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Who you calling Chocobo Head...
The Star Forged
An ancient and terrible race that harnesses the power from the dread stars.

The Star-Forged seem as though that once they were human. But through years of trafficking with the Dread Star deities their forms have slowly morphed.

They have a strict caste system and are not known for mercy.

Star Forged are tall, slender people with a build reminiscent of a cross between elves and men. They almost always have silver, black or no hair, and if they do have hair it is very wispy. Their eyes often have large pupils and very dark blue or black irises. Their eyes always sparkle as though there are stars in their eyes, which dim and flash randomly.

Star-Forged dress esoterically and often have robes or similar lose closing bound to their bodies through the armour they don. The colours of the robes represent the cast they belong to. Red is Warrior, Blue is Priest, White is Nobility and Black is Worker.

Star-Forged have huge life spans – and can live for many thousands of years, though after around 2000 years they begin to become very frail.
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