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The Dragons Drink is a large tavern, and the closest to the Imperial City branch of the Adventurers Guild, being only a few minutes away. The size and location of the tavern, as well as who happens to work their being rather capable if a brawl, even between adventurers, starts, has lead The Dragons Drink to become the unofficial tavern for adventurers, though other citizens of Tyrus still frequent the tavern.

Above the door of The Dragons Drink is an ornately carved head of a dragon. This, and the goblets shaped like dragons heads, is what makes The Dragons Drink well known among locals, that, and the many stories Bork and Spanner have to tell.

Inside, The Dragons Drink is rather simple, except for more dragon based decorations on the walls. Several tables and chairs are placed near the walls, providing ample sitting for the patrons. A stone fire place, with the opening looking like the maws of a dragons, keeps the tavern warm on cold nights.

The Tavern Owners
Runt “Bork” Manfriend (Half-Orc) and Spanner-in-the-Works (Warforged) were never any good at what there race was typically viewed at doing, the owners both met and have been selling beers ever since. Spanner makes the Goblets shaped liked Dragons Heads while “Bork” works the Bar selling the beers. Not overly charismatic, though each has his own story to tell, they are a friendly bunch but can definitely handle themselves in a barroom brawl.

Posting Guidelines by Erthiz

Choose a colour. That colour will be associated with you character. It can be as simple as red or a complex colour like viridian (#40826D - This will be Jer-Ahn's colour)

Please use WEB SAFE colours only.
Note that the colours provided by the website are web safe, if your using a hexidecimal code colour and you don't know if it's web safe please PM it to Ghost and he will tell you the closest web safe colour. If you don't know how to use the hexidecimal code colour system, then PM Ghost your colour request and he will tell you the hexidecimal code for it. A list of 216 hexidecial code websafe colours with colour swatches can also be found at;

When you use any character name, Bold this name.

When talking aloud, "you use bold and the text is in you colour in inverted commas".

Jer-ahn walks into the bar and says with a flick of her hair "Kinda drab, isn't it?"

[b]Jer-ahn[/b] walks into the bar and says with a flick of her hair
[b][color=#40826d]"Kinda drab, isn't it?"[/color][/b]

If you want to say what you are thinking, "italics what you think in you colour in inverted commas"

Jer-ahn walks into the bar and with a look of digust on her face thinks "Kinda drab, isn't it?"


[b]Jer-ahn[/b] walks into the bar and with a look of digust on her face thinks
[color=#40826d][i]"Kinda drab, isn't it?"[/i][/color]

[OOC: I do not want to see a lot of OOC chat with no relation to what is happening going on here, but if you must just place it in square brackets and start off with OOC at the start]

The people that can use NPC colours are the Mods of this board (ie. Erthiz, Cloud and Queron (if he needs/wants to)).

If you are playing multiple characters, please abide by these rules carefully and put the Place in underline and bold where you are interacting with another character.

Post only once per day. A DM will sum up what everyone did during that day in their post, making sure that things are done correctly and can modify what the player was doing if the action is impossible.

OOC chat can be used to ask if you can do a certain action. However you still might not get a reply. If you don't get one before the DM writes up the sum up post, we will assume that is what you do. DMs will always try and get into contact with you, but sorry if we can't.

List of Registered Colours
Bork (Runt Manfriend) (Red)
Spanner (Spanner-in-the-Works) (Purple)
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