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•The Immediate Magic feature in PHB2 is banned.
•Similarly to skill points, if a Wizard’s int modifier improves, she retroactively gains more first-level spells in her spellbook for free.
•When it comes to adding a spell to your spellbook, you can assume as an adventurer you’ll have access to any legal spell in the game via the National Library of Tyrus. However to research a spell costs 50gp per level of the spell, and takes 24 hours of research. Afterwards you must make a DC 10 + 2 per level of the spell Spellcraft check to understand it (it is highly recommended you take a 10 with this use of spellcraft). Once you understand the spell, at any later point you may inscribe it into your own spellbook. This however takes another 24 hours, and 100gp per page the spell takes up as normal. Please note the available downtime after each adventure.
Animated Script (Su): A wizard can magically animate the writing in her spellbook, causing the inked symbols and words to migrate across the page. Doing so increases the Spellcraft DC for another wizard attempting to decipher or prepare spells from her spellbook by the inscribing wizard's Intelligence modifier + 3 at the cost of 50gp per inscribed page. At 2nd level this improves to intelligence modifier + 4, and increases by an additional 1 every even level thereafter. The wizard can apply this to any spell already in her spellbook, or do it as part of the initial inscribing process (applying animated script is short and routine enough to not need a separate downtime or to increase the time needed to inscribe the spell). The DC increase applies to all spells affected by animated script retroactively as long as the spellbook remains in the wizard’s possession. The inscribing wizard can will their animated writing to stop, at which point the Spellcraft DC to copy a spell from another's spellbook returns to normal (DC 10 + 2x spell level).
School: If desired, a wizard may specialize in one school of magic. Specialization allows a wizard to cast extra spells from her chosen school, but she then never learns to cast spells from some other schools. A specialist wizard can prepare one additional spell of her specialty school per spell level each day. She also gains a +2 bonus on Spellcraft checks to learn the spells of her chosen school. The wizard must choose whether to specialize and, if she does so, choose her specialty at 1st level. At this time, she must also give up two other schools of magic (unless she chooses to specialize in divination; in which case she only gives up one), which become her prohibited schools. A wizard can never give up divination to fulfill this requirement. Spells of the prohibited school or schools are not available to the wizard, and she can’t even cast such spells from scrolls or fire them from wands. She may not change either her specialization or her prohibited schools later.

Additionally each school has an associated list of spells called a school list. A wizard does not add these spells to her general wizard spell list; she is unable to cast or learn any spells on a school list by default, as if it wasn’t on her spell list as normal. A specialist wizard adds the spells of her school list to her spell list. A generalist wizard may learn up to one spell of each spell level taken from any school list; as she levels up she can pick a different school each time as long as she only has one spell from each spell level. Note that the restriction of school lists apply only to wizards, they represent spells of significant complexity from each school that a wizard must dedicate herself to their mastery.

Sorcerers have magic as a part of them and aren’t similar restricted, and other casters that draw upon the sorcerer/wizard list similarly have magic as a part of them, or focus on only a subset of spells already. In other words the school list restrictions apply only to a wizard, not any other caster that might happen to use the sorcerer/wizard spell list. A list of the school lists is below.
Fundamental Read Magic (Sp): A 2nd level wizard gains Read Magic at will as a spell-like ability.
Fundamental Detect Magic (Sp): A 3rd level wizard gains Detect Magic at will as a spell-like ability.
Fundamental Prestidigitation (Sp): A 3rd level wizard gains Prestidigitation at will as a spell-like ability.
Fundamental (First Cantrip) (Sp): A 4th level wizard gains a cantrip of her choice at will as a spell-like ability.
Fundamental (Second Cantrip) (Sp): A 4th level wizard gains a cantrip of her choice at will as a spell-like ability.
Expanded Spellbook: At 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th, 13th, 15th, 17th, and 19th level, the wizard can add a chosen spell to her spellbook. This can be any spell that she could normally select, but must be one level lower than the highest level she could normally learn.
Fundamental (Third Cantrip) (Sp): A 5th level wizard gains a cantrip of her choice at will as a spell-like ability.
Spell Mastery: At 6th, 12th, and 18th level, a wizard gains Spell Mastery as a bonus feat.
Bonus Feat: A wizard gains their first bonus feat at 8th level, not 5th level, but gain an additional one every 3 levels thereafter. She may also pick reserve feats.
Interschool Insight: At 13th, 16th, and 19th level, the wizard can add a chosen spell to her spellbook. This can be any spell from a school list, except for your specialty and prohibited schools if applicable, and must be one level lower than the highest level she can normally cast.
Expanded School Knowledge: At 20th level, a specialist wizard may pick a second school list. This doesn’t give you any benefits of a specialization, it merely adds the spells to your spell list for the purposes of learning them or using scrolls, etc. A generalist wizard can now learn 2 spells from each spell level from school lists.

Wizard Spells per Day
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