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Who you calling Chocobo Head...
Note: This is all without censure, the damage ability of an Avenger.
Damage Per Round
With Oath of Enmity:
- Charging: 23.67 damage
0.0975 * 46.75 + 0.84 * 22.75
- Not Charging: 19.61 damage
0.0975 * 40.75 + 0.8125 * 19.25

Without Oath of Enmity:
- Charging: 16.05 damage
0.05 * 44.75 + 0.65 * 21.25
- Not Charging: 12.59 damage
0.05 * 38.75 + 0.6 * 17.75
To Hit Maths

Damage Maths

157.4 Damage
Nathan is assumed to have combat advantage for this nova, and for the damage bonus of Invigorating Pursuit. Combat advantage likely given from his feat Deadly Draw. Use an action point and charge using Raging Tempest, followed with Menacing Presence, all against your Oath of Enmity Target, using Elven Accuracy to reroll the first miss. Assuming at least 1 hit, follow up with Sohei Flurry. To hit is worked out against a target with 26 AC (Level + 14).

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