As above, having good attributes allows you to deal more damage.

With feats, if you are a striker, strongly consider a Superior Weapon, and the feat Weapon Focus. Both provide small, but constant bonuses to damage, that really add up over time. Power Attack may seem like a good idea, but is normally a trap, unless you have a way to guarantee you will be very accurate when you use it, it is almost always better to attack without the penalty to the attack roll. Many Strikers have a damage mechanic, like Sneak Attack, and feats that improve that mechanic. Obviously if you use the mechanic even somewhat regularly, boosting its damage will boost how much damage you do.

With power selection, sometimes the biggest damaging power it not the best option. Ongoing damage can be particularly brutal, especially if combined with ways to affect the enemies saving throws. Powers that give vulnerabilities can be effective too. If you can exploit a vulnerability 10 you gave the enemy, that's the same as having +10 damage.

Thirdly, oh god I'm dying! or, my defences are too low.
Defences are primarily increased by magic items, however, there are some things you can do in character building to improve your defences. Your attributes for defence are not as important as they are for attacks, though keep in mind that each defence has two attributes and you only use the best one. If you have a low dexterity AND intelligence, you should use heavy armour. If you are not proficient in such armour, it is almost always worth feats to wear such armour. Remember that if you are using magic armour, you should be using the best masterwork armour you can.

Several other feats can improve your defence. If you use a shield, Shield Mastery (PHB3) is a very good way to boost your defences. Most armour also have a feat that improves it. Don't wear armour or only use cloth? Take unarmoured Agility. (PHB3)

Now power selection. Some powers clearly increase defence, some might not. Remember that giving the enemy -2 to attack rolls is the same as having +2 defences. Mobility powers can also increase your survivability. You can't get hit in melee if you are never there.

Finally, it may be due to party composition. 4ed assumes that each party has a leader. In fact, it is the only role, from a party size of 1+ that cannot be replaced. Having a defender is also generally assumed. If your party is missing a defender, expect to take more damage than normal. Even if you have good defences, if you get attacked a lot you will take damage. If you are missing a leader, or your leader is only focusing on one aspect of leading, you will be missing buffs that increase your defences/mobility that keep you alive. Even if you have a leader, if he only focuses on one thing, you will quickly burn though your healing. If you don't have a leader, have as many ways to heal yourself as possible.

File Submission
Got something you'd like to share with everyone? Let us know and we'll make it available to download.

Tyrus Campaign Map
Displayed here is the map of the Tyrus continent, though known as Govannon to the Dragons and other ancient races.


Dai Theynor
Dai Theynor
One of the smaller but by no means unimpressive major cities, the wood hewn and tree dwellers paradise that is Dai Theynor is the origin point of all Elven kind living in Tyrus. The forest-based architecture is said to keep the spirit connected to Nature, whilst the High gates and Higher Watchtowers keep away the uninvited adventures, as well as defending the peaceful occupants of the city. The current population is 18,000.

The highly secretive Dai Theynor, located deep in the Thornhelm forest, only has regular contact with Mercuran, after settling their disputes, but only for trade. In opposition to the reclusive lifestyle of most citizens, many young elves will leave the village, for reasons varying from boredom, to rebellion, revenge, or Exile. In any case, most eventually become adventurers.

This major city tends to be stricter on who can come and go freely, and as such, few actually wish to visit Dai Theynor. However, plenty of nature lovers come by to visit at least once in their lifetime. Dai Theynor has a strict policy of refusing entry to Orc and Goblin-kind who either do not have the right entrance papers, or cannot speak fluent Elven.

Population Distribution
Other Races1%

Patron Saint of Dai Theynor
Feylian the Forest Friend

Radiant Lady
Arwen Mayoi Tel’ Ankalima, or Lady Mayoi The Radiant (Elven, Unaligned) in common, is the current Leader of The Elves. She is young (as elves go), inexperienced and naïve. She is known for having an unshakable trust in people, but is a fair and just ruler. She is an advocate of racial equality, and is working hard to build strong relations with Mercuran, Dragons Head Point, and The Imperial City. Her Position is inherited, and she is believed to be a descendant of the patron Saint of Dai Theynor, Feylian the Forest Friend.

