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Who you calling Chocobo Head...
The class has a lot of dead levels, you could move the Dark Vision to another level, and offer an improved version that grants/improves darkvision to 60 ft at a later level.

"Holy" and "Unholy" aren't damage types, you need to adjust the energy resistance feature, and in all honesty that feature could be a lot stronger (scaling all the way up to 40 wouldn't be out of line), though you might need a way to lower this, resistance to 'positive energy' is resistance to healing. In fact it's probably better if you let them just pick resistance to one of positive or negative energy.

The damage that Fire of Life and Death does without the table in unclear. That aside you need to mark it as Su or Sp, and it probably needs to scale to at least 10d6 to be worth anything.

The whole book feature...is really, really unclear. If you want specifically where I can do that, but really it just needs a pass over in general.

I've already said the hit die should be just d6.

Animal Empathy and Wildness Lore aren't skills. I'm also not really sure why this class has Handle Animal or Sense Motive as class skills, when the class skill list is exceptionally generous already (all knowledge, some Cha skills when it's a Cha caster, and freaking U. M. D. as a Cha caster).

The spell list is a pain in the ass to read, if you want a spell list that people can actually use and read...just list the spells.
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