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Tyrus Population
Tyrus Population
Imperial City 50 000
Cog 25 000
Mercuran 25 000
Dai Theynor 18 000
Cliff Father Fortress 18 000
Skyreach 25 000
Yuna-Taro 21 000
Dragons Head Point 25 000
Archelaus 21 000

Total 228 000

In addition, many numerous villages, ranging from a population as little as 20 people, to a population of up to 1 000, are scattered across Tyrus, with many clustered near the major cities, provided much need crops to the citizens of Tyrus. These include villages of the less civilised humanoids that are friendly towards Tyrus, as well as the population of the islands of Mariar, Sulithorn, and Andras. These villages bring the total population of Tyrus to 1 500 000.

Armed Forces
The armed forces of Tyrus as a whole are incredible strong, however, each individual city as its own strengths and weaknesses, meaning that united Tyrus will stand strong, but apart, Tyrus will fall.

Imperial City: 1 000
Cog: 500
Mecuruan: 500
Dai Theynor 360
Cliff Father Fortress 360
Skyreach 500
Yuna-Taro 420
Dragons Head Point 500
Archelaus 420

Total 4 560

The numbers above represent well trained soldiers that are constantly employed and are in action. By rallying the soldiers in outlying villages, as well calling upon citizen militia, the Tyrus National Defence Force can rally up to 30 000 soldiers.

Tyrus Society
Tyrus Society

While compared to many countries in a D&D setting Tyrus is relatively progressive, much like our world it is plagued by inequality and discrimination. However because of several fundamental differences between the Dungeons and Dragons world, and the real world, it might not be what you except. Many times, this difference is because of the presence of other intelligent races, and how that changes the playing field of the concept of the ‘other’.

With the exception of some races such as Drow, sexism isn’t an issue. In a world where females can just as easily as males call down the fire of the heavens, or reshape creation with their mind, they’re not looked down upon. This is also because of a greater sense of unity within each of the races.

Intra-racial discrimination, based on skin colour or other features is all but unheard of, the races generally protecting their own kind. This is strongest in humans; no human discriminates against another human for physical features, though some races are known to hold stereotypes against other sub-races they’re related too (for example, the general disdain between high elves and wood elves). However, this sense of unity and trust within a race doesn’t come without a cost. Much as how many in our world would discriminate against those or other ‘races’, despite really all humans being the same race, the world of Tyrus takes this to the next step, racism does exist, as inter-racism, or racism literally against other races. This is a minor to moderate problem within Tyrus. At its most harmless, it’s the stereotypical rivalry between dwarves and elves. At the worst, its humans taken advantages of halfings because they can’t fight back, or races such as tieflings being shunned by society or even attacked on the street despite proving themselves over and over again.

Sexual Orientation
Between again the sense of unity within a race (and the natural hate of the ‘other’ focused onto other races), as well as in a world where demons literally can tear the flesh from your bones and just in general a shorter lifespan then our world (but still significantly longer than typical medieval times), no one cares which team you bat for. Heck, most humans don’t care which race you sleep with either. Religion too has no opinion on the matter, they don’t care; there attention is elsewhere.

Angels fight devils, and cleric’s mend broken bones with deity granted magic; while not everyone may worship a deity, almost everyone respects gods, and everyone believes in them. However the various religions of Tyrus are not one big family. With the exception of when great evil is descending the land, the various temples and sects squabble over power and influence. Discrimination based on the god you worship is a minor to moderate problem within Tyrus, though it depends. Most of the common folk respect every non-evil deity in one fashion or another; so ironically enough it’s the most pious that are generally the most likely to discriminate, finding fault in every god but their own. At its most harmless, its people making jokes about the god you follow. At its worse, you might find yourself with a blade run through you from a warrior from another sect. All of the non-evil religions do not discriminate based on sex or sexual orientation, or in general any fact you can think of, except one thing. Religions focus their energies on one sort of discrimination when not at each other, on other types of magic except for divine. At the most harmless, this is a general distrust of the arcane, and at the worst its secret killings of uses of Pact Magic.

Legally marriage is between any two sentient, intelligent, and self-aware beings that can process and understand the concept of marriage, and consent to it of their own free-will. The invention of warforged, the rise of non-evil intelligent undead within Tyrus, as well as the existence of enchantment, has led to the oddly worded current definition.

Raptoran Feats
Air Pledged
Gain +1 bonus to attack rolls with Lightning attacks.

New Time
Just in case someone checks here, making a note that while we're still on the second Saturday we're starting at 5pm now (probably running to about 10pm).

Wealth System For Next Game
Basically like the last topic but starting the discussion early. We could do the same system again, or another idea is that we could use inherent bonuses, that is you get your enhancement bonuses for free from levels, and then give out a few items for free as you level up.

So instead of a ton of gold you'd just have your +1/2/3/4/5/6 to stuff because maths, and then get a few items for the sole purpose of the effects. If we did that we might even use item rarity and give out X/Y/Z of each tier or something.

Ask me questions about Tyrus
Feel free to ask questions, I'll do my best to answer them. Here are three more for now though.

10) No seriously, what is up with Tyrus vs. Govannon?
Tyrus is the name of the world, but thanks to some rather unfortunately translations of ancient texts as well as the wards that cut off the continent of Govannon from the rest of the world, the citizens ended up calling themselves Tyrusian's. Which while accurate in a strict sense is maybe a bit arrogant. Anyone that spends significant time in other country while will still refer to the empire as the Tyrusian Empire will call the continent with the Imperial City and heart of the empire Govannon.

11) Rydia is blind but a Librarian?
She can read/process information through a form of 'arcane brail'. She points out it's similar to how many seers are blind, but can still 'see' the future just fine, or even gain vision when using various magic to pierce illusions and find the truth.

12) National Library of Tyrus holds dangerous item in major cities?
This is more a case of the most powerful vaults being built on major ley-line intersections...but cities also springing up near them because they're fonts of life. The whole being a Library is really a front/secondary function, the primary function is to tap into and use the stored energy so it doesn't go wild. At the Imperial City branch one of the ways to harness that energy and use it up is to make the building larger on the inside than out, but many assume that's what all the excess energy is spent on. In reality that is but a fraction as what wells up and the majority is invested into wards and sigils to create vaults for items.

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