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Who you calling Chocobo Head...
- Increase their skill points to 4 + int mod per level, and add Diplomacy, Heal, Knowledge History, Perception, Profession, and Sense Motive as class skills.
- Increase their fort save to a good progression from a poor progression.
- Knights are proficient with tower shields.
- Delete the Knight’s Code.
- Knight’s Challenge: Despite many of the limitations on some of the abilities, none of the uses of Knight’s Challenge are Mind Effecting, even if they only work on intelligent foes. Abilities that require the target to have a minimum of 5 intelligence and a language now merely require the target to be intelligent.
- Bonus Feats: A Knight no longer gains the feat mounted combat. She however gains an extra bonus feat at 2nd level. She gains an additional feat at 4th level and every 4 levels thereafter. Add Alertness, Combat Reflexes, Goad, Mounted Combat, Power Attack, Skill Focus Handle Animal and Stand Still to a knights list of bonus feats, and change Weapon Focus (lance) to any Weapon Focus.
- Fighting Challenge: This starts at +2 improves to +3 at 2nd level and by an additional 1 every 3 levels thereafter. Reduce the minimum CR to your level minus three, instead of two.
- Shield Block: This is changed to a constant bonus. It improves to +2 at 8th level and by an additional 1 every 6 levels thereafter.
- Armor Mastery (Ex): Starting at 3rd level, a knight no longer suffers a movement speed penalty for wearing medium or heavy armor. Additionally she gains DR 2/- while wearing such armour.
- Bulwark of Defense: Enemies also cannot withdraw from squares the knight threatens.
- Shield Ally (Ex): Starting at 4th level, as an immediate action you can grant an AC bonus to an adjacent ally equal to your shield’s AC bonus + 1 (include the bonus from Shield Block). You apply this bonus in response to a single melee or ranged attack that targets your ally. If the ally is still hit, you may take half this damage on yourself. The AC bonus and ability to take half the damage for your ally lasts until the beginning of your next turn, or until they are no longer adjacent to you.
- Test of Mettle: Attacks from others against the target do not end the effect. If the knight does not attack at least one target affected by Test of Mettle, or ends her turn next to a target affected by Test of Mettle, it ends. If everyone targeted by Test of Mettle saves, her use of Knight’s Challenge is not expended.
- Call to Battle: Gain this at 7th level, not 8th. This allows an ally to reroll any will save, instead of against only fear effects.
- Improved Armor Mastery (Ex): At 9th level a knight’s maximum dex bonus while wearing medium or heavy armor improves by 1. Additionally she gains DR 4/- while wearing such armor.
- Improved Knight’s Challenge: At 6th level, a Knight gains a +1 bonus to the DCs of her Knight’s Challenge abilities. This does not stack with Ability Focus.
- Mettle (Ex): At 10th level a Knight gains the mettle ability.
- Improved Shield Ally (Ex): At 11th level, your ability to protect your allies increases. Instead of only taking half the damage on yourself, you may take all of it.
- Daunting Challenge: Increase the max CR to your character level minus one, instead of two. If everyone targeted by Daunting Challenge saves, the knight’s use of her Knight’s Challenge is not expended.
- Extra Knight’s Challenge: At 13th level a knight gains an additional use of her Knight’s Challenge per day. She gains two more uses at 16th level and three more at 19th level.
- Improved Toughness: A 13th Knight gains Improved Toughness as a bonus feat.
- Bond of Loyalty: Gain this at 15th level, not 16th, and gain your charisma bonus on the reroll.
- Greater Knight’s Challenge: At 15th level, a Knight gains a +2 bonus to the DCs of her Knight’s Challenge abilities. This does not stack with Ability Focus or Improved Knight’s Challenge.
- Greater Armor Mastery (Ex): At 16th level a knight’s maximum dex bonus while wearing medium or heavy armor improves by 2. Additionally she gains DR 6/- while wearing such armor.
- Impetuous Endurance: In addition to its current effects, it lets you reroll one saving throw per encounter.
- Greater Shield Ally (Ex): At 18th level, when you take damage for any ally, you still take all of the damage for them, but the damage you receive is halved.
- Loyal Beyond Death: Gain this at 19th level, not 20th.
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