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Who you calling Chocobo Head...
Feel free to ask questions, I'll do my best to answer them. Here are three more for now though.

10) No seriously, what is up with Tyrus vs. Govannon?
Tyrus is the name of the world, but thanks to some rather unfortunately translations of ancient texts as well as the wards that cut off the continent of Govannon from the rest of the world, the citizens ended up calling themselves Tyrusian's. Which while accurate in a strict sense is maybe a bit arrogant. Anyone that spends significant time in other country while will still refer to the empire as the Tyrusian Empire will call the continent with the Imperial City and heart of the empire Govannon.

11) Rydia is blind but a Librarian?
She can read/process information through a form of 'arcane brail'. She points out it's similar to how many seers are blind, but can still 'see' the future just fine, or even gain vision when using various magic to pierce illusions and find the truth.

12) National Library of Tyrus holds dangerous item in major cities?
This is more a case of the most powerful vaults being built on major ley-line intersections...but cities also springing up near them because they're fonts of life. The whole being a Library is really a front/secondary function, the primary function is to tap into and use the stored energy so it doesn't go wild. At the Imperial City branch one of the ways to harness that energy and use it up is to make the building larger on the inside than out, but many assume that's what all the excess energy is spent on. In reality that is but a fraction as what wells up and the majority is invested into wards and sigils to create vaults for items.
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