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What wealth system should be used for the 2012 to 2014 Tyrus Campaign? Check out the suggestions below:

Gold Per Level
This is the system used in the previous campaign. You will re-purchase all items whenever you level up and all with a new pool of wealth. The amount of wealth you have to spend on each item is defined according to your level.

Example Wealth
31 900gp

Vault System
This system would have the adventurers accumulate found items throughout the campaign, however, no single person would claim ownership of any of the found or collected items as they would all be stored in a shared vault between campaigns and distributed among the players who turn up at each session, returned to the vault at the end. A list of vault items would be maintained here on the site so it is known what is inside said vault. Players would also be limited to taking only a certain amount of items from the vault at the start of each session. In addition to the vault, players would be given appropriate wealth at the end of each session to spend on their own stash of items. Items could then be sold for 1/5 of the purchase price.

Amount of Items
You would select items whenever your character gains a level but you would be restricted to a certain number of certain level items.

Lvl = Your character's surrent level

1 Lvl +4 | 1 Lvl +3 | 2 Lvl +1 | 1 Lvl +0 | Lvl * 100gp Adventuring gear
OR1 Lvl +4 | 2 Lvl +2 | 2 Lvl +0 | Lvl * 100gp Adventuring gear
OR2 Lvl +4 | 2 Lvl +1 | 1 Lvl +0 | Lvl * 100gp Adventuring gear

Something Else
Don't like what you see above? Got a better idea? We'd like to see what your opinion in a reply, so please leave one on this thread.
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