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If a feat isn't listed below, it is unchanged. Remember the following general rules:
- Unless a feat is listed below without a bonus type, or it already has a bonus type associated with it, assume ALL feats grant competence bonus, not an untyped bonus.
- Feats such as Improved Critical and Weapon Specialisation improve entire weapon ‘groups’, not a single weapon.
- Item creation feats are allowed, however your character must meet any requirements for making the items, including being able to cast required spells, on their own and only on their own. You may use scrolls to substitute for spells, but never NPCs or other PCs (including getting them to use said scroll), and remember you need one scroll per day it takes to create the item. As there are no XP costs, crafting an item costs 75% of the original item. The gold limit per day for crafting magic items is 400xHD gold, not a flat 1000 gold; but note the limited downtime after each adventure.
- Please download the attached file.
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