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This is where anyone can look up a Special item that one of the DM's have made and awarded to a player. This is not a place to discuss said items, please make a separate topic for such.

These Special items are rare and are usually only given out as part of the 'Happy Dragon Festival' which is our December game.

If you DO NOT have a print out of a item that has been given or awarded to you with the originating DM's signature on it, DM's have the right to say that you CANNOT use said item. DM's can be as lenient as they want to be with this. This is mainly for the DM's that aren't there all the time and don't know what a certain item does.

If you weren’t given a print out of the item with the DM's signature, then it was only for that session. Unless that DM says that he will post the details of the item on the forum. Once posted it is the players responsibility to print out the item and have it signed by the DM who gave it out.

You must state that you have these items at the start of the game, if you don't, you CANNOT use them. These magic items could also be story items which can dramatically change the outcome of the game, even if you think that these items may not have anything to do with the adventure themselves. If they are very special items, they could get you out of certain situations or into others.
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