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Tyrus Population
Topic Started: Aug 19 2014, 04:40 AM (186 Views)
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Tyrus Population
Imperial City 50 000
Cog 25 000
Mercuran 25 000
Dai Theynor 18 000
Cliff Father Fortress 18 000
Skyreach 25 000
Yuna-Taro 21 000
Dragons Head Point 25 000
Archelaus 21 000

Total 228 000

In addition, many numerous villages, ranging from a population as little as 20 people, to a population of up to 1 000, are scattered across Tyrus, with many clustered near the major cities, provided much need crops to the citizens of Tyrus. These include villages of the less civilised humanoids that are friendly towards Tyrus, as well as the population of the islands of Mariar, Sulithorn, and Andras. These villages bring the total population of Tyrus to 1 500 000.

Armed Forces
The armed forces of Tyrus as a whole are incredible strong, however, each individual city as its own strengths and weaknesses, meaning that united Tyrus will stand strong, but apart, Tyrus will fall.

Imperial City: 1 000
Cog: 500
Mecuruan: 500
Dai Theynor 360
Cliff Father Fortress 360
Skyreach 500
Yuna-Taro 420
Dragons Head Point 500
Archelaus 420

Total 4 560

The numbers above represent well trained soldiers that are constantly employed and are in action. By rallying the soldiers in outlying villages, as well calling upon citizen militia, the Tyrus National Defence Force can rally up to 30 000 soldiers.
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