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Imperial City; Capital of Tyrus
Topic Started: Dec 19 2011, 06:17 PM (122 Views)
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Imperial City
Imperial City is the central hub of Tyrus. Not only is it the residence of the Emperor of Tyrus but it is also the city where most intercity disputes are handled. The recent census found that 50,000 people call the Imperial City home.

Population Distribution
Other Races1%

Patron Saint of Imperial City
Dante the Fireblooded

The Emperor of Tyrus
Emperor Josef Derillion (Human, Good), the Emperor of Tyrus. Looking as if he is in his twilight years, this man still has a force of personality powerful enough to strike fear into his enemies, he commands the Tyrus National Defence Force and on occasion will lead the charge, though he has not done so for many years now. He carries his heirloom with him at all times, a long sword of obvious Dwarven craftsmanship, sturdy, ruthless and efficient, as it reminds him of the power that hangs in the balance should he not serve in the best interests of the people of Tyrus, and also of how he should rule this proud nation. In his keep in the centre of Imperial City he mostly resides on the Golden Dragon Throne, the same throne which Dante himself once sat upon, with his advisors beside him deciding on all matters big and small in the nation of Tyrus.

Emperor Josef Derillion has many advisors, at least one for every city and guild. He will call on specific advisors to help in any times of need. Lately though he has been asking quite a lot of the leader of the adventurer’s guild.
  • Gilner Deephill (Dwarf, Lawful Good), the Head and Founder of the Adventurers Guild, Gilner is good-hearted but quick to temper, some that cross him may well find large bounties on their heads.
  • Kreg Willianson (Human, Unaligned), the latest general of the Tyrus National Defence Force, though not a masterful warrior Kreg’s force of personality is inspiring, his leadership is a boon to any soldier.

Major Products
The Imperial City imports a lot of precious and semi-precious metals from Cliff Father Fortress, and reforges them into fine jewellery for sale back to the nobles in the area. Other imports include lumber for residences, stone for keep repairs and animals for breeding. Other major productions include magic items, all forms of food, wine, nooks, and maps.

Armed Forces
Imperial City is the home of the Tyrus National Defence Force, an army with reach into every town. The Imperial City has a military force of 1,000 trained soldiers, with the Tyrus National Defence Force controlling at last count 4,560 soldiers across the major cities of Tyrus. By calling upon soldiers in the outlying villages and citizen militia, Kreg Willianson can muster a force 30,000 soldiers strong.

Places of Note

Taverns and Inns
  • Dante’s Choice
    The recently new Inn of Dante’s Choice, has caused quite a lot of debate over recent times. Its owner Jerr Humbles (Human, Unaligned) is quite an opportunist and saw to make profit on the death of the last saint. Jerr and his wife (Greta Humbles, Human, Good) occupy the penthouse suite unless a well-paying noble wishes to live there. Most of those people at the Inn think that Dante actually enjoyed coming to this place but most of the locals know better. Nevertheless Dante’s Choice is a fine Inn always serving the finest of wines and the tastiest of meals.
  • The Dragons Drink
    The Dragons Drink is quite a well-known tavern because of its finely carved goblets. The owners of the tavern, Runt “Bork” Manfriend (Half-Orc, Good) and Spanner-in-the-Works (Warforged, Unaligned) were never any good at what their race was typically viewed at doing, the owners both met and have been selling beers ever since. Spanner makes the Goblets shaped liked Dragons Heads while “Bork” works the Bar selling the beers. Not overly charismatic, though each has his own story to tell, they are a friendly bunch but can definitely handle themselves in a barroom brawl.
  • Noble’s Retreat
    The Noble’s Retreat is the most luxurious Inn in Imperial City, most nobles that came to Imperial city from other cities will stay here. A room in this inn is like a penthouse suite in any other Inn, because of this the Inn only has 4 rooms, however each can sleep up to 16 people. Rooms here are rather hefty at 50gp per night; this however includes the finest food, wine and entertainment given by the Inn’s owner and husband. Ylia Helia (Human, Good) made her money from being a spy in the Tyrus National Defence Force and her husband Stanton Helia (Human, Good) was a former quartermaster and weapons drill instructor, are both well versed in the performing arts and put on a great show for those at the Inn.
  • The Priests Paradise
    A bit of a radical concept, but then again the owner of the Tavern, Floon Gliggensen (Gnome, Good), is a gnome. He always insists that Garl Glittergold himself told him to create this bar in order to serve all of the monks and priests who just need to sit back and relax with a cold ale in one hand and some deity shaped food by their side. Floon will serve clerics, monks, and paladins with fervour, tending to just about their every need, to a degree that some say he will even neglect other customers.

Imperial City is largely integrated and houses all major religions of Tyrus and its people.
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