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Dai Theynor
One of the smaller but by no means unimpressive major cities, the wood hewn and tree dwellers paradise that is Dai Theynor is the origin point of all Elven kind living in Tyrus. The forest-based architecture is said to keep the spirit connected to Nature, whilst the High gates and Higher Watchtowers keep away the uninvited adventures, as well as defending the peaceful occupants of the city. The current population is 18,000.

The highly secretive Dai Theynor, located deep in the Thornhelm forest, only has regular contact with Mercuran, after settling their disputes, but only for trade. In opposition to the reclusive lifestyle of most citizens, many young elves will leave the village, for reasons varying from boredom, to rebellion, revenge, or Exile. In any case, most eventually become adventurers.

This major city tends to be stricter on who can come and go freely, and as such, few actually wish to visit Dai Theynor. However, plenty of nature lovers come by to visit at least once in their lifetime. Dai Theynor has a strict policy of refusing entry to Orc and Goblin-kind who either do not have the right entrance papers, or cannot speak fluent Elven.

Population Distribution
Other Races1%

Patron Saint of Dai Theynor
Feylian the Forest Friend

Radiant Lady
Arwen Mayoi Tel’ Ankalima, or Lady Mayoi The Radiant (Elven, Unaligned) in common, is the current Leader of The Elves. She is young (as elves go), inexperienced and naïve. She is known for having an unshakable trust in people, but is a fair and just ruler. She is an advocate of racial equality, and is working hard to build strong relations with Mercuran, Dragons Head Point, and The Imperial City. Her Position is inherited, and she is believed to be a descendant of the patron Saint of Dai Theynor, Feylian the Forest Friend.

Personalities of Note
  • Heru Per’aian Tel’ Cutura/Lord Per’aian The Bowmaster (Elven, Good)
    Lord Per’aian is the master of the Order of The Bow in Dai Theynor, and believed to be the greatest archer in all of Tyrus. Leader of the Daian Army, and Lead Hunter, he has the greatest respect of his protégés. He has trained in the art of the Bow his entire life, and wishes for nothing more than the opportunity to live out the rest of his days doing what he loves, training younglings in the art of the bow. Where Mayoi is optimistic, Per’aian is Stubborn. He is Distrustful of outsiders, and is even more distrustful of melee combatants.
  • Cora’Fallaner Yero’m/Lead Healer Yero’m
    Yero’m (Elven, Good) is an ancient healer. He has mastered healing techniques that no other knows, but has never divulged his secrets. Both Elvenkind Healers hold him in high respect, and while Mayoi and Per’aian have gained prestige through birth and training respectively, Yero’m never called for respect, but just worked as a healer to help those in need whenever he could.

Due to its location, Dai Theynor has an abundance of animal pelts and furs for which they sell. The animal is then either kept as food, or is sacrificed for purity. The Elves know of the location of many rare and valuable herbs, which they extract caringly, and never in abundance. The sell their herbs in the hopes it will do Tyrus some good. Apart from these, Dai Theynor is largely self-sufficient, and has limited need to import items from elsewhere, making it a difficult place to sell items to.

Places of Note

Yamen’Kaima/Sleeping Places
  • I’ Wilwaren Samna/The Butterfly building
    A famed inn at the outskirts of Dai Theynor, they openly welcome travellers, and have a range of services due to the fact The Butterfly Building is also the Adventurers guild of the area.
  • Tel’ Olin Sambe/The Secret Room
    Known among the elite, The Secret Room is as stated, a hidden inn, the location of which changes daily. They have great service, but are very exclusive, reserved for nobility and Spellcasters.
  • I’ Wethril Gil/The Shady Star
    A shunned part of the city, The Shady Star is a house of ill-repute, and offers thrills to its guests at a high price. Few Elves choose to stay there, thinking it to be too illicit for their kind. It is the only Non-Elven run property in Dai Theynor.

Yamen’Fion/Drinking Places
  • I’ Haloisi/The Stormy Sea
    A typical Tavern, the stormy sea offers all kinds of beverages for the weary traveller or tired hunter. Cheap, with a fine selection of drink.
  • I’ Hith Wilwaren/The Misty Butterfly
    An extension to The Butterfly Building, The Misty Butterfly serves 3 free drinks to all adventurers who have chosen to rest there. However, after the first three, the prices are astronomical, so many try to avoid drinking too much.

Yamen’Vui/Shopping Places
  • Beleg Karn’cu/Mighty Bowmaker
    An expert craft smith who excels at bows, however his bows must be ordered, and take a minimum of a day to create.
  • Ar’Serinde/Royal Seamstress
    A well-known tailor who makes clothes for many of the nobility in Tyrus. Expensive, but expert Quality.
  • Olinima Lantaraana/Secretive Setting Moon
    A shop that sells all mystical items discovered in the forests. Most is junk, but on occasion, the greatest treasures in Tyrus appear in its grasp.

Yaana/Holy Places
Though a large city and shrines to every deity available somewhere, the three largest temples are the;
  • Yaana en’ Corellon/Temple of Corellon
  • Yaana en’ Sehanine/Temple of Sehanine
  • Yaana en’ Melora/Temple of Melora

Sintsamna/Famous Places
  • The Adventurers Guild
    The Daian Branch is smaller than most, and shares it’s venue with The Butterfly Building. It exists as a waypoint for Adventurers and as a hiring service for in need citizens.
  • Tel’ Cutura/ The Order of the Bow
    The greatest of all marksmen, the order of the bow is highly regarded by all Daian citizens, and by those who exist outside who are bow trained as well. “Tel’ Cutura” is the largest branch of The Order of The Bow in Tyrus.
  • Tyrus National Defence Force
    The Tyrus National Defence Force- Daian Branch, Who consist mostly of expert Marksmen, and partly of Frontline Melee and Spellcasters.
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