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Who you calling Chocobo Head...
- The text and chart are both incorrect. A Warblade learns new a new stance at 5th, 11th, and 17th level.
- Gaining the Weapon Aptitude class feature cannot reduce a character's effective Fighter level in any way. A Warblade 1/Fighter 4 is treated as having 4 levels of Fighter, not 3.
- The Warblade's bonus feat list refers to a feat called Ironheart. No such feat exists; it is meant to read Ironheart Aura, an actual feat.
- The Battle Skill class feature only applies to checks made to resist such attempts, not when initiating those special attacks yourself.
- Discipline Focus (Ex): Choose one of Acrobatics, Athletics, Concentration, or Diplomacy at 1st level. The warblade gains a +2 competence bonus to the skill chosen. Choose a different skill at 2nd, 3rd, and 4th level. Every 4 levels after you gained the chosen skill the bonus increases by 1.
- Bonus Feat: Gain your first bonus feat at 2nd level, not 5th. Gain an additional feat every 3 levels thereafter.
- Battle Ardor: Increase the bonus by 1 at 11th level and by 2 at 19th level.
- Battle Skill: Increase the bonus by 1 at 15th level and by 2 at 19th level.
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