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The old system was fine except at low lvls were you needed the gold you didn't have enough, but at the high lvls you had too much and pretty much at lvl 25 and up, I stopped buying items, I had no upgrades worth getting, nor anything else that I'd remember to use. though I don't use consumables cos I forget I have them.

This new system seems, maintenance heavy.
Maybe have something like the old system but instead of gold, use item lvls?

So like a character can have their character level x3 worth of total item level, meaning a lvl 1 can have 3 lvl 1 items or one lvl 3

You'd also want to restrict them to their tier so lvl 10s can't run around with a lvl 30 item

And say they can have a number of consumable items per tier out side of the ones bought by lvl

say 3 for heroic, an additional 2 for paragon, and then another extra 2 for epic (making a total of 7) again these are restricted by tier.
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