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Tyrus Society
Topic Started: Aug 19 2014, 04:33 AM (71 Views)
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Tyrus Society

While compared to many countries in a D&D setting Tyrus is relatively progressive, much like our world it is plagued by inequality and discrimination. However because of several fundamental differences between the Dungeons and Dragons world, and the real world, it might not be what you except. Many times, this difference is because of the presence of other intelligent races, and how that changes the playing field of the concept of the ‘other’.

With the exception of some races such as Drow, sexism isn’t an issue. In a world where females can just as easily as males call down the fire of the heavens, or reshape creation with their mind, they’re not looked down upon. This is also because of a greater sense of unity within each of the races.

Intra-racial discrimination, based on skin colour or other features is all but unheard of, the races generally protecting their own kind. This is strongest in humans; no human discriminates against another human for physical features, though some races are known to hold stereotypes against other sub-races they’re related too (for example, the general disdain between high elves and wood elves). However, this sense of unity and trust within a race doesn’t come without a cost. Much as how many in our world would discriminate against those or other ‘races’, despite really all humans being the same race, the world of Tyrus takes this to the next step, racism does exist, as inter-racism, or racism literally against other races. This is a minor to moderate problem within Tyrus. At its most harmless, it’s the stereotypical rivalry between dwarves and elves. At the worst, its humans taken advantages of halfings because they can’t fight back, or races such as tieflings being shunned by society or even attacked on the street despite proving themselves over and over again.

Sexual Orientation
Between again the sense of unity within a race (and the natural hate of the ‘other’ focused onto other races), as well as in a world where demons literally can tear the flesh from your bones and just in general a shorter lifespan then our world (but still significantly longer than typical medieval times), no one cares which team you bat for. Heck, most humans don’t care which race you sleep with either. Religion too has no opinion on the matter, they don’t care; there attention is elsewhere.

Angels fight devils, and cleric’s mend broken bones with deity granted magic; while not everyone may worship a deity, almost everyone respects gods, and everyone believes in them. However the various religions of Tyrus are not one big family. With the exception of when great evil is descending the land, the various temples and sects squabble over power and influence. Discrimination based on the god you worship is a minor to moderate problem within Tyrus, though it depends. Most of the common folk respect every non-evil deity in one fashion or another; so ironically enough it’s the most pious that are generally the most likely to discriminate, finding fault in every god but their own. At its most harmless, its people making jokes about the god you follow. At its worse, you might find yourself with a blade run through you from a warrior from another sect. All of the non-evil religions do not discriminate based on sex or sexual orientation, or in general any fact you can think of, except one thing. Religions focus their energies on one sort of discrimination when not at each other, on other types of magic except for divine. At the most harmless, this is a general distrust of the arcane, and at the worst its secret killings of uses of Pact Magic.

Legally marriage is between any two sentient, intelligent, and self-aware beings that can process and understand the concept of marriage, and consent to it of their own free-will. The invention of warforged, the rise of non-evil intelligent undead within Tyrus, as well as the existence of enchantment, has led to the oddly worded current definition.
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