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Who you calling Chocobo Head...
- Increase their will save to an average progression from a poor progression.
- Increase their skill points to 4 + int mod skill points per level.
- Gain Meldshaping at first level, and your meldshaper level is equal to your soulborn level.
- Smite Opposition: Instead of daily uses, you have encounter uses. Instead of doing 1 damage per level, you deal an extra 1d6 at level 1, and deal an additional 1d6 every 3 levels thereafter, dealing 7d6 damage at 19th level.
- Incarnum Grace (Su): At 2nd level, a soulborn gains a bonus equal to her Charisma bonus (if any) on all saving throws, up to a maximum of her class level.
- Bonus Feat: You gain a bonus feat at 3rd level as normal, and an additional 1 every 4 levels thereafter. In addition to incarnum feats she can select general feats in MoI.
- Share Incarnum Defense: Gain this at 4th level, not 9th. Gain an additional use every 4 levels thereafter. It’s a move action to use. You also grant the ally your charisma modifier to saving throws. The duration is half your soulborn level + your charisma modifier.
- Charka Bind: Gain Crown binding at 4th level, Feet and Hands at 6th level, Brow binding at 12th level, Throat and Waist at 16th level, and Soul binding at 19th level.
- Incarnum Surge (Ex): At 3rd level a soulborn may once per day reroll a saving throw. This increases to two uses a day at 10th level and three uses a day at 17th level.
- Extra Smite (Su): At 6th level when a soulborn uses her smite opposition it affects an additional attack before the end of her round. At 12th level it affects an additional two attacks before the end of her round and at 18th level it affects an additional three attacks.
- Improved Smite Opposition (Su): At 8th level a soulborns smite opposition also now affects true neutral targets.
- Quicken Essentia (Ex): A soulborn at 9th level may now invest Essentia as an Immediate Action, as opposed to a Swift Action.
- Greater Smite Opposition (Su): At 15th level a soulborns smite opposition now affects anyone who doesn’t share her exact alignment.
- Timeless Body: Gain this at 17th level, instead of 19th.
- Surpass Mortality (Ex): At Level 20 a soulborns Type changes to Outsider with the appropriate Alignment Subtypes (i.e. if you're Chaotic Evil you gain the Chaotic and Evil Subtypes), and the Native Subtype. Your attacks are now the same Alignment as yourself for purposes of overcoming Damage Reduction. You no longer age, or take age penalties, and cannot be magically aged. Effectively you will never die from aging, though you are still susceptible to anything else that would harm a mortal being.

Soulborn MeldShaping
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