Personalities of Note
  • Heru Per’aian Tel’ Cutura/Lord Per’aian The Bowmaster (Elven, Good)
    Lord Per’aian is the master of the Order of The Bow in Dai Theynor, and believed to be the greatest archer in all of Tyrus. Leader of the Daian Army, and Lead Hunter, he has the greatest respect of his protégés. He has trained in the art of the Bow his entire life, and wishes for nothing more than the opportunity to live out the rest of his days doing what he loves, training younglings in the art of the bow. Where Mayoi is optimistic, Per’aian is Stubborn. He is Distrustful of outsiders, and is even more distrustful of melee combatants.
  • Cora’Fallaner Yero’m/Lead Healer Yero’m
    Yero’m (Elven, Good) is an ancient healer. He has mastered healing techniques that no other knows, but has never divulged his secrets. Both Elvenkind Healers hold him in high respect, and while Mayoi and Per’aian have gained prestige through birth and training respectively, Yero’m never called for respect, but just worked as a healer to help those in need whenever he could.

Due to its location, Dai Theynor has an abundance of animal pelts and furs for which they sell. The animal is then either kept as food, or is sacrificed for purity. The Elves know of the location of many rare and valuable herbs, which they extract caringly, and never in abundance. The sell their herbs in the hopes it will do Tyrus some good. Apart from these, Dai Theynor is largely self-sufficient, and has limited need to import items from elsewhere, making it a difficult place to sell items to.

Places of Note

Yamen’Kaima/Sleeping Places
  • I’ Wilwaren Samna/The Butterfly building
    A famed inn at the outskirts of Dai Theynor, they openly welcome travellers, and have a range of services due to the fact The Butterfly Building is also the Adventurers guild of the area.
  • Tel’ Olin Sambe/The Secret Room
    Known among the elite, The Secret Room is as stated, a hidden inn, the location of which changes daily. They have great service, but are very exclusive, reserved for nobility and Spellcasters.
  • I’ Wethril Gil/The Shady Star
    A shunned part of the city, The Shady Star is a house of ill-repute, and offers thrills to its guests at a high price. Few Elves choose to stay there, thinking it to be too illicit for their kind. It is the only Non-Elven run property in Dai Theynor.

Yamen’Fion/Drinking Places
  • I’ Haloisi/The Stormy Sea
    A typical Tavern, the stormy sea offers all kinds of beverages for the weary traveller or tired hunter. Cheap, with a fine selection of drink.
  • I’ Hith Wilwaren/The Misty Butterfly
    An extension to The Butterfly Building, The Misty Butterfly serves 3 free drinks to all adventurers who have chosen to rest there. However, after the first three, the prices are astronomical, so many try to avoid drinking too much.

Yamen’Vui/Shopping Places
  • Beleg Karn’cu/Mighty Bowmaker
    An expert craft smith who excels at bows, however his bows must be ordered, and take a minimum of a day to create.
  • Ar’Serinde/Royal Seamstress
    A well-known tailor who makes clothes for many of the nobility in Tyrus. Expensive, but expert Quality.
  • Olinima Lantaraana/Secretive Setting Moon
    A shop that sells all mystical items discovered in the forests. Most is junk, but on occasion, the greatest treasures in Tyrus appear in its grasp.

Yaana/Holy Places
Though a large city and shrines to every deity available somewhere, the three largest temples are the;
  • Yaana en’ Corellon/Temple of Corellon
  • Yaana en’ Sehanine/Temple of Sehanine
  • Yaana en’ Melora/Temple of Melora

Sintsamna/Famous Places
  • The Adventurers Guild
    The Daian Branch is smaller than most, and shares it’s venue with The Butterfly Building. It exists as a waypoint for Adventurers and as a hiring service for in need citizens.
  • Tel’ Cutura/ The Order of the Bow
    The greatest of all marksmen, the order of the bow is highly regarded by all Daian citizens, and by those who exist outside who are bow trained as well. “Tel’ Cutura” is the largest branch of The Order of The Bow in Tyrus.
  • Tyrus National Defence Force
    The Tyrus National Defence Force- Daian Branch, Who consist mostly of expert Marksmen, and partly of Frontline Melee and Spellcasters.

It Lives
In case anyone had personal information that needed to grab, like there old character profiles and backstories, the archive is here;

It's missing several months, and I don't know how long it'll be there, but, better than nothing I suppose.

Tyrus Campaign Rules Source Document
Please download the file attached to view the rules.

Last updated the 25/05/13.

Rule Discussion and Q&A
Problems, questions, spotted a mistake? Please post about it here.

Imperial City
Imperial City
Imperial City is the central hub of Tyrus. Not only is it the residence of the Emperor of Tyrus but it is also the city where most intercity disputes are handled. The recent census found that 50,000 people call the Imperial City home.

