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So, previously we've used the rather abstract way of doing wealth by having a set amount of gold each level, and replacing all your items each level. This is balanced, but, not quite as fun, and, could lead to the abuse of consumables. The new idea is that as you adventure you'll find a mix of items and gold. The gold, and any personal items you buy, will carry over month to month, and as per the normal rules, if you wish to sell the item, you'll only regain 1/5 of the original value.

Now, the other part, the finding items, may be slightly problematic. Generally, you find less items then there are players over the course of a level, and, if you give the level + 4 sword to a character that is then absent...you'll be in a lot of trouble. The idea that's been bouncing around my head to help get around this is the idea of an item vault. More or less, all items found in an adventure will be stored between adventures. At the beginning of each game, between the players present you'll divide up the items as needed for the game, and at the end of it, the items will be returned again. This does come with a few problems, like, having to spend time splitting up the items at the beginning of each game, however, if you were interested in this method, I can certainly do things to help make it work, (like make the list available online before the game, etc.).

If people were okay with this, I'll start to throw up rough rules. If people had other ideas, I'm all ears! ...Err, eyes I suppose.
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