Population Distribution
Other Races1%

Patron Saint of Imperial City
Dante the Fireblooded

The Emperor of Tyrus
Emperor Josef Derillion (Human, Good), the Emperor of Tyrus. Looking as if he is in his twilight years, this man still has a force of personality powerful enough to strike fear into his enemies, he commands the Tyrus National Defence Force and on occasion will lead the charge, though he has not done so for many years now. He carries his heirloom with him at all times, a long sword of obvious Dwarven craftsmanship, sturdy, ruthless and efficient, as it reminds him of the power that hangs in the balance should he not serve in the best interests of the people of Tyrus, and also of how he should rule this proud nation. In his keep in the centre of Imperial City he mostly resides on the Golden Dragon Throne, the same throne which Dante himself once sat upon, with his advisors beside him deciding on all matters big and small in the nation of Tyrus.

Emperor Josef Derillion has many advisors, at least one for every city and guild. He will call on specific advisors to help in any times of need. Lately though he has been asking quite a lot of the leader of the adventurer’s guild.
  • Gilner Deephill (Dwarf, Lawful Good), the Head and Founder of the Adventurers Guild, Gilner is good-hearted but quick to temper, some that cross him may well find large bounties on their heads.
  • Kreg Willianson (Human, Unaligned), the latest general of the Tyrus National Defence Force, though not a masterful warrior Kreg’s force of personality is inspiring, his leadership is a boon to any soldier.

Major Products
The Imperial City imports a lot of precious and semi-precious metals from Cliff Father Fortress, and reforges them into fine jewellery for sale back to the nobles in the area. Other imports include lumber for residences, stone for keep repairs and animals for breeding. Other major productions include magic items, all forms of food, wine, nooks, and maps.

Armed Forces
Imperial City is the home of the Tyrus National Defence Force, an army with reach into every town. The Imperial City has a military force of 1,000 trained soldiers, with the Tyrus National Defence Force controlling at last count 4,560 soldiers across the major cities of Tyrus. By calling upon soldiers in the outlying villages and citizen militia, Kreg Willianson can muster a force 30,000 soldiers strong.

Places of Note

Taverns and Inns
  • Dante’s Choice
    The recently new Inn of Dante’s Choice, has caused quite a lot of debate over recent times. Its owner Jerr Humbles (Human, Unaligned) is quite an opportunist and saw to make profit on the death of the last saint. Jerr and his wife (Greta Humbles, Human, Good) occupy the penthouse suite unless a well-paying noble wishes to live there. Most of those people at the Inn think that Dante actually enjoyed coming to this place but most of the locals know better. Nevertheless Dante’s Choice is a fine Inn always serving the finest of wines and the tastiest of meals.
  • The Dragons Drink
    The Dragons Drink is quite a well-known tavern because of its finely carved goblets. The owners of the tavern, Runt “Bork” Manfriend (Half-Orc, Good) and Spanner-in-the-Works (Warforged, Unaligned) were never any good at what their race was typically viewed at doing, the owners both met and have been selling beers ever since. Spanner makes the Goblets shaped liked Dragons Heads while “Bork” works the Bar selling the beers. Not overly charismatic, though each has his own story to tell, they are a friendly bunch but can definitely handle themselves in a barroom brawl.
  • Noble’s Retreat
    The Noble’s Retreat is the most luxurious Inn in Imperial City, most nobles that came to Imperial city from other cities will stay here. A room in this inn is like a penthouse suite in any other Inn, because of this the Inn only has 4 rooms, however each can sleep up to 16 people. Rooms here are rather hefty at 50gp per night; this however includes the finest food, wine and entertainment given by the Inn’s owner and husband. Ylia Helia (Human, Good) made her money from being a spy in the Tyrus National Defence Force and her husband Stanton Helia (Human, Good) was a former quartermaster and weapons drill instructor, are both well versed in the performing arts and put on a great show for those at the Inn.
  • The Priests Paradise
    A bit of a radical concept, but then again the owner of the Tavern, Floon Gliggensen (Gnome, Good), is a gnome. He always insists that Garl Glittergold himself told him to create this bar in order to serve all of the monks and priests who just need to sit back and relax with a cold ale in one hand and some deity shaped food by their side. Floon will serve clerics, monks, and paladins with fervour, tending to just about their every need, to a degree that some say he will even neglect other customers.

Imperial City is largely integrated and houses all major religions of Tyrus and its people.

It Lives
Hey everyone.

As you're probably aware we haven't had a site for a while now, and between uni and sickness, I haven't done much to fix that (and missed plenty of months, sorry). Studley was kind enough to set up this site, and over the next week I'll restore what information I have access too.